Making Lives Matter In This Tough, Competitive World

Meet Angela Maiers- Educator, Change-maker and founder of Choose2Matter, an organization that motivates people to make the ‘mattering’ of themselves an important priority.  Angela dons many hats- she is a leader, visionary, entrepreneur, disruptor, and change-maker. She embodies each of these descriptors with passion, commitment and fierce determination. She has been creating and leading change […]

Building an Innovative Destination for the Next Generation of World Leaders

Meet Sally Kimangu- CEO at Destination Imagination (DI), a global educational organization dedicated to inspiring the next generation of innovators, leaders and creative problem solvers. Sally is an Edtech social entrepreneur with over two decades of experience with a passion and dedication to implementing STEAM /EDTECH projects in Africa. For her, this current drive has […]

A Yogic Miracle For Children With Special Needs

Meet the Founder and Director of Special Yoga, Jyoti Jo Manuel, a world leader who trains  children with special needs therapeutic yoga and other practices. Jyoti Jo Manuel is the founder and director of Special Yoga. For over 30 years, she has been working with children with special needs around the world and training and […]

Teaching People to Love and Trust Their Authentic True Self

Meet Beth Hope- Founder and Executive Coach at & hope, who helps her clients have a confident personality with a constructive approach towards life situations. Beth is an Executive Coach who helps you boost your authentic confidence and strengthen your constructive mindset. She has a deep understanding of human behavior, motivation and limiting beliefs that […]

The LIFO Practitioner Behind the Synergy in Better Performing Teams and Mastery of Excellence

Being a Founding Partner of LIFO and Senior International Trainer, Bernadette Deitmers loves to coach and motivate people, and teams to perform on a higher level with collaboration and personal effectiveness through Face-to-face (on-site) & Online sessions. She expertises in Communication, Collaboration, Personal Leadership, Personal Branding. Bernadette was born and raised in a small village […]

Taking A “Whole-istic” Approach To Support Businesses and Individuals

Meet Pamela Morgan, a Business Coach and CEO & Founder at Key Instincts, a collaborative company that brings purpose, health, and wellness to your progressive corporate structure through a “whole-istic” approach. After a 22 years-long stint as an executive for a major global fashion retailer, Pamela Morgan decided to take a step towards starting her […]

Transforming Lives for Growth With Conscious Practices

Meet Bhavya Arora- Executive, Life & Growth Coach and Founder of Forward Focus London, who provides help to Professional Men & Women, Independent Business Owners & Coaches Advance in their Careers & Improve their Personal Growth Skills with her simple, proven 3 month Quantum Leap Formula [QLF]  & The Power Hour programs. Around 2014, she […]

Making An Impact On Human Wellbeing Through A Innovative Restroom Experience

Meet Mariëlle Romeijn, Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer at ONE HUNDRED restrooms, a service allowing people to take a toilet break as a 5-minute well-being boost, a moment to relax and recover. Mariëlle Romeijn is a brand evangelist on a mission to connect brands with people and change the world by making people’s lives easier and […]

Using a Human Rights Approach To Find Effective Solutions For International Development

Meet Beatrice Maneshi, Founder of Catalystas Consulting an EU-based internationally focused private consulting firm dedicated to providing tailor-made solutions to problems.  Beatrice Maneshi is an Iranian-American feminist founder of Catalystas Consulting where she and her team uses a human rights approach to support programs and projects that help improve the state of the world. They […]

She Who Reminds of The Ones Forgotten

Erika Gaffney, the founder of Art Herstory, has undertaken a very noble and essential responsibility on her shoulders. With her company, the Art Herstory, she recognizes and celebrates the contributions of women artists throughout history. It helps her to make the art historical record more complete and provides women artists a lineage. 

Creating an all-inclusive safe place for people with corporate experience

Esther Hofstede- Founder, Consultant & Trainer Employee Volunteer at Together For, an NGO network that brings together the capacity, time and talents of corporate volunteers. Young Esther was just 17 when she went on an exchange program for a year to California, USA and stayed with a family there. Her brilliant talent in playing tennis […]

Assisting Government and Multilateral Organizations in Making Effective Use of Data

Meet Andrea Ulrich, Deputy Director Of Operations at Development Gateway, a nonprofit that provides data and digital solutions for international development.  A bioengineering graduate, Andrea Ulrich followed her parents’ footsteps, but in a slightly different way. She went to Rice University in Texas to attend a program called Rice 360, an engineering field for limited-resource […]