Month: January 2022

The Aspiring Icon On A Mission To End Hopelessness And Exploitation

Juanita Headley, Founder and CEO of Changing Cases, Licensed NY Attorney, is dedicated to instilling hope, inspiring change, providing protection, employment and empowerment, to abused and abandoned men, women and children. She aims at completely eradicating homelessness and sexual exploitation amongst men, women and children. Originally from London England, but with Jamaican parents, Juanita is […]

The Woman Who Elevates Lifestyles and Careers

This enthusiastic life coach expert pioneers the art of elevating the lifestyles of many by engaging them in winning skills and strategies. Meet Lucy Seifert, a renowned life coach and trainer specialising in ‘Assertiveness’ at both the personal and professional levels, and an author of several professional works on coaching and training. She had previously […]

The LIFO Practitioner Behind the Synergy in Better Performing Teams and Mastery of Excellence

Being a Founding Partner of Savvy Training and Senior International Trainer, Bernadette Deitmers loves to coach and motivate people, and teams to perform on a higher level with collaboration and personal effectiveness through Face-to-face (on-site) & Online sessions. She expertise in Communication, Collaboration, Personal Leadership, Personal Branding. Bernadette was born and raised in a small […]

Taking A “Whole-istic” Approach To Support Businesses and Individuals

Meet Pamela Morgan, a Business Coach and CEO & Founder at Key Instincts, a collaborative company that brings purpose, health, and wellness to your progressive corporate structure through a “whole-istic” approach. After a 22 years-long stint as an executive for a major global fashion retailer, Pamela Morgan decided to take a step towards starting her […]

Bringing the Next-Age Revolution in Art for Artists

Meet Francesca Casiraghi- CEO and Co-founder of London Trade Art, an innovative art investment service to buy shares of high value artworks in the form of NFTs. Francesca introduces herself as the CEO and the co-founder of London Trade Art– she has been working in the art industry for the last 6 years. It has […]

An Icon of Inspiration in the Realm of Redefining Success

This Award-winning Work-life Balance Expert is also a 2x Bestselling author and Multi-Award-Winning Entrepreneur transforming the minds of individuals with the way of their thinking about success in the workplace. Susanne Grant, a multifaceted classy woman being a corporate speaker and an international bestselling author is on her mission to end the stigma on mental […]

She Came, She Wrote, She Conquered!

Meet Natalie Phillips- Founder and CEO at Write-Click-Sell, an organization that offers conversion-based copywriting and email services. Natalie is a writer, a professional marketer and a businesswoman from Cornwall who enjoys helping others make the connection between their audience and their passion. Being an army child, she never spent more than three years in one […]

Giving a new perspective to designs with an authentic touch

Meet Gail Hoban- Brand and Campaign Designer at GAS studio, a design venture for brands and campaigns  that brings together diverse communities. Gail Hoban grew up in the 70s with her parents and younger brother. The first ten years of her life were spent in the Midlands in a house with a big vegetable garden […]

Transforming Lives for Growth With Conscious Practices

Meet Bhavya Arora- Executive, Life & Growth Coach and Founder of Forward Focus London, who provides help to Professional Men & Women, Independent Business Owners & Coaches Advance in their Careers & Improve their Personal Growth Skills with her simple, proven 3 month Quantum Leap Formula [QLF]  & The Power Hour programs. Around 2014, she […]