Month: March 2023

The Woman Helping Business and Sales Professionals Sell More and Work More Productively

Maura Schreier-Fleming Maura Schreier-Fleming is President of Best@Selling. Maura works with business and sales professionals to sell more and work more productively. Her presentations and consulting focus on the skills and strategies that immediately produce results.    She is the author of two books: Real-World Selling for Out-of-this-World Results and Monday Morning Sales Tips. She writes […]

Empowering Women Through Design and Technology

Katie McIntyre My name is Katie McIntyre and I am an artist, innovator, designer. My disciplines span from everything from industrial design, fashion design, animation, 3d illustrations, album covers and art installations. I grew up in Canada, and moved to the US for art school at RISD. Afterwards, I worked in the tech industry for […]

Creating Products or Services that Generally Improves the Quality of Life of Its Users

Adenike Ajao Adenike Ajao manages cross functional teams to attain efficiency in product/ service delivery through constant stakeholder collaboration to create business value. She loves ideating and collaborating to solve problems. She employs creativity, adaptation, facilitation, coaching, etc. to lead people, teams and organizations to achieve better outcomes. She is also a writer, and likes […]

The Woman Who Believes in Educating the Next Generation of Engineers and Business Students in Alignment With Nature and Natural Operating Principles

Dr. Kimberly Samaha Dr. Kimberly Samaha is an Electrical Engineer & Professor of Business Ethics CEO of Born Global Foundation and Synthesis Venture Partners. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative.  Grew up on a farm in Chester NH- learned the importance of […]

Supporting Women to Find Their Voice and Speak Up About Their Business

Liz Boswell Liz Boswell is the founder of Bold Moves Coaching. Her passion is helping other business women and leaders to be more confident in who they are so that they have the courage to speak up and show up more authentically for their business and make bold moves towards their ambitious goals. She offers […]

Empowering Disproportionately Affected Female and Youth Groups to Become Sustainable Income Generators Within their Respective Communities

Chi Okafor Chi Okafor is an experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in the social entrepreneurship industry. An MBA graduate of the University of Oxford and one of the 25 young Nigerian women champions for UN Women Beijing +25, she has over 7 years professional experience working on gender-focused projects across communities, governmental […]

Helping People Improve Small Habits that Lead to Big Changes

Kathy Ozakovic Dietitian & Wellness Coach Kathy Ozakovic at NuFit Wellness works with individuals and groups to improve small habits that lead to big changes. Underpinned by the latest scientific evidence in nutrition, neuroplasticity, and mindfulness Kathy takes a holistic approach to helping you heal. Having a clinical background means Kathy has been exposed to […]

Taking Bias Out of the Recruitment Process for Businesses Globally

Helen McGuire Helen McGuire is a Co-founder and CEO of D&I tech platform, Diversely, and mum of 3. Previously, she worked in content production at the BBC and then in global PR, marketing and advertising.  After having her first baby back in 2014, she noticed women especially struggling to get back into work in the […]

Empowering Women to be ‘response-able’ for their Menopause

Clarissa Kristjansson PhD Clarissa Kristjansson PhD, internationally known menopause educator, holistic menopause coach, podcaster and author. Creator of the THRIVE program blending the best of East and West to empower women to be ‘response-able’ for their menopause, empowered and in charge. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life […]

Bringing Real Stories from Out-of-the-Box Thinkers and Trail Blazers Enacting Change Across the Globe

Tiffany Zehara Tiffany Zehara works with individuals and organizations across the globe to connect problems with solutions. Taking average concepts, failing projects, and big thinkers to reshape ideas, and support revenue-generating capacities to make the most of their impact in the world.  Assisting firms, institutions, and governments, to develop different perspectives and avenues for solutions, […]

Helping People Know their True Identity, Purpose, and Destiny

Donna Donna is the founder of Vibrant Living International, a non-profit organization. She is a Life Mastery Coach, an ordained minister, a podcaster, and an author. She helps bring accelerated transformation to people across the world. She empowers you to master life, spirit, soul, and body. Donna has been speaking and coaching for over 25 […]