Month: October 2023

Guiding Women to Mindful Motherhood and Harmonious Family Bonds

Aparna Venkataraman Aparna Venkataraman tells us that, “I have been supporting parents and children for the past 20 years in their stress relief in various schools, non-profit organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, United Way and in children’s hospitals with children with life-threatening illnesses. I’ve always felt drawn to be a caregiver and, after […]

Empowering Love: A Journey from Friend to Matchmaker Extraordinaire

Lauren Sanders Lauren is a professional matchmaker, dating expert, certified life and dating coach, self-help author, and founder of The Love Crush Agency™ matchmaking service. She has interviewed thousands of singles and successfully paired numerous couples over the years. She prides herself on her love radar and her ability to match compatible individuals. She also […]

Unearthing Core Issues and Guiding People to Craft the Lives They Truly Desire

Shauna Harris Shauna Harris tells us, “I am a dedicated Clinical Sexologist and Relationship Specialist, the driving force behind Explore Intimacy. With a fervent commitment to fostering growth, I empower individuals through results-focused coaching. My holistic philosophy seeks to unearth core issues rather than offer mere quick fixes, as I firmly believe in guiding people […]

Empowering Through Stories: A Journey of Triumph and Transformation

Samantha Houghton Samantha Houghton is a Ghost Writer, Book Coach, and Editor. She supports authors to authentically write their transformational stories to impact the world.  She told us that, “I’m an award-winning author, intuitive ghostwriter and inspirational book coach – my genres are memoir and self-help books. My speciality and passion is in trauma and […]

Empowering Women to Embrace Their Inherent Value

Claire Sewell Claire Sewell, Founder of SwellCoach, helps female business leaders see their untouchable value and master their inner voice, so they can achieve their goals and create the life they desire What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your professional journey/venture/initiative and what inspired you […]

Inspiring Children and Empowering Women Through Creativity and Resilience

Alicia Carbo-Guha Alicia Carbo-Guha is an author, illustrator, graphic designer, and marketer.  She tells us that, “I am originally from Barcelona, Spain, living in Toronto, Canada. Life has not always been easy, but this has made me resilient. Early in life, I decided not to dwell on adversity and to seek new opportunities. After retiring […]