Month: April 2023

Driving Growth for Tech Companies From Start-Ups to Global Titans

Helen Yu Helen Yu is the Founder of Tigon Advisory Corp.  She drives growth for tech companies from start-ups to global titans like Oracle and Adobe, and helps CEOs achieve multibillion-dollar revenue growth and record profitability. She’s a board advisor to fast-growth SaaS companies and is on the board of the Global Cybersecurity Association.  She’s […]

The Woman Offering New Leading Movements in Overall Well-Being

Roos-Veerle Krijnen Roos-Veerle Krijnen is the Founder Naked Truth Retreats & Transformational Health Guide. Her first business was a yoga school, her second a Retreat center in the heart of Amsterdam and now her 3rd is Naked Truth Retreats, where she offer new leading movements in overall wellbeing through working with psychedelics (truffles are legal […]

Working With Organizations Globally to Implement Spiritual Coaching Into Their Business

Moëra Saule Moëra Saule is a professional Coach, Master Certified by the ICF (over 3000hours). She works internationally mainly with organizations to implement spiritual coaching into their business, so they create a value based management style organization and with professionals from the personal development field to improve their practice (healers, coaches, yoga teachers, aromatherapists, interior […]

Enabling People ‘Rewild’ Themselves by Helping Them Shed the Baggage They’ve Picked Up From a Lifetime of Expectations

Katie Newman Katie Newman, Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching and certified NLP Practitioner through The Coaching Academy, lives in Winchester with her husband Tim and their 2 children.  She says that,  “I love being outside, eating cheese and am curiously good at hula-hooping. I’m a professional coach and the founder of Rewilders.”  Rewilders helps people […]

The Woman Running Networking Groups and Supporting Women in Need

Dawn Roberts Dawn Roberts, a PhD in Textiles, lives in NW England and runs 3 networking groups for Unique Ladies Ltd.  She is 57 years old, married woman with no children. She also used to be a professional bodybuilder. Dawn has worked in the textile industry as a technologist from towels to glamorous underwear but […]

Providing a Multimedia Digital Experience for Small Businesses

Zondra Evans Zondra Evans is the Founder of Zondra TV Network and the Executive Producer of many shows found on the Dallas based network. Zondra TV is a Multiple International Award-Winning TV Network with a global reach of 350 Million Homes worldwide.  Zondra TV Network touts itself as an affordable global marketing and advertising company […]

Supporting the Holistic Development of Young Men Through Mentorship, Scholarships, and Technology

Jade Tinner Jade Tinner is affectionately known as “The Brand Enhancer,” and considers herself as an influential millennial leader, commUNITY advocate, and relationship cultivator. She is the Founder and Executive Director of the One Unified Resource Foundation, Inc., a globally recognized 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the holistic development of young men through mentorship, […]

Helping Professional Women Stuck in Career and/or Life Gain Clarity & Confidence

Mihaela Anca Mihaela Anca is an internationally accredited Mindset coach NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, International Speaker and Writer. Economist by profession, living and working in different fields of activity, in 3 countries, I found myself stuck in a career that was making me feel unfulfilled and unhappy with the robotic life I was living!  […]

The Woman Empowering High-Performing Professionals to be Next-Generation Leaders

Dr. Tina Persson Dr. Tina Persson is an ICF Certified Career, Leadership & Team Coach aiming to empower and support high-performing professionals to be next-generation leaders and support them for long-term business success. Her professional background is a blend of the academy (Ass. Prof) and 8 years in the corporate world as a headhunter, consultant, […]

The Woman Creating More Learning Spaces for Young People

Carolyn Baguma Allen Carolyn Baguma Allen is a learning architect and the Founder of Amulinde Consulting. She has been working in the leadership and development and inclusion space for over 10 years, working as Consultant, Director, Strategist and Facilitator. She considers herself a multipotentialite because she wears many hats, including Researcher, Mentor and Artist. Throughout […]

Helping Women Find Their Own Path, Their Own Space, and Their Own Voice

Angelica Fuentes Angelica Fuentes is a mom, a business-woman, an impact investor and a fierce women’s rights advocate. Throughout her career, she has fully embraced the mission of promoting gender equality, engaging in numerous efforts to increase opportunities for women through implementation of policies within her own companies, impact investments, and participation in organizations and […]

