Month: March 2021

Paving a Way for LGBTQ+ Representation Through A Global Queer TV Network

Meet Alia J. Daniels, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Revry, a “global LGBTQ+ digital cable TV network with free live TV channels and on-demand movies, shows, music, podcasts, news, and exclusive originals”. Alia’s journey from being an entertainment attorney to co-founding a global queer network is as interesting as it can get. She originally […]

Spreading Happiness and Good Vibes through Creative Living Spaces

Meet Alicia Blas, the Founder and Creative Director of Firmly Planted Designs, a company that creates beautiful gardens to soothe one’s soul. Alicia is a garden and product designer who believes that “it is all about a feeling!” For her, Nature is a mood evoker, and she believes that when one is “Firmly Planted”, one […]

Creating A Haven For Actors In A Difficult World

Meet Valorie Hubbard- an Author and CEO of Actor’s Fast Track, a consultancy that helps actors with their career paths. Valorie was an actor from the time she was 5 and never thought she would do anything else besides that. However, she saw many young and struggling actors giving up on their dreams and knew […]

This Beauty Pageant Winner is Fulfilling her Social Responsibility through Her Work

Meet Savannah Lane, the Executive Director of an international think-tank that promotes discussion and dialogue around socially relevant issues. A young professional in Washington DC, Savannah is working as a foreign policy analyst and is the Executive Director of an international think tank, the Turkish Heritage Organization. She is also an active advocate for women’s […]

Helping Talents Thrive By Matching Them With The Right Brands and Event

Meet Ashlyn Henson, Founder at More Than Models, a talent staffing agency that specializes in trade shows and live events.  Having worked as a model/brand ambassador herself for years, Ashlyn Henson is now helping new talents prosper. It happened when she discovered a gap in the industry. There was talent, but it was not getting […]

Her Chosen Path of Digital Marketing Helps Businesses Become Successful

Meet Jenny Green, the co-owner and the Chief Marketing Officer – Digital Marketing, at Fisher Green Creative, LLC. The co-owner of Fisher Green Creative, LLC, a mom to three amazing kids, and married to a fantastic man, Jenny loves coastal living, is passionate about saving elephants, and finds energy when she puts her creative brain […]

Turning Yoga Into An Eco-Friendly Experience

Meet Christine Moghadam- Owner and Founder of Corc Yoga, an organization that provides the world’s most sustainable yoga mats, which are made of cork. A native Seattleite, Christine stuck to her western-coast roots for college, receiving her BA in Cross-Cultural Studies from Biola University. It was during these years that she developed an intense love […]

Helping Nature Heal by Providing Innovative Solutions

Meet DeAna Vitela-Hayashi, the CEO of AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc., an organization that “helps nature heal itself.” Holding degrees in Biology and Management from California State University of Northridge, Pierce College, and EPA Watershed Academy, DeAna Vitela-Hayashi has been an inventor and pioneer in her field since 1987. She has been working on sustainable technologies […]

This Analyst is Using Data to Help Build Safe and Inspiring Play Spaces For Kids

Meet Amalia M Cristiano, Senior Analyst at KABOOM, a non-profit organization that “works with communities to build incredible, kid-designed play spaces that help give kids in every zip code the opportunity to thrive”. Amalia is a dedicated analyst who uses her creativity through data to influence change in society. She has been working in the […]

Addressing Career-related Issues Holistically to Help People Reach Their Potential

Meet Susan Zytnik-Künzler, the Founder of A-Squared LAMP Groups that bring coaching, training, consulting, and systems to entrepreneurs, teams, startups, and growing organizations. A Certified Career Coach, a Professional Development Mentor, an Organizational Consultant for OD design/development/detox, and the Founder of A-Squared LAMP Groups, Susan Zytnik-Künzler is many things, but whatever she does, helping people […]

Providing A New Ray Of Hope To Mothers

Meet Kelly Bruce- the owner and founder of a sun-grown craft cannabis cultivation company called CannaMommy based in Humboldt County, California.  As the tagline of her non-profit organization reads ‘For Moms By Moms’, Kelley’s empathetic demeanour towards mothers from all walks of life comes from her real-life experiences- she is a mother of four children […]

Helping People Find the Right Beauty Product through Authentic Reviews

Meet Kay, the CEO of MyTopFace, a marketing agency and an online magazine with a focus on the beauty business. Kay was always passionate about beauty. She started working in the beauty industry when she was fifteen years old and opened her first beauty business some years later. For her, it is important to do […]

