Month: February 2024

Nurturing Self-awareness, Inspiring Change, and Empowering Others

Felicie Escoffier Felicie Escoffier is a French woman living in London since 2010. She is the mother of 2 wonderful kids. After 15 years in the corporate world, she became an entrepreneur and launched her coaching business. Before diving into your current endeavors, what childhood dreams did you harbor, and how do they manifest in […]

Coaching for Ethical Leadership and Positive Change in the World

Victoria Ramsden Victoria is an Executive Coach working with ethical change-makers, values-led professionals and sustainability innovators to achieve greater impact. First trained in NLP and coaching techniques 18 years ago, Victoria’s philosophy to leadership has always been grounded in ethical principles.  Holding leadership roles in publicly funded services, social housing, operational performance and renewable energy […]

Healing and Empowering Lives Through Rapid Transformation Therapy

Neha Arora Neha Arora is a Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She believes that our past doesn’t have to dictate our future, and no matter what we have been through, we deserve healing. She tells us that, “I work with clients to find, break, and eliminate subconscious limiting belief patterns that are […]

The Woman Navigating Crossroads with Clarity and Connection

Anna Prinz Anna Prinz is a Transformational Life Coach.  She tells us that, “I am a treasure seeker. I love to wonder at the beauty in the world. I am a connector.  I love to connect with others to dig deep into life, meaning and purpose. I am a noticeman. I enjoy details and seek […]

Speaking UP: A Journey from Mental Health Struggles to Global Advocacy

Pamela O’Neill Pamela O’Neill is a bestselling author and mental health coach from Ontario, Canada.  She tells us that, “Writing is my art, and working in mental health is my purpose. I recently combined the two with the release of my first book called “Speaking UP About a Mental Health Crisis”.  My mission is to […]

The Woman Nurturing Culture and Creativity Through ŠumArt

Jelena Simic Jelena Simic is a PhD candidate in Art history, Founder of ŠumArt, merriad,  and mother of one son. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative.  I have had a career spanning over 25 years in various sectors. However, since the outbreak […]

Constructing Solid, Happy, and Successful Futures and Pursuing the Abundant Life

Erica Yanney Erica Yanney is a Christian Life Coach and Career Coach focused on constructing solid, happy, and successful futures through coaching. Tell us about your life before the venture/ leading up to your venture? I oversee two distinct brands. Altitude Career Coaching specializes in comprehensive career coaching services, aiding individuals in career planning, effective […]

The Woman Decluttering Lives, One Space at a Time

Shelina Shelina is a Professional Organiser and Declutterer. She is the owner of Decluttr Me, the first decluttering and organising business in the region which was started over 10 years ago. Tell us about your life before the venture/ leading up to your venture? Originally from the UK, I have lived in Dubai for 18 […]

The Woman Empowering Leadership, One Step at a Time

Maria Kelly Maria Kelly is a Leadership Growth Strategist. She is an Irish-Swiss, living the dream in Barcelona with her husband and their adorable dog Cookie, who keeps them active. She tells us that, “Before moving to Barcelona during the pandemic, we lived in Geneva, New York and London. I speak fluent English and French, […]

Empowering Minds: A Journey from Academics to Authorship and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Shikha Gupta Dr. Shikha Gupta is an accomplished Author &  Associate Professor, Programme Coordinator in the Management Department having expertise in Finance and accounting. Dr.Gupta is also SPOC for Swayam Local Chapter. Dr.Gupta has authored a book titled “Capital Market” and Chief editor of “Marketing Quest” magazine. She has an enriched experience of 15 […]

Reshaping Industries with AI: A Vision for Ethical and Impactful Transformation

Salvia Mirza Salvia Mirza, Managing Director, is a strategist and a futurist in the AI space. Her role involves bridging the gap between complex AI technologies and practical, impactful applications in various industries. With a foundation in management consulting, she has honed her skills in understanding business processes, identifying areas ripe for innovation, and devising […]

Coaching Women Through Transition and Leadership Development

Amy K Harbison Amy K Harbison is currently a certified coach ( working in private practice with women in professional transition and development, as well as leadership development. Prior to that, she was a communications and marketing professional working with nonprofits, associations, and in philanthropy, healthcare and higher ed. She also creates and facilitates leadership […]

The Woman Guiding Transformation through Holistic Coaching

Monika Matuszewska Monika Matuszewska is the founder of the coaching practice LaMatu, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her company offers a variety of individual coaching services including both online sessions as well as live consultations, in-company training, workshops, and keynotes.  During the conversations with her clients, she tackles dilemmas from both personal and professional domains. […]

The Woman Nurturing Authenticity, Balancing Roles, and Redefining Leadership

Chiara Ghinolfi Chiara Ghinolfi is a ICF-certified Executive Coach driven by transforming potential into peak performance. Her holistic approach blends Social Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming expertise, and a deep grasp of cross-cultural dynamics. Her career spans pivotal roles in various sectors, from Fashion to Logistics, enriched by leadership in her firms. She has made […]

The Woman Cultivating Self Leadership for a Fulfilling Life

Alison Sinclair Alison Sinclair is a Self Leadership Coach.  She tells us that, “10 years ago I started a development journey, trying out all sorts of approaches to move myself forward.  It was in coaching in 2003 that I truly experienced transformation. This led to me doubling my income, improving my health and being equipped […]

Elevating Leadership: A Journey from Navy Brat to Empowering Women in Business

Marilyn Dollar Marilyn Dollar is a certified High Performance Business coach who left the corporate 9-5 to support women in leadership. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative. I was a Navy brat, so I travelled to several countries and most of the […]

