Month: August 2023

Awakening Passions: A Journey from Corporate Conformity to Mindful Leadership

Tanya Mittal Tanya Mittal is an ICF certified level 2 life coach. Currently, she is collaborating with two other talented and capable life coaches to build a transformative platform focused on supporting individuals with their relationship challenges, be it with others or with themselves. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us […]

Empowerment Beyond Adversity: A Journey to Influence and Transformation

Ria Story Ria Story is an author, speaker, and leadership trainer helping women learn to increase influence, develop leadership, and maximize results in life both personally and professionally.  She tells us that, “I’m passionate about helping women learn to climb to the next level and beyond using the Ladder of Influence.” What were your initial […]

Cultural Bridge Builder: A Path to Middle East Consulting

Corina Goetz Corina Goetz is the founder of Star-CaT, a 5 star Middle East Consulting and Training company. We help professionals understand the Gulf region better by helping them understand the culture and customs. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative. I grew […]

Trailblazing Thought Leader: A Journey of Courage and Change

Jill Davis Jill Davis tells us that, “I am an innovative Trail Blazing thought leader, a modern day Susan B. Anthony coaching and consulting other high performance individuals into accelerating their success to new heights. I fight the hard battles that have paved the way for others to be able to have an easier path […]

From Global Explorer to Empowerment Coach: An Inspiring Expedition

Karly Christ Karly Christ tells us that, “As a long-term expat (over 15 years in 7 different countries) I have made it my mission to help expat women, personally and professionally, as they navigate this beautiful but challenging global lifestyle. Using my experience working in international development and following my husband’s international career as an […]

From Darkness to Empowerment: A Journey of Healing and Success

Lyndsey Austin Lyndsey Austin tells us that, “For the last 4 years I have run a successful life coach and fitness transformation business in the UK, which specialises in helping clients realise their full potential both professionally and Personally. A career which gives immense satisfaction and personal joy. I started my own transformation journey 6 […]

From Dreams to Reality: Carving a Path in Coaching and Entrepreneurship

Carole Ann Rice Carole Ann Rice, Life Coach, Author, Columnist, is one of the UK’s leading life coaches for over 20 years, coaching actors, models, scientists, CEO’s, start ups and amazing people seeking real change.  She is passionate about training people who want to become world class life coaches and create real wealth from the […]

Revolutionizing Communication for Emerging Leaders: A Journey of Empowerment

Susan Heaton-Wright Susan Heaton-Wright, Founder and CEO of SuperStar Communicator, tells us that, “I am a multi-award winning impact, communications and speaking consultant for emerging leaders. I created the SuperStar Communicator™ methodology empowering clients all over the world. Since March 2020 I have delivered over 1200 virtual workshops to attendees from more than 130 countries […]

Pioneering Coach Empowering Women Leaders to Thrive and Break Barriers

Emma Doyle Meet Emma Doyle, Energizing Coach for High Performance, a dynamic Energy Coach transforming individuals into peak performers. With a background in international high-performance sports and corporate coaching, Emma empowers leaders to unlock energy, purpose, and top-tier results under pressure. As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a […]

Ritika Vasudev’s Journey from Corporate Leadership to Transformational Coaching

Ritika Vasudev Ritika Vasudev is the founder and CEO of SUNDATING WELLNESS, a coaching and wellness platform.  She tells us that, “I am an Internationally certified Mental fitness and relationship wellness coach, NLP coach, Beauty & Wellness global master educator, Energy Healer, International Yoga and Meditation teacher. I discovered SUNDATING technique to tap into the […]

Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed Through Individual and Group Coaching Services

Olga Leemans Olga Leemans is a certified life and business coach for entrepreneurs.  She tells us that, “I live in Belgium, but working online all over the world. With over 15 years of experience in international companies, I’ve supported clients, organized processes, and coordinated operations. My passion for coaching led me to leave my office […]

Empowering Women: A Journey of Career Coaching and Inclusion Advocacy

Candace MacLachlan Candace MacLachlan is a woman currently residing in Montreal where she works in recruitment and diversity & inclusion by day and in career coaching in her spare time. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your professional journey/venture/initiative and what inspired you to choose […]

Helping People Spiritually as a Healer, Guide and Coach to Them

Siobhan M Kelly Siobhan M Kelly is a spiritual healer, guide and coach.  She tells us that, “I am also a professional psychic Tarot reader and psychic medium. I work with two types of clients: Spiritual people who want to live more authentically, but who feel something is holding them back and blocking them from […]

Helping Women Realize the Importance of Financial Literacy and Achieve It

Yeo Minghui Phebe Yeo Minghui Phebe is a Music Professor turned Senior Financial Consultant who is passionate about people.  She tells us that, “I have recognized the importance of financial literacy for women from all walks of life. After all, financial security is the key to creative freedom. I decided to pursue my passion for […]