Month: June 2023

Supporting Women Who Have Suffered From Infidelity or Have Low Self-Esteem to Reimagine the Future While Building Unshakable Confidence

Sophia Tuckett Sophia is a fierce advocate for supporting women to see the beauty in being proud of who they are, rooted in their self-acceptance and self-belief. Sophia’s focus is on empowering women to see their strengths as stepping stones to building self-compassion and mental clarity.  As a global Confidence Consultant, Sophia’s mission is to […]

The Woman Helping Mums Feel Happy and Thriving

Jenny Hopkins Jenny Hopkins is a mum to two little ones and Founder of Jenny Hopkins Coaching. She coaches working mums to manage the work mum juggle so they can be happy and thriving in themselves AND be incredible mothers with successful careers. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about […]

The Woman Making Mothers Feel Seen, Heard, and Valued

Katrina Court Katrina Court is a certified Transformative Coach and matrescence mentor. She works with women who feel lost and depleted by motherhood and supports them to lean into matrescence – the transition of becoming a mother -with grit and with grace, so they feel empowered to redefine what being a mum means for them. […]

Guiding Women on a Journey of Rediscovery, Reconnecting Them With Their Most Formidable Selves

Lillian Ogbogoh Lillian Ogbogoh is a Leadership Trainer for emerging women leaders and International Speaker. Her area of expertise is empowering to discover their inner confidence and rediscover their whole selves. She is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Transformational Coach, Author, and Hypnotherapist. She has successfully helped clients across diverse sectors. She aims to help […]

The Woman Helping Small Entrepreneurs Manage Their Business

Kieran Dotti Kieran Dotti is the owner of On The Dott Management. She is here to help other small business owners & entrepreneurs manage and run the day-to-day aspects of their businesses. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your professional journey/venture/initiative and what inspired you […]

The Woman Supporting Sustainability Through Her Businesses

Reine Metlej Reine Metlej holds an MS in civil engineering with a minor degree in environmental engineering; a certified trainer for startups/entrepreneurs; delivers workshops and training for a variety of accelerators, incubators and organizations. Among her practices, she serves as a waste management consultant, growth consultant and investment acquisition consultant for multiple projects across the […]

Supporting Women One to One in Making the Most of Life Achievements

Donna Price Donna Price says that, “I learned from a very young age as a child of a teenage mother, that anyone can make a beautiful and interesting life. I believe that many of our achievements arise out of our effort (many times, significant effort), skill, character and personality. A hand up to others, especially […]

The Woman Creating Happier, Healthier Communities Through Memorable and Accessible Empathy Training

Leanne Butterworth Leanne Butterworth, Empathy Educator, TEDx Speaker and Social Entrepreneur, is dedicated to creating happier, healthier communities through memorable, accessible Empathy Training. As the founder of Empathy First and a lecturer at QUT, Leanne actively contributes to the startup, mental health, and social enterprise communities. She is a Social Impact Fellow and won the […]

Helping People Heal and Move Beyond Their Limitations to Become More Empowered

Lubna Samara Lubna says that, “I’ve been a practicing healer and therapist for close to 30 years, and have helped hundreds of clients to heal and move beyond their limitations to becoming calmer, more focussed, more confident, and empowered to fulfil their potential and their purpose. I started as a mathematician in the Petroleum Industry […]

Empowering People Who Feel Stuck, Stressed Out and Unsatisfied with Their Lives

Emily Hurley-Wilkisnon Emily Hurley-Wilkisnon is an accredited personal and business coach, Yoga breath coach and author.  She says that, “I have given stress related group talks to multinational organizations and health care providers throughout Ireland as part of their employee wellness initiatives. My mantra is ‘you haven’t come this far to only come this far.’ […]

Nurturing and Embracing Others of the World and Celebrating Their Differences

Safrianna Lughna Safrianna Lughna, the Queer-Spirit Guide. I founded Living LUNA, a brand centered around nurturing authenticity, loving without shame, and “Uplifting the Others” of the world. As a multi-passionate creative, I wear many hats: community mentor, podcast host, author, coach, consultant, and ritual and retreat curator. I specialize in helping people who want to […]

Helping Women Discover Their Dream Careers

Dominika Miernik Dominika Miernik is a Career and Expat Coach. I help women seeking to make a global career change to navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with discovering their dream careers and then adapting to a new country. For self-employment-minded women, I expertly guide them to connect the dots between what they love to […]

Helping Businesses Achieve Remarkable Growth and Online Success

Sarah Gachugi Sarah Gachugi is a seasoned digital marketing expert with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and a proud mom of two boys. Her diverse background and life experiences have shaped her unique approach to business. As an entrepreneur since 2019, Sarah has successfully collaborated with over 200 businesses, utilizing her expertise in lead […]

