Month: September 2020

This Woman Teaches Us That We Get What We Deserve, Not What We Desire.

Meet Aboli Deshkar – A Risk-taker, a believer, a dreamer, and most importantly, a proud mom, who is currently pursuing her Masters after a gap of 10 long years and keeps herself close to gardening, baking, reading, and dancing! As we continuously try to collect more stories of valor in ordinarily simple lives, we forget […]

Changing Lives With Words & Wisdom: Sijdah Hussain

Meet author and Senior Content Marketer at Human Focus International, who also has her own social initiative, ‘Chaaon – Sab k Liye’, which creates awareness against child and animal abuse.   Who would have thought that an English Literature Graduate would swiftly work up her way to having an illustrious career in content marketing in […]

How I lived my life to the fullest despite all the odds: Nisha Tandon

“After struggling through the first 8 years of my married life to bear a child, I finally experienced the bliss of motherhood in 2001. My first daughter brought us so much happiness that it almost made me forget the hardships of my past where certain societal expectations made me doubt the credibility of my life. […]

This Inspiring Entrepreneur Believes In Empowering And Educating Through Art

Meet Karen Alexander-Banks, CEO of the Columbia, South Carolina (USA) based Auntie Karen Foundation- a globally recognized charitable corporation.     Maybe it was her love for arts that inspired her to leave her lucrative professional position with a company like Xerox Corporation to offer something different to the world. And maybe, the programs offered by […]

This Woman is in the Business of Transforming Lives

Meet Soha Juneja, CEO and Director at First Impression, a renowned Speaker, Coach, Counselor and Mental Health Architect, who is all about training and coaching people to be the next version of themselves without judgement.   Soha Juneja is a good example of someone who truly desires to make a difference in the lives of […]