Month: November 2022

Helping Others Grow, Evolve and Reach their Goals

Juli Geske-Peer Juli Geske-Peer is the founder and president of Peer Performance Solutions, a company focused on leveraging human potential for epic results. Her particular expertise is on facilitating exceptional leadership, clarity and communication skills. With a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and over 20 years of successful consulting and management experience, Juli works […]

The Woman Helping People Become Successful and Achieve All Their Dreams

Claudi Claudi is a mindset coach and author. She helps individuals and companies to improve their lives. She offers coaching programs and one to one coaching. She studied with Bob Proctor who changed her life over a decade ago.  She likes making a nice, positive difference in this world. What were your initial years of […]

Bringing More Awareness, Love and Understanding Through a Mix of Teaching, Self-Help Methods, and Real-Life Experience

Tajana Velikinac Tajana Velikinac, an Empowerment Coach, is passionate about supporting people on their journey. With her knowledge, experiences and intuition she already helps many people to overcome different challenges, like divorce, career, self-esteem, confidence, motivation, relationship, decisions and much more. Her main goal is to teach others more about awareness and self-love. What were […]

The Woman Assisting People, and Being a Positive Catalyst for Change

Carrie Brooks Carrie Brooks is a professional ICF accredited life coach with years of coaching experience. She is also known as an inspirational speaker, author and a regular columnist.  Carrie is known in the industry as the Results Coach. She is passionate about helping people to achieve success and live life to their full potential. […]

Helping People Who Are Overwhelmed, Exhausted, and Want a More Balanced Life

Amy Capello Amy Capello is a Life Balance Strategist, Certified Life Coach, and owner of Pure Joy Life Coaching based in Savannah, GA, USA. She has been professionally coaching powerful individuals since 2019.  Her background is in Biology, but she found her true passion in coaching others as they grow into leading a balanced and […]

The Woman Providing a Holistic Approach to Women’s Business and Career Needs

Lucy Batley Lucy Batley is a branding expert by trade. She owns a tech company and has just launched ALL WOMEN WELCOME which provides a holistic approach to women’s business and career needs by providing leadership development, coaching and support. They want to get uncomfortable, challenge the status quo and make a positive change for […]

The Woman Helping as Many People as Possible to Create Success in their Everyday Lives

Fawzya Khosti Fawzya Khosti, C.HT., M.A.Ed./CI, Ed.D. (abd) has extensive experience working in the field of education. She has worked at Yavapai College, Western Governors University, and United Nations Office of Projects Service (UNOPS) before launching her business in 2016.  Fawzya has helped clients of all ages take on challenges such as autism, dyslexia, asynchronous […]

The Woman Helping Leaders Lead Better and Budding Entrepreneurs Get Their Business Dream Launched

Liz Hamlet Liz Hamlet “The Success Spark” is an internationally known Coach, Strategist, Speaker and Podcaster and, of course, Founder of Spark Succeed Coaching & Consulting.  Named amongst “LinkedIn’s 1000 women who inspire through their work” (2022),  Liz speaks at events, expert panel discussions and global communities – delivering TedX style talks full of beautiful […]

The Woman Focusing on Providing Practical Knowledge on a Wide Range of Topics

Somi Arian Somi Arian is a Tech-Philosopher, Author, Filmmaker, and Entrepreneur, Founder of Smart Cookie Media, a digital marketing agency for thought leadership, and Founder and Managing Director of a platform that is building the “LinkedIn/Masterclass” of Web3 that focuses on providing practical knowledge on a wide range of topics including all things web3, […]

Equipping Entrepreneurs to Become the CEO of their Health and Lifestyle

Aida Cirino Aida Cirino is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Integrative Coach with a passion to equip entrepreneurs who are concerned with their health and lifestyle and at risk or suffering a chronic disease to become the CEO of their health and lifestyle. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about […]

Providing Leadership Development and Executive Coaching for Tech Professionals

Dianne Lowther Dianne Lowther is a Psychology graduate and NLP Master Trainer.  She runs her own training business, Brilliant Minds, offering NLP training, leadership development and executive coaching.  This is her 26th year in business. She works mainly with tech professionals and has developed methods of bringing interpersonal skills training to people who are highly […]

Elevating Guest Experience and Making it Easier for Hoteliers to do Business

Veronika Brazdil Veronika Brazdil is a Slovak-born entrepreneur, who has been living in Spain for the last 9 years. She is passionate about hospitality and technology. She loves to travel and has visited over 50 countries so far. After finishing master’s in computer science, she worked as a web developer in Gibraltar. It was there […]

The Woman Helping Families and Spouses Obtain Child Care

Kayla Corbitt Kayla Corbitt is a mother and advocate who entered military life about a decade ago. Due to frequent relocations and the heavy reliance on spouses to make ends meet for the mission, she turned to the advocacy she knew best. She has assisted families and spouses in obtaining child care for years. Each […]

The Woman Helping People Reclaim Who They Are

Fay Najdi Fay Najdi is a Mindset Coach who helps people live their life on their own terms by freeing them from any limitations and by discovering their life purpose. Tell us about your life before the venture/ leading up to your venture?  I was working at Hermès Middle East, India & Africa handling 50 […]

The Woman Working to Help Others Understand Their Power to Change Their Lives

Demetra Moore Demetra Moore is from South Carolina. She graduated in 2001 from Francis Marion University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.  In 2002 she relocated to Charlotte, NC where she lived for 20 years. During that time, she established an Executive Coaching firm and has been training for 14 years. What were your […]

The Woman on a Mission to Help Driven Women Become the CEOs of their Life and Business

Sabrina Drou Sabrina Drou is the CEO and owner of Sabrina Drou Coaching, more than a high-performance mindset & business strategist. With a combination of tailored mindset coaching and business strategy that gets rapid results, she encourages achievement-oriented women who have been compelled to minimize themselves by social conditioning to reclaim their voice, story, and […]