Making People Feel Beautiful without Compromising on their Comfort

Meet Lisa Hsieh, the Founder & Creative Director at Mien Studios, Inc., a clothing brand that focuses on availability, comfort, and sustainability. Lisa believes that being a minority and a woman is an interesting combination for a small business owner, especially in the apparel industry, where a lot of factory owners are white men. Having […]

Helping Individuals With Financial Planning & Much More

Meet Anjali Jariwala- a financial advisor, CPA, CFP and the Founder of Fit Advisors, a company that helps physicians and business owners with their financial problems. Who knew a mere habit of sharing financial advice with family and friends would make one realize that there was a lack of access to people about personal financial […]

Leveraging The Chat Space To Share Interactive Content With The Consumers

Meet Elissa O’Dell, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Huxly, an online platform that creates interactive content for the brands to be shared in an automated conversation with the audience over messenger. In the new era of digitalization, Elisa O’Dell is trying to share the informative and the right content with the audience through Huxly […]

Making Ice Skating Inclusive by Helping People Transcend all the Barriers

Meet Elizabeth O’Donnell, the Founder and President of Gliding Stars, adaptive Ice Skating Programs for individuals with disabilities. Ms. O’Donnell had the idea to start teaching people with visual impairments to Ice skate, and she began her work when she was just twenty-two years old. From a small group of six students on the ice […]

She Brings Communities Together For A Reason

Meet Lara Smedley- an Event Producer, Entrepreneur & the Founder of Smedley Events, an agency that focuses on community-building through unforgettable experiences.  Ms. Smedley calls herself a serial entrepreneur, owning businesses in the events and tech industries. With over 15 years of event production experience, her passion lies in connecting communities together through meaningful experiences […]

She Has A Creative Solution For Everyone Wanting To Grow Their Business

Meet Elizabeth Mead- Chief Strategic Officer of Hiring & Co-Founder of Tandem Collaborative, a strategic consultancy based in the U.S.  Elizabeth was born and raised in an entrepreneurial-spirited family that defied the general status quo in her society. Like most people, she started her career working for corporates and an agency. For the longest time, […]

This Educator Inspires People to get Educated and Transform their Lives

Meet Stephanie Lyas, an educator, author, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur and former talk show host, and the Director of Field & ESOL Programs at “The Literacy Council”. Because Stephanie has learned to practice self-love, she loves people genuinely. Her passion is to help others reach their full potential by eliminating barriers, especially women and people of […]

Helping People Achieve their Goals by Leading them with her Heart

Meet Erika Migliaccio, the Founder and CEO of Upstream HR Strategies, an organization that expands the bounds of traditional HR with bold ideas and impact. A Career Sherpa, Erika takes leaders and employees by the hand and guides them along the complex path of professional success. She inspires them with the courage, confidence, and skills […]

Promoting Fitness and Wellness through her Unique Towel Brand

Meet Stacy Pierce, the Founder of Work It Towels, an inspirational fitness towel business that contributes to supporting an important non-profit organization.  A self-proclaimed marketing geek, Stacy loves storytelling and creating unique content for the businesses she serves. She is a serial entrepreneur, a former over-extended school volunteer, a self-help and wellness junkie, and a […]

Helping Kids Practice Mindfulness using Inclusive Techniques

Meet Lara Hocheiser, a children’s yoga teacher trainer, an author, and the Founder of Flow and Grow Education, Inc., a company that teaches yoga and mindfulness to young learners. Working in the education sector, Lara brings yoga and mindfulness programming into homes and schools across the globe. She has trained hundreds of professionals and thousands […]

Here’s A Boon For The Agricultural Industry!

Meet Emily Gogol- CEO at Infinite Tree, an organic hemp research and production nursery based in the U.S. If there is one thing that Emily enjoys, it is coming up with creative ideas and creating new things which range from scientific discoveries (thanks to her previous career) to building public parks (through the non-profit she […]

A Therapist who Includes the Family for Complete Healing of Kids

Meet Julianne Neely, the Executive Director of Pediatric Therapy Practice, who helps families understand their child’s unique needs. A woman who wears many hats, Julianne is a therapist, the owner of a private practice, and a mother who is raising two foster-to-adopt kiddos single-handedly! In addition to these full-time jobs, Julianne also likes to do […]

Building Time and Space for Goals and Good Habits to Ensure Productivity

Meet Karthy Chandra, Founder, and CEO at Goalden Hour, a productivity-driven tool that empowers people to bring their goals and good habits to the forefront of their planning process. Karthy founded Goalden Hour in college as a part of her class project while she was a bioengineering student at Cornell University. It was born out […]