Month: October 2020

A Fascination For Old Architecture Led Her To Take Up Historic Preservation In Her 30s!

Meet Judith Broeker who specializes in historic preservation, building conservation training, volunteer vacation coordination and is actively working towards protecting cultural heritage with her initiative.     Love can indeed come in different forms to different people and for Judith, her love for historic buildings has taken her all over the world. A bachelor of Asian Studies […]

A Thriving Ghostwriting Career was an Unplanned Offspring for this Research Scholar

Meet Emily Crookston- a ghostwriter for rebels, renegades, and mavericks. She helps busy professionals by writing books, articles, and blog posts for them.  Turning your passion into your profession isn’t easy. Being the founder and decider of all things at The Pocket PhD, Emily partners with individuals and brands to make ‘boring’ or ‘complex’ work […]

Joanne Burke- Sherman

Healing Lives With Holistic Health-Care & Helping People Discover Their Journey

Meet Joanne Burke Sherman,  a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur who is helping people achieve their best-self through nutrition, supplements and mind-body awareness.  Sometimes, life puts you in situations where you are compelled to make decisions that you don’t think of otherwise. Being in a similar scenario, Joanne never thought that interest in holistic […]