Giving People the True Rest They Need at Work!

Meet Kate Mulligan- CEO of Rest Space, a venture that provides rest rooms and nap pods to people in corporate spaces. 

Kate Mulligan is a Computer Science graduate, a ‘Scrum master’ in finance and a workplace wellbeing pioneer. According to her, the link between these three is creativity and people. She is passionate about creating a better space for people to live their lives by improving the environment around us. At the heart of this is her understanding of people, and her will to consistently learn how to thrive and find creative ways to align our environment to enable us to thrive.

It was during her career in tech at a big finance firm when she got shocked at the lack of spaces to rest in working environments. She thought that it should be a no-brainer for organisations as it improves productivity and creativity, and reduces incidents. 

At a previous job, she found that most employees were searching for places to nap, often resorting to the toilets or their car. Seeing them, she soon felt having a space to rest at work should be the norm,” she says.

With the mission to create healthier work environments and enable people to be their best during the day, she set up Rest Space with her co-founder Supa Chantschool. Together, they design eco conscious beautiful rest spaces (nap pods). Their motto is to bring happier, healthier and more productive employees. 

The Rest Space gives employees the downtime they need to remain productive throughout the day. It does it by offering a practical solution to improve health and wellbeing at workplaces, whilst tackling the stigma of rest by helping people learn more about their sleep.

What makes Kate delighted is the wonderful set of reviews she receives from her customers. She recalls having a review from a new mother who said having a rest space in her office meant she didn’t have to choose between the health of her child or her business- which was a haven for her!

Running this business has allowed Kate to really practice what she preaches to improve her own wellbeing. She believes that a large part of people’s days’ are filled with unconscious decisions that may not align to where they see themselves or what they truly feel. “A good place to start this reflection is with a well-rested mind. And we give you just that!” she says.