Month: September 2021

Using Storytelling and Visual Imagery To Bridge the Gaps in the Media World

Meet Doris Hobbs, Founder at Rich in Love, Keynote speaker and host at Dose of Doris, and PR & Media Specialist who is supporting start-up brands and businesses to enhance their reputation as an accessible luxury brand.  Doris Hobbs is a San Francisco Bay Area’s luxury liaison with 15 years of integrated marketing experience across […]

Creating A Welcoming and Accessible System of Care For People With Mental Illnesses

Meet Jill Atkinson, a Colorado-based clinical psychologist who works to serve the mentally ill and underserved population.  Jill Atkinson is a true embodiment of love, care, and perseverance, having dedicated her life to serving patients suffering from chronic mental illness. Atkinson, a clinical psychologist by trade, earned her Ph.D. with the same goal in mind. […]

Ensuring Adequate Support and Resources for Students and Teachers

Meet Jeannine King, Director of Student Support at Bronx Community Charter School, a small learning community founded on the principle that children learn best when they are active participants in their own learning.  Jeannine King has been an educator for the last 21 years and is working each day to ensure better education for her […]

Partnering Up with Companies To Build Real Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces

Meet Tricia Driver, Founder, and CEO at A New Normal, an organization that helps businesses achieve the benefits of an inclusive culture; and facilitates the creation of environments that allow employees to bring their full selves to work. In the fast-paced and unequal world we live in today, diversity and inclusion have become the need […]

Bringing Entrepreneurs and Investors Together To Build Successful Businesses

Meet Tsvetelina Zapryanova, Chief Commercial Officer and Partner at InvestorConnected, a platform that brings SMEs and funders together, helping them to combine resources and build successful businesses. A commercial director by trade, Tsvetelina Zapryanova has led several teams in different sectors in the earlier stages of her career before pivoting to the tech sector. Over […]

Serving Patients Remotely With Top-Notch Facilities and Tender Care

Meet Faviola Brugger-Dadis- Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at NeuroReality, a Medtech company that develops VR software for cognitive rehabilitation. Faviola identifies herself as an ambitious and passionate neuroscientist and entrepreneur. Coming from a diverse cultural background and having lived in 9 countries, she has a unique perspective regarding how to solve problems on a […]

Helping Organizations and Employees Succeed Through Viable HR Solutions

Meet Dr. Melanie Peacock, Sole Proprietor at