Jana Green – An Inspiration and Your Personal Success Mentor!

Let us take you on a journey of Jana Green – the woman who has inspired many through her journey and is already serving thousands of people across the globe!

Jana is an inspiring entrepreneur who is helping others thrive in their businesses. In the past few decades, she excelled in her career in marketing and advertising in several global companies. Having a profound background work with brands like Saatchi &Saatchi, McCann Erickson, she is immensely knowledgeable, and now, shares her knowledge with the world. 

Jana owned several businesses of her own in international headhunting. She knows the in and out of the flow chart – the success, the failures, the obstacles, media presence, and majorly, the mindset! 

Jana is now an award winning international success coach and mentor, who specialises majorly in formulating a scientific method, and curates a success ladder to hold on to. She has tested systems that are modified according to various processes and this boosts people’s personal and professional growth. 

She has been featured in CNN, international magazines and is also a published author. Her experiences don’t stop just, she has also been a part of an expert panel in the USA with some of the world’s coaching royalty. Today, her speeches are watched in over 100 countries.

Speak about a Success Goddess, she’s the one. 

Her clients have  achieved a boost in their health, relationships, business, finance and much more. All her clients are exclusive and international VIPs. 

Jana and her team specialise in delivering super fast irreversible changes in the client’s relationships, business, growth, etc. Here’s what Kirsty B., a Psychologist from Australia and one of her clients has to say about her:

 Jana was able to accomplish with me in only 3 hours what I have spent decades trying to achieve with other experts and professionals. She identified all the blocks standing in the way of me having all my dreams fulfilled. She helped me in the shortest time start turning them all around so I easily and effortlessly began to create the life I had always desired. Jana Green is truly a Superstar! 

Life changes when you begins a venture. It changes when you embrace your true purpose, your calling and work on the betterment of not just yourself but others too. Jana’s life too, transformed drastically when she took a leap of faith and pursued her life’s purpose. She changes thousands of people’s lives on a daily basis. Watching their growth and accomplishments is one of the few things that inspire her to help more people thrive. 

A legend as she lives, Jana says – “Everyone can be happy and everyone can have anything they desire. Nothing is impossible when you know how to make it happen”

So what are you waiting for? 

Get started with your goals. Believe. Work. Thrive and help others repeat this mantra. Until then, spread love and plan your dreams into actions!

Connect and know more about Jana Green at:
TikTok: @janagreencoaching
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