Month: June 2021

Providing A Safe Refuge For Girls In West Africa To Live, Learn and Work

Meet Courtney Bullard, Co-Founder and Executive Director at The Pearl House Academy, a non-profit that provides physical care, emotional support, spiritual development, and life-changing academic/vocational opportunities to girls in Ghana.  A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Courtney Bullard leapt faith when she decided to bring light to the lives of several vulnerable girls in a faraway […]

Transforming the Way this World Perceives Education

Meet Mary Wenstrom- Education & Chief Impact Officer at Pilina Education Alliance, a high school learning program in Hawaii Growing up on a small farm in Minnesota, Mary’s childhood was spent playing sports and helping her family out on the farm. Little did she know that she will be spending most of her later life […]

Making a Mark in the Fitness and Wellness Industry

Meet Jessica Fuller, Business Owner, and CEO at The Hot Yoga Spot, a premier hot yoga and barre fitness facility based in the state of New York.  Jessica Fuller founded The Hot Yoga Spot as a 22-year-old over a decade ago. She wanted to teach people yoga, help them, and do something for the community […]

Helping People and Businesses Manage Their Insurance-related Issues

Meet Darlyn McDermott, an insurance industry professional, market leader, entrepreneur, and a mentor who is also interested in manufacturing and technical-aspect of the industry.  If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. -Marc Anthony These words perfectly explain Darlyn McDermott’s 27-year-old career. She is an exceptional insurance and financial […]

She Creates Bespoke Interiors That Reflect Your Personality

Meet Claudia Juestel- an Interior Designer & Galerist and founder of Adeeni Design Group, an interior design firm that operates across countries.   Born and brought up in Austria into a family of artists, musicians and hoteliers, Claudia found herself immersed in the family business at an early age. After graduating with an Honors degree from […]

Now Move From One Place To Another Smartly!

Meet Lindsay Curtis- CEO of A SMART MOVE, a company that rents moving boxes and offers packing, organizing & moving specialists. Lindsay identifies herself as a wife and mother of three, who moved to San Diego in California from the United Kingdom in 2008 and still has the accent to prove it. She loves living […]

Helping People Find their Faith and Build Interpersonal Connections

Meet Candice Joiner, Involvement Director at Vintage Church in Los Angeles, a community rooted in the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ.  Candice Joiner gave up her career in media and television when she found her calling in working for the church community. Born and bred in Canada, Candice loves travelling and exploring different cultures. She […]

This Entrepreneur is Helping Business Owners Find a Work-Life Balance

Meet Danielle Drew, a speaker, trainer, coach who teaches people systems to achieve the LIFESTYLE they want – not just goals – including how to overcome challenges, identify key focus areas and maximize productivity. Danielle started her professional journey in the widely male-dominated IT industry, where she was the only woman under 25 working in […]

What Defines Us Is How Well We Rise After Falling

Meet Danielle Summers, Vice President at Soundstripe, a company dedicated to making incredible music available to video content creatives. Danielle Summers had a huge turning point in her life a few years ago when she lost her job and was broken up within the same week. It was the lowest phase for her, something she […]

Bridging the Educational Gap in the Rural Communities of Latin America

Meet Kristin Van Busum, Founder of Project Alianza, a woman-led 501(c)(3) social enterprise that provides education for children living on remote farms in Latin America. Growing up in a small town in Indiana with a homogenous culture, Kristin barely got to know about the world outside. Going to college was a privilege, and traveling abroad […]

Maintaining Work-Life Balance Whilst Helping Others Achieve Financial Freedom

Meet Cassandra Adams, Accounting Clerk at YMCA of Greater Michiana, a non-profit organization whose mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. Cassandra Adams is a full-time working mother of three who is doing an excellent job balancing work and family. A superhuman […]

Inciting Social Change Through Arts and Education

Meet Pamela Sackett, Principal Artist & Founder of Emotion Literacy Advocates, an arts-based, non-profit organization that creates and produces learning tools incorporating language and visual arts, theatre, music, and science to address cultural and environmental issues for self and social awareness. Pamela Sackett is a real powerhouse of talent—a multi-disciplinary writer, teaching artist, and performer presenting original […]

It’s Never Too Late To Pursue Your Dreams

Meet Sylvia Lemus, Executive Vice President at Southwest Riverside County Association of Realtors, a freelance songwriter, singer, public speaker, and facilitator.  How many times have we passed up on an opportunity because we felt we weren’t good enough? Happens to the best of us, right? Sylvia Lemus lived with this feeling for a major part […]

Ditching Traditional Tourism for a Fun & Creative Ride

Meet Hillary Marzec- Owner & Tour Guide at Inside Chicago Walking Tours, an interior architecture walking tour company based in Chicago. Hillary has played multiple roles in her life- she is an award-winning tour guide, business owner, teacher, content creator, website designer, PR rep, SEO manager…and the list is endless. She dons all these hats […]

She Manages Finance for a Cause- by Celebrating Corn in Every Form & Kind!

Meet Whitney Michelle Stephens- Accounting Manager & Director of Finance at National Corn Growers Association, based in the United States. Whitney identifies herself as a driven, self-motivated, record-breaking entrepreneur in the world of finance. As a single mom of three, she knows what it takes to keep a “well-organized ship running”, while never losing focus […]

Providing a Safe Haven For Adults with Disabilities

Meet Susan Rose Onan-Swartz, Executive Director at Brickways, a Michigan-based 501c3 non-profit corporation serving adults with disabilities.  Born in Lapeer, Michigan in a working-class family, Susan wrote her own destiny despite the challenges she faced all her life. School was hard and so was home. Getting married right after high school put a hold on […]