Month: July 2023

Supporting Conscious Visionaries, Philanthropists, Governments, and Business Leaders to Bring Their Vision to Life

Cathy Dimarchos Cathy Dimarchos is driven by an unwavering vision to create Global Impact.  She tells us that, “I am committed to sharing knowledge that supports conscious visionaries, philanthropists, governments, and business leaders, to bring their vision to life, where others have failed. I do this through decades of experience in strategic advice, financial literacy, […]

Helping People Discover, Plan and Live Out Their Best Lives

Claire Meredith Claire Meredith works as a coach, speaker and writer. She helps people discover, plan and live out their best lives. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative. II grew up in the evangelical church in the 90s, so had a specific […]

Helping High Performers Expand their Minds to New Ways of Thinking

Janelle Ryan Janelle Ryan is a Global Personal Coach, Author, Group Facilitator, Presenter, Speaker and Founder of Sky High Coaching. Her passion is helping high performers expand their minds to new ways of thinking, create whatever it is they wish in their life and lead and inspire others. What were your initial years of growing […]

Pioneering Ghostwriting and Empowering Women in the Literary World

Karen S. Cole Karen S. Cole is the President, Owner, Founder, and Executive Director of Ghost Writer, Inc.  She tells us that, “I began the company as Rainbow Writing, Inc. in January of 2003, after a long career as a freelance writer for various publications, online and in print. I started writing when I was […]

Helping Other Women Find Their Inner Strength and Create Their Best Life

Karin Dijkshoorn Karin Dijkshoorn was born in Holland, but has been living in Spain for almost 20 years now. She is passionate about helping other women find their inner strength and enable them to create their best life. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your […]

Supporting Women to Overcome Self-Doubt and Gain Skills to Step Out and Fulfill Their Ambitions

Patience Ogunbona Patience Ogunbona is an Accredited Business and Leadership Coach, Business Trainer, International Keynote Speaker and Best Selling Author.  She tells us that, “I have over 18 years working in service-based businesses as a Chartered Internal Auditor providing assurance on governance, leadership, and controls to mitigate risks to business success. I now leverage this […]

The Woman Supporting Creative People Grow Their Businesses and Succeed

Genèvre Becker Genèvre Becker is a Canadian born, Australian citizen, Mother, Artist, and Serial Entrepreneur. She builds businesses that work with, and for, creative people by combining her family history of business ownership, with her creative streak.  As a Creative Business Coach, she blends experience with coaching techniques to support others: to grow their own […]

Helping Executives Live With Clarity, Maximum Impact, and Personal Growth

Laura Barker Laura Barker, CEO & Founder of Laura Barker Coaching, spent more than 20 years as a senior Human Resources professional, working in multiple industries of different size and scope. These days she uses her workforce experiences not only from HR but also in project management to coach business leaders.  Laura supports executives in […]

Inspiring and Empowering Women by Helping Beautify Them Inside Out

Dr. Adebola Adeleye Dr. Adebola Adeleye, also known as Dr. Nike, is the Designer and Creative Director for OYE Collection, a luxury African-Inspired modern fashion line.  By Profession, Dr. Nike is a Doctor of Nursing Practice, and has practiced in various clinical, academic, and healthcare policy settings. Her faith in God and her love for […]

The Woman Empowering Individuals to Reach Self-Sufficiency

Evalye Alexander Evalye Alexander is the Founder and CEO of Community Outreach and Advocacy Corporation (COAC), a nonprofit based in the US whose mission is to empower individuals to reach self-sufficiency from challenges such as food insecurity, joblessness, homelessness, basic need issues, domestic violence, and more. As a caring individual who is empowerment focused, it […]

Building a Future Where Technology and Financial Services Intersect to Create Inclusive Opportunities for All

Amarachi Amaechi Amarachi Amaechi, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, is an innovative Entrepreneur focused on finding solutions. With a strong passion for technology, she is a Co-Founder of Bitpowr.  She tells us that, “Our company is dedicated to developing a blockchain infrastructure for financial institutions, aiming to provide the critical framework needed to onboard the […]

Inspiring and Motivating Aspiring Entrepreneurs on Online Service-Based Businesses With Negligible Overhead Costs

Natalie Aydin Natalie Aydin is a teacher, writer, coach, and motivational speaker whose goal is to inspire and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs (especially coaches) but also course creators, trainers, speakers, and teachers on how they can create their own online service-based businesses with almost zero overhead costs. What were your initial years of growing up like? […]