Helping People Develop Strengths and Power to Overcome Life and Work Challenges

Juliana Owen Juliana Owen is a Life & Career Coach, passionate about personal and professional development. She works with individuals who are looking to build the best version of themselves through self-knowledge, expanding consciousness and identifying areas of improvement. She says that, “We can only grow if we understand how we position ourselves in the […]

Helping Women of All Races With 100% Risk-Free Alternatives to Hair Loss

Layah Jarman Layah Jarman is Ms. Colorado All World Beauties & Owner of Versatile Quality Hair LLC. VQH is a thriving company that has dedicated its time to helping women of all races with 100% risk-free alternatives to hair loss.  Layah offers not only a high-quality product but a service that follows a woman throughout […]

Provide Jobs, Leadership, and Business Opportunities for Women

Robin Rise Robin has over three decades of experience as a Clinical Psychologist, Executive Coach, neuroscientist and brain optimization expert, successful business woman, and now is finally bringing Woman Optimized, her dream and legacy company to change the way women get their needs and wants met in a socially and environmentally conscious way.  She is […]

Helping Women Build Financial Confidence and Wealth

Laura Moore Laura Moore is a Money Mindset Expert and Financial Wellbeing speaker helping women to feel good about money, build financial confidence, and build wealth. She hosts a podcast called Mind Money Soul tackling the emotional, practical and spiritual sides of money and her mission is to help people learn how to use money […]

Helping Women With a Safe Space to Talk Through Their Experiences

Lynda M. Clarke Lynda M. Clarke, an author, mentor, and businessperson, has used her traumatic experience with domestic violence to drive her towards a new life of strength. Lynda earned her MBA in Strategic Management from Sacred Heart University. Her professional experience includes working on Wall Street, media, and financial industries, as well as education, […]

Supporting Women Who Code as the Individual Giving Manager

Molly Devine Molly Devine is a nonprofit professional currently supporting Women Who Code as the Individual Giving Manager. She has a passion for building relationships. Her expertise centers on communication best practices and strategic planning to garner philanthropic stewardship. When she’s not working, she enjoys exploring her creative side through baking, crafting, and art, and […]

Helping Clients Achieve Fast, Sustainable, and Intelligent Weight Loss Without Dieting

Selen Gulbahce Selen Gulbahce is a nutrition and lifestyle coach, entrepreneur, a former computer engineer, originally from the Aegean Mediterranean part of Turkey. She lives in London and helps her clients achieve fast, sustainable weight loss and overall well-being without dieting using her unique nutrition method The Alka-Terranean Method™ Her coaching business started as a […]

Empowering Coaches and Visionary Entrepreneurs Unleash their Purpose and Vision, and Stand Out in their Ideal Niche

Spring Zheng Abundance Thought Leadership Coach Spring Zheng started coaching practice in 2009. From a Fortune 100 company’s performance director to an entrepreneur and coach, Spring has experienced many profound transformations. She is a #1 Amazon best-selling author and award-winning transformational speaker. Spring is empowering coaches and visionary entrepreneurs to unleash their purpose and vision, […]

Enabling People to Bring the Best of Who They Are

Olivia Hosie Olivia Hosie, a CEO and Founder, is a passionate, highly energised, empathetic 44 year old mother, athlete, business owner, coach, daughter, friend and sister. Tell us about your life before the venture/ leading up to your venture? More than 20 years experience in the broader People & Culture space within some of the […]

The Woman Empowering All Marginalised Gender Entrepreneurs Who Are Neurodivergent or Have Disabilities

Jennifer Cairns Jennifer is the Founder of Rebel World LTD and the Lady Rebel Club® movement, that empowers, encourages, advocates for, and elevates women and all marginalised gender entrepreneurs who are neurodivergent or have disabilities.  Being neurodivergent and having several disabilities, including Fibromyalgia, GAD, CPTSD and rare blood cancer, Jennifer knows how high the hurdles […]

Helping Women Overcome and Refocus Through Mindset Shifts

Sasa Evans Sasa Evans is a certified life coach. She has an interest in supporting women with mindset shifts because she believes that shifting one’s mindset is the key ingredient to achieving desired goals. She believes women have had a row deal all their lives and her desire is to help them be lifted from […]