A Simple Knack to Observe People Helped this Woman to Launch her Successful Resume Writing Career

Meet Kesha Brown- a mother, serial entrepreneur, a fashion enthusiast from Brooklyn, New York and the founder of Brown Resumes.

After spending 20 years in the corporate world and 3 years on the board of Tomorrow’s Leaders NYC, Kesha’s fetish over helping others succeed and have a long track record of volunteerism led her to start an initiative of her own called Brown Resumes. As the founder and CEO of this powerful organisation, she is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship, writing and leadership, and deeply committed to using her talents and resources to lift others up. 

She started Brown Resumes as a struggling single mother, operating the business out of her home. With very limited cash flow, she had to find creative ways to survive and thrive. As she didn’t have money to invest in marketing campaigns, she started going door to door with good old-fashioned flyers, usually distributing them at night when her daughter would be asleep. She would work around the clock to make all the ends meet and faced a lot of hardships such as eviction and dependency on welfare. Talking about her days of struggle, she says, “My biggest challenge was the lack of continuous cash flow. To address it, I experimented with different marketing tactics and cross-selling services. Family and friends came to my aid when the usual channels of securing business loans failed. I also went at great lengths to keep personal and business expenses as low as possible. However, today I am very thankful for these difficult moments because they taught me gratitude and humility and gave me the drive to pay-it-forward later on.

At present, her company Brown Resumes leverages two decades of resume writing and career coaching expertise to help career enthusiasts quickly secure new employment opportunities, navigate job interviews like a pro and switch gears to land roles aligned with their passions- roles that deliver the meaning and financial impact that her clients desire. She believes that career transitions are stressful and perilous, but they can turn out to be very exciting opportunities for an individual’s overall growth. According to her, this organisation has a proactive HEART for its customers in addition to a solid track record of helping thousands of them breeze over intimidating career hurdles. It offers unique perks and high-quality services today, having garnered over 50 5-star reviews on online search engines. As a socially responsible and mission-driven business, it gives back to the community by providing FREE resume writing, career and business coaching services to its former inmates. 

As she recalls some of her biggest achievements in life, she says, “While a few of my career highlights include leading HR operations for 800+ employees, serving as a non-profit board member, receiving an award for strong leadership and speaking on Business Talk Radio, I am most proud of my response to God’s call to love others. This calling leads me to approach every situation with an eye to the dignity of the people involved. I am also incredibly proud of raising a smart, responsible and loving young lady and of not quitting when the going got tough!” For her, operating from the ‘heart’ rather than financial motives has been the ultimate mantra to build incredible relationships with her customers, some of whom have become her extended family. Apart from this, the only thing that has enabled her to come this far in her career and business reputation is her will to maintain her reputation and dignity- no matter what happens or what lies ahead.