Reclaiming Feminine Power: Evolution from Corporate Burnout to Embodied Leadership

Ariane Lalakea Ariane Lalakea is an Embodied Leadership and Erotic Empowerment Coach In her own words, “My passions that have become my profession are healing and feminine empowerment.I am dedicated to empowering women to redefine leadership by harmonizing intellect, emotion, and inner power. My goal is to shift the business paradigm from one of relentless […]

Guiding Women Entrepreneurs to Design Success and Freedom

Esra Doyuk Esra Doyuk is a Future Design Specialist. She tells us that, “I help women in designing themselves and their businesses through my programs. I teach marketing and sales techniques, aiming for their success and freedom. Together with my husband, I co-own DYK Limited. Additionally, I offer coaching and mentoring services specifically tailored for […]

Empowering Careers: A Journey from Corporate Psychology to Transformative Coaching

Kate Fonseca Williams Kate Fonseca Williams is a Career Coach and Occupational Psychologist. She is also the Founder of Karibu Coaching Limited.  She tells us that, “With a background in Occupational Psychology and extensive experience as a management consultant in London, I now run a career coaching and business psychology practice. My work focuses on […]

Empowering Paths: A Journey from Microbiology to Leadership Coaching and Advocacy

Tabitha Ngozi Tabitha Ngozi, a distinguished microbiology graduate, is currently pursuing her Master’s in Business Management. With 7 years of experience as an executive and leadership coach, she excels in communication, monitoring and evaluation, and project management. Additionally, Tabitha is a dedicated social entrepreneur and a fervent advocate for human rights, particularly for women and […]

The Woman Breaking Barriers, One Change at a Time

Queen Mercy Ndubuisi Queen Mercy Ndubuisi has been a young girl child born and brought up in Nigeria.  In her own words, “I love to network with a like mind and I’m passionate about learning new things. Passionate about bringing a change to my world, to my community and to everyone around me. It is […]

Embracing the Extraordinary: A Journey from Self-Discovery to Empowering Others

Avalaura Gaither Avalaura Gaither, the internationally acclaimed Intuitive Consultant and Transformational Life Coach, beckons you to embrace your true self and embark on your extraordinary life journey today. With an unwavering passion for empowering leaders and high achievers to manifest their boldest dreams, Avalaura guides those ready to live a life of freedom, shedding limiting […]

Unapologetic Leadership: A Journey from Adversity to Empowering Women

Lasha Murray Lasha Murray is an Unapologetic Leadership Coach. She is a retired corporate leader with over 20 years of experience leading, mentoring, and training diverse teams across multiple Fortune 100 companies. As a Leadership Development & Career Coach, she helps leaders and organizations identify and overcome toxic environments or work traits that can hinder […]

From Struggle to Strength: An Inspiring Journey of Triumph and Leadership

Laura Lohk is a lawyer, consultant and business woman.  What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative. Pretty tough. I came from a very poor and unstable background. I only had one parent who struggled to look after me properly and had severe mental […]

Breaking Glass Ceilings and Shaping Perspectives: A Journey of Empowered Leadership

Stephanie Kunkel Stephanie Kunkel is a Founder, Author, and Speaker She is a perspective shifter dedicated to empowering and inspiring change makers to lead with love and intention.  With a mission to equip everyone with the necessary tools to embrace understanding, Stephanie’s journey into inspired entrepreneurship began when she discovered the disconnect between corporations and […]

The Woman Breaking Barriers and Leading with Purpose

Akua Opong Akua Opong is a Chartered IT Professional within the Group Technology Team as a Senior Associate within financial services. As part of her role, she mentors new starters in the team, including interns and graduates, and provides technology guidance to colleagues across the Group.  Outside her primary role, Akua is a keen diversity […]

Strategic Swings: Elevating Professional Skills through Business Golf Coaching

Patrina King Patrina King tells us that, “As a Business Golf Coach, I help entrepreneurs and professionals use golf as a tool to enhance their professional and personal skills. I focus on golf fundamentals, business networking, golf strategy, mental toughness, and more. Being a lifelong golfer and current business owner, I have developed a solid […]

Empowering Leaders to Increase Impact and Achieve Work Sustainability

Ana Melikian Ana Melikian is a Speaker, Coach, and Consultant.  Ana Melikian, Ph.D., is a speaker, author, and host of the MINDSET ZONE, one of the top 1% most popular podcasts globally. Ana is on a mission to support purpose-driven leaders and organizations to increase their impact and results while avoiding burnout and being over-extended! […]

From Life’s Roller Coaster to NLP Empowerment for Women

Sandra van Wanrooij Sandra van Wanrooij is 51 years old and the proud mother of Beau & Renee. She was born and raised in Amsterdam.  She tells us that, “Humor runs like a common thread through my life. In 2017 I rediscovered my energy, strength and inner child during a seminar by Joseph McClendon III. […]

Empowering Women through Financial Mentorship and Entrepreneurship

Claudia Ardila O Claudia Ardila O is a Professional in Finance and International Trade, Personal Finance Mentor, International Speaker, Author of the book “365 Personal Finance Tips,  G-100,  Colombia Country Chair in the Venture Capital & Innovative Finance wing,  CFO of Mujeres Violeta, member of the WEF in Colombia and Content Creator on various digital […]

Crafting Timeless Elegance in Slow Fashion for Women

Yan Economides Yan Economides is a designer and brand Founder for womenswear brand Yan Neo London. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative. Studied a lot! Wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I left school, so I did A-levels in Business […]