Month: June 2022

The Woman Helping Other Women Heal and Actualize Their True Potential

Supriya Roy Supriya Roy is the founder of Seva Transformation Academy, where through her online training, coaching and annual Shero’s convention, she helps women heal Anaemia to have sustained energy, emotional wellbeing and confidence to awaken the Shero within and actualize their true potential.  After a decade as a corporate woman, she made a sharp […]

Helping People and Their Teams Manage Stress at Work

Meet Stephanie Schaffner- Certified trainer and coach for Burnout Prevention at Die Stress Managerin, an organization that helps people deal with work-induced stress. Stephanie is a certified trainer for stress management and a renowned coach for burnout prevention. She helps organisations and companies implement a healthy work environment and protect the efficiency of their employees.  […]

Accelerating the Transition to Happiness, Fulfillment, Kindness and Mindfulness

Katie Matthews Katie Matthews is a 30-year-old, multi-award-winning, disabled entrepreneur, educator, speaker, trauma-informed practitioner, coach, mentor and global mental health trainer. She has 13 years of lived/living experience with mental illness, with eclectic passions including supporting other’s mental health, inclusive entrepreneurship, female leadership, community development, growth mindset development and supporting young people. She has founded […]

The Woman Who is Changing Lives By Reinforcing the Importance of Self-Care

Yvonne Bignall Yvonne Bignall is a 37-year veteran of the health & fitness industry, and an award-winning women’s health advocate. She loves the many life roles she gets to experience including that of being a mother, grandmother, author, speaker, coach & trainer. Having multiple roles for her also means acknowledging the importance of taking care […]

Teaching People To Connect With Their Inner Knowing and Voice Within

Meet Lisa Jones- Award-winning Psychotherapist, Health Coach, and Mental Health Consultant at HeadStrong Training®, an organisation where she trains and coaches people about brain, mind, and body connections. Lisa describes herself as a science-based, passionate, and committed therapist and trainer, who believes in educating on prevention over intervention. She works with senior leaders in corporations […]

Making Lives Matter In This Tough, Competitive World

Meet Angela Maiers- Educator, Change-maker and founder of Choose2Matter, an organization that motivates people to make the ‘mattering’ of themselves an important priority.  Angela dons many hats- she is a leader, visionary, entrepreneur, disruptor, and change-maker. She embodies each of these descriptors with passion, commitment and fierce determination. She has been creating and leading change […]

Giving People the True Rest They Need at Work!

Meet Kate Mulligan- CEO of Rest Space, a venture that provides rest rooms and nap pods to people in corporate spaces.  Kate Mulligan is a Computer Science graduate, a ‘Scrum master’ in finance and a workplace wellbeing pioneer. According to her, the link between these three is creativity and people. She is passionate about creating […]

Womanpreneur of the Times Uplifting Many Other Women of the Sphere

Meet the modern social media and ethical sales trainer founder of The Growing Club CIC, networking with her women colleagues, in groups and on a one-to-one basis, who want to grow their business or organisation, whilst maintaining a well-balanced life. Jane Binnion, Founder and Managing Director of The Growing Club CIC says, “As a social […]

Giving An Edge To Feminism With International Exposure

Aviva Stein- Strategy and Development Consultant; Co-Founder at Catalystas Consulting, an intersectional feminist oriented consulting firm that helps its clients progress on an international scale. Aviva is the Co-Founder of Catalystas Consulting, an intersectional feminist boutique consulting collective, specializing in international development. Her background is in conflict and human rights, with an emphasis on the […]

Creating an Ecosystem for Businesses to Communicate and Scale Effectively

Meet Yvette Bethel- A global thought leader who is helping organizations across the world with scalable strategies that help them build cultures that support their brand values. As a cultural transformation expert, author, speaker, and advanced emotional intelligence practitioner, Yvette Bethel was recognized in 2020 and 2021 as one of the top 88 global thought […]

Building an Innovative Destination for the Next Generation of World Leaders

Meet Sally Kimangu- CEO at Destination Imagination (DI), a global educational organization dedicated to inspiring the next generation of innovators, leaders and creative problem solvers. Sally is an Edtech social entrepreneur with over two decades of experience with a passion and dedication to implementing STEAM /EDTECH projects in Africa. For her, this current drive has […]

A Yogic Miracle For Children With Special Needs

Meet the Founder and Director of Special Yoga, Jyoti Jo Manuel, a world leader who trains  children with special needs therapeutic yoga and other practices. Jyoti Jo Manuel is the founder and director of Special Yoga. For over 30 years, she has been working with children with special needs around the world and training and […]