The Woman Offering Customised Advice for Modern Strategies, Ideas and Concepts

Nicole S. Farrellis Nicole S. Farrellis a multi-creative, extroverted individual. She is someone who has a unique essence and personality and is passionate about holistic self-development and professionalism.  She is a strong advocate for operating with confidence and authority and unabashedly sharing one’s magic with others. She says that, “It is my belief that we […]

Guiding Conscious Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Leaders Towards Profound Transformations and Thriving Success

Lotus Nguyen Lotus Nguyen is a transformative mindfulness coach, healer, and Founder of the Entrepreneur Freedom Network. With a background as a film director/producer, Lotus empowers conscious entrepreneurs and leaders to ignite their inner fire for thriving business and personal success. Through her Love Mojo Coaching and profound healing work, she creates powerful transformations in […]

Ignite Your Inner Phoenix: Overcoming Challenges to Accomplish Your Ambitions

Meghan Bramlett Meghan Bramlett is a strong, independent, and self-healing individual. As a healer, she’s compassionate and fearless in her pursuit of helping others.  She says that, “My smart business savvy allows me to effectively manage my life coach business while actively supporting various causes. Being a dedicated mom, loving wife, caring daughter, supportive sister, […]

Supporting Parents/Carers Feel and Live a More Parent-Empowered Life

Tracy West Tracy West is a Parent-Empowerment Life coach. In her own words, “I specialise in supporting Parents/Carers to create their own powerful strategies, to feel and live a more parent-empowered life!” What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative. You could say I […]

The Woman Helping Business Owners Find Their Voice

Lorraine Lane Lorraine Lane, who is known as the “Results Coach”, is on a mission to help business owners find their voice. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative. I grew up in Vermont in a small community.  When I launched into the […]

The Woman Helping Business Owners Find Their Voice

Lorraine Lane Lorraine Lane, who is known as the “Results Coach”, is on a mission to help business owners find their voice. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative. I grew up in Vermont in a small community.  When I launched into the […]

The Woman Helping People with New Beginnings and Opportunities

Retha Myburgh Retha Myburgh says that, “As a woman in business, I sell new beginnings and growth opportunities to others. No matter what their age or where they are from. I believe people have an amazing brain; they just need to utilise it together with their own unique gifts and talents to become the best […]

Helping as Many Women as Possible to Start or Grow Their Own Businesses

Sharon Piel Sharon Piel is a certified Life and Business coach with 9 years experience in the coaching industry.  I have a diploma in Life Coaching as well as certificates in NLP and Business Coaching.  I help women entrepreneurs and small women-owned businesses to achieve their goals.  I am passionate about coaching, positive psychology and […]

Helping People Harness and Control the Power They Already Have Within, to Live a Life of and on Purpose

Barbara Mutedzi Barbara Mutedzi is a Conscious Leadership and Wellbeing Coach, using her background in Neuroscience-based coaching, Psychology, Anthropology, Metaphysics, Yoga Philosophy, Mindful Meditation and Conscious Business Ethics; to help people harness and control the power they already have within, to live and lead a life of and on purpose. What were your initial years […]

Making a Difference by Helping Women Leaders in Climate Change

Dr. Ellen Snee Dr. Ellen Snee is an Executive coach of women leaders and is currently engaged in leadership coaching of women leaders in climate change. Was there any turning point in your life that changed your journey? If so, what was it? Please tell us the backstory behind it. There have been many turning […]

The Woman Addressing Structural Racism and Dismantling Prejudice

Jenna Nicholas Jenna Nicholas is the Co-Founder and CEO of Impact Experience which is focused on addressing structural racism and dismantling prejudice by confronting and engaging with the historical and ongoing realities of inequality and racial bias. Impact Experience applies insights from the disciplines of systems transformation and organizational development, design thinking, somatic psychology, and […]

Helping People Heal Through Spiritual Healing Techniques and Gifts

Dr. Joy S. Pedersen Dr. Joy S. Pedersen, Doctor of Divinity & Licensed Spiritual Healer is committed to a personal and business spiritual path. She discovered the benefits of incorporating spiritual healing to help improve all areas of life.  She says that, “After seeing spiritual healing helped money, confidence, and relationships, I chose to help […]

Inspiring Ambitious Industry Professionals to Construct Their Career in Construction

Elinor Moshe Elinor Moshe is an ambitious and driven thought-leader, mentor, best-selling author, award-winning podcast host and businesswoman disrupting the construction industry. She’s the founder of The Construction Coach, Australia’s first construct coach constructing exceptional, excellent and exemplary people behind the projects. She is the recipient of the ‘Best Construction Training Company 2022 – Australia’ […]

The Woman Helping People Deal With Parenting, Loss, Trauma and Infertility

Yarona Yarona is an Advanced Certified Life Coach in Parenting, Loss, Trauma and Infertility.  She worked in the field of early childhood for 15 years, running an Early Intervention Program. Yarona is also an accomplished TEDx Speaker and Certified Speaker Coach.  In addition to her parenting podcast series “The Evolution of Parenting,” she’ll be releasing […]