Empowering Working Parents: The Inspirational Journey of a Parenting Coach

Karishma Motiram As a working parent coach, Karishma Motiram helps parents show up powerfully at work, whilst creating the freedom to enjoy their family, with confidence. Her goal is to help working parents understand what balance means to them, identify what could be causing an imbalance and apply tools to take more control of how […]

The Woman Helping Leaders Lead Better and Budding Entrepreneurs Get Their Business Dream Launched

Liz Hamlet Liz Hamlet “The Success Spark” is an internationally known Coach, Strategist, Speaker and Podcaster and, of course, Founder of Spark Succeed Coaching & Consulting.  Named amongst “LinkedIn’s 1000 women who inspire through their work” (2022),  Liz speaks at events, expert panel discussions and global communities – delivering TedX style talks full of beautiful […]

You Can Use Self-Hypnosis as a Daily Tool for Empowerment

Learn from the Best Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher; Jana El Osta Jana El Osta grew up in a charming family in Lebanon. She left at a relatively young age for Dubai in search of career progression. However, to her dismay, she soon began to feel a lot of stress, exhaustion, and an enduring […]

Giving People the True Rest They Need at Work!

Meet Kate Mulligan- CEO of Rest Space, a venture that provides rest rooms and nap pods to people in corporate spaces.  Kate Mulligan is a Computer Science graduate, a ‘Scrum master’ in finance and a workplace wellbeing pioneer. According to her, the link between these three is creativity and people. She is passionate about creating […]

Womanpreneur of the Times Uplifting Many Other Women of the Sphere

Meet the modern social media and ethical sales trainer founder of The Growing Club CIC, networking with her women colleagues, in groups and on a one-to-one basis, who want to grow their business or organisation, whilst maintaining a well-balanced life. Jane Binnion, Founder and Managing Director of The Growing Club CIC says, “As a social […]

Helping Leaders Worldwide Reach Peak Performance and Success

Meet Monica Federico- An Executive Mindset Coach who helps result-driven leaders rediscover career fulfillment & reach peak performance Monica was born in the beautiful city of Rome, Italy 52 years ago and is the eldest of 3 siblings. She, later on, moved to London in 1991 and did many odd jobs in her initial years […]

Serving Patients Remotely With Top-Notch Facilities and Tender Care

Meet Faviola Brugger-Dadis- Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at NeuroReality, a Medtech company that develops VR software for cognitive rehabilitation. Faviola identifies herself as an ambitious and passionate neuroscientist and entrepreneur. Coming from a diverse cultural background and having lived in 9 countries, she has a unique perspective regarding how to solve problems on a […]

When It Doesn’t Go Your Way, Make It Go Your Way

Joanne Burke-Sherman is a visionary entrepreneur. She is the Owner of JBS Holistic Nutrition and the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Dharma Dreams Vocational Center. It was at a moment of distress that Joanne found the courage and inspiration to take charge and make things happen instead of waiting for someone else to do […]

Using The Power of Social Media to Educate People About The Sickle Cell Disease

Meet Cassandra Trimnell, Founder and Executive Director at Sickle Cell 101, a California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that specializes in sickle cell education. Cassandra’s own struggle with Sickle Cell disease inspired her to try to make it easier for others by educating them about the disease. It is a genetic red blood cell disorder wherein there […]

Shaping Brands For The Future With A Hint Of Creativity

Meet Liz Lathan- Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Haute Dokimazo, a creative agency for brands across the world.  Liz identifies herself as a B2B Event Marketer who is passionate about creating profitable relationships through conversations that have the potential to convert. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family surrounded by business associates, she was brought […]