Teaching Women to Tap Into Their Intuition & Creativity

Oksana Tsimpoaka Oksana Tsimpoaka from Estonia is an Entrepreneur and a Mother to a gorgeous 5 year old son, Armin!  She tells us that, “I love beauty, joyful experiences and innovative creations. I believe that when people tap into their playfulness and innocence (just as children naturally are), they get to live a life full […]

The Woman on a Mission to Rebrand Grief

Holly Strelzik Holly Strelzik is on a mission to rebrand grief. Her personal experiences including childhood trauma, a near-fatal aneurysm, and her husband’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s Disease prompted Holly to reexamine grief first as a hospice volunteer and then in the form of a career shift.  Her second act began when she was certified as […]

The Woman Building to Last and Ennobling for Success

Dr. Kasthuri Henry Dr. Kasthuri Henry, PhD, CTP, Six Sigma Black Belt, is driven by the mission of Building to Last and Ennobling for Success.  Her ability to understand the importance of first developing the BEING and bringing that authentic self to all the DOING makes her a sought-after member of Forbes Coaches Council. CEO […]

The Woman Helping Health Thought Leaders Become More Visible as Powerful Speakers

Heleniq Argyrou Heleniq Argyrou, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, is a Clinical Psychologist, Sound Therapist; Drum Therapist, Drummer, Organizational and Peak Performance Trainer. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative. As a child I was very focussed on the 5 styles of dancers. Tell […]

Guiding Women to the Other Side of Their Most Vulnerable Stories

Abigail Teixeira Abigail Teixeira is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Mental Health Advocate & Women’s Transformational Coach. She helps heart-centered women share their stories, discover their gifts and transform their lives in a profound way.  She tells us that, “As someone who is recovering from abuse, addiction and trauma, I understand the mental health struggles that […]

Helping Businesses and Professionals Smash Through Confusion, Solve Chaos, and Stop Cursing, While Achieving Remarkable Results

Debora J. Hollick I am an Executive Director/Owner, and a powerhouse in the field of personal and team performance optimization. With my expertise as an International Speaker, Multiple International #1 Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Productivity Facilitator, and Sales Trainer, I help businesses and professionals smash through confusion, solve chaos, and stop cussing, while achieving remarkable results […]

Empowering Women Globally and Making a Change in the Society Today

Melissa McAllister Melissa McAllister, a Fitness and Wellness Coach is 28 years old from Liverpool UK. She is also a Dancer.  She tells us that, “I am a driven, ambitious woman and want to inspire women globally and make a change in this world. I have always been passionate about helping people from the struggles […]

The Woman Helping People With Luxury Liberated and affordable Skincare

Donna Howlett Donna Howlett is the CEO & Founder of Modinc Skincare.  She told us that, “I was born in Sydney, Australia and grew up on a horse farm in the Central Coast (approximately an hour north of Sydney). I was an avid equestrian rider on track to compete in the Olympics. Unfortunately, a terrible […]

The Woman Helping People Create a Life by Design, Not by Default

Alice Dartnell Alice Dartnell is a life and success coach empowering people to create a life by design, not by default! She is an expert in time management, energy management and productivity, but she likes to take a holistic approach to time management, and sprinkle in some neuroscience, mindset work and wellbeing!  She is originally […]

Coaching People With the Tools of Near-Linguistic Programming

Leiden Leiden coaches artists, people in retail, landlords, tenants, people with learning difficulties, and anyone who needs coaching on health, career, money, relationships, and success with the tools of NLP worldwide in person in London UK and Toronto Canada and online worldwide across the time zones. What were your initial years of growing up like? […]

Mastering Behavior Change and Communication for Personal and Organizational Growth

Sunni Mallo Sunni Mallo is a Certified Behavioural Change Consultant. She is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Certified Communication Expert. She is a passionate Public Speaker and is dedicated to individual and organizational development. She has trained and acquired reputable certifications in neuroscience from Asia and the UK.  A professional member of […]

Empowering Professional Women to Love Themselves Unconditionally

Lindsey Maza Lindsey Maza is a Self-Love and Leadership Coach.  She tells us that, “After spending 14 years as a leader in the fashion industry, I realized I was burnt out and disconnected from myself. I knew there was a better way to enjoy life, professionally and personally. So, I started practicing Self-Love and never […]

Helping Women Find Spiritually Centered Confidence to Take Action Towards Their Highest Goals

Hafsah Adham Hafsah Adham is a certified confidence coach (ICF accredited), speaker, nature enthusiast, dedicated mother of three and the founder of The Awakened Hearts Academy and The Confident Muslimah, a spiritually-centered coaching service which is rooted in Islamic principles, aiming to assist individuals in enhancing their self-awareness and deepening their connection with their faith.  […]