Month: July 2022

Giving Women a Platform to Share Their Personal Stories and Talk About Their Business

Ilene Carol Ilene Carol is the CEO of ICE Media Entertainment and Publisher of Women’s Quarterly Magazine. For over 20 years, she has helped authors, professional athletes, entertainers, small businesses, and non-profits maximize their potential growth using proven marketing strategies. Her company has worked with several colleges to prepare students to work within a corporate […]

Jana Green – An Inspiration and Your Personal Success Mentor!

Let us take you on a journey of Jana Green – the woman who has inspired many through her journey and is already serving thousands of people across the globe! Jana is an inspiring entrepreneur who is helping others thrive in their businesses. In the past few decades, she excelled in her career in marketing […]

Empowering Women to Take Control of their Privacy and Independence

Funmi Lawal Funmi Lawal, Entrepreneur, Founder &CEO, was born in the UK, and grew up in Nigeria. Graduated at 19 with a BSc in Economics, and later attended the London School of Economics, she gained a MSc in Admis.  She worked in the UK civil service for 10 years, then moved to Dubai, and worked […]

Creating a New Generation of Cross-Border Infrastructure

Arina Anapolskaya Arina Anapolskaya, Co-Founder/COO, is an experienced FinTech professional skilled in product design, negotiation, marketing, and team building. She has also been featured in NASDAQ, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, FOX Business News Innovators, IMTC, Liquid LunchTV News Max KRONN.  Tell us about your life before the venture/ leading up to your venture? To be honest, […]

The Woman With a Mission to Empower People to Live Healthier and Happier Lives

Angela Zeng Angela Zeng is not the typical entrepreneur in the beverage industry. Her passion for natural healing is rooted in her strong belief in traditional Chinese medicine and herbal sciences. After completing her undergraduate degree in biochemistry, Zeng moved to the United States where she completed her Ph.D. in Pathology, her MBA degree from […]

Making a Positive Difference by Helping Leaders Improve Their Organization’s Financial Sustainability and Strengthen Their Work

Rebecca White Rebecca White, a Nonprofit Consultant, has over two decades of experience in developing and growing successful nonprofit programs. She now helps nonprofit leaders demystify and simplify the strategic process, grow capacity, and significantly improves resource development. What were your initial years of growing up like?  While I was born in the US, we […]

Supporting Leaders Increase their Confidence, Lead More Effectively, Learn New Leadership Skills and Achieve Brain-Friendly Peak Performance

Rachel Bamber Rachel Bamber, an Executive Coach, International Speaker, Author and Trainer, is an expert in using powerful, brain-friendly strategies to deliver peak performance. She helps people to work with their brain to get what they want – faster and with zero stress. Her pioneering adventurers include people in the public eye, elite sport, corporate […]

She is Using Her Passion for Technology to Bring About an Impact at Both Societal and Business Levels

Sylvia Mukasa Sylvia Mukasa, the Founder/CEO of GlobalX Investments Ltd/GlobalX Innovation Labs, is an award-winning entrepreneur focusing on emerging technologies. Her company GlobalX feeds into the innovation pipeline by closing the skills, funding and digital transformation gaps. In 2015, she earned a special mention at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) closing speech by Maria Contreras-Sweet, […]

Her Healing Journey is an Elixir for the Suffering Soul

Lindsey is the Founder and CEO of OWL (One Whole Life) Venice, a broth elixir company based in Los Angeles. While Lindsey’s background lies in digital marketing, her love for food and all things wellness inspired her to create ‘bone broth’ for her own healing. Once she realized the magic of her broth after healing […]

Building a Community with the Purpose of Helping Raise Awareness about Women’s Healthcare Needs Across Asia

Lindsay Davis Lindsay Davis is Cofounder of the FemTech Association of Asia (FAA), the region’s first industry network for FemTech founders, professionals, investors and enthusiasts uniting to improve women’s health through technology solutions. In 2022, FAA was recognised as a Finalist in Business Inclusivity at the Global Inclusion Online Forum.  Lindsay is the authority on […]

The Woman Who is Empowering People From all Walks of Life

Natasha Fernandes Natasha Fernandes is someone who leads from her heart, aims for the sky and has her feet firmly on the ground. She is a Clinical Psychologist, Certified Organizational Development, Wellness and Empowerment Coach. She coaches individuals and helps start up organizations achieve their dreams and create an empowered life of their choice.  She […]

The Woman on a Mission to Help Make Families’ Relationship with Food Easier

Jennifer House Jennifer House, MSc, RD (Registered Dietitian), is a registered dietitian and owner of First Step Nutrition in Alberta, Canada. She has three children and has been running her business for 15 years. Her mission is to help make feeding families easier! She wants to decrease dinner time battles for families and help parents […]

The Woman Who Helps Small Business Entrepreneurs Grow With Focus and Intention

Jackie Nagel Jackie Nagel is a coach to small business entrepreneurs. She helps them achieve strategic clarity and focus to grow their businesses with intention. Tell us about your life before the venture/ leading up to your venture? I’ve had three (3) professions throughout my career – nursing, sales, and business coaching. Although they are […]

The Woman Who Dared to Leave Academia to Pursue Her Calling and is Now Healing the World

Dr. Susanna Wu-Pong Calvert Following a 26-year career in higher education, Dr. Susanna Wu-Pong Calvert, MAPP, PhD became the Founder and Executive Director of a 501(c)3 nonprofit, the Foundation for Family and Community Healing ( She has published almost 100 journal articles, books, and book chapters, and has written hundreds of blogs for Psychology Today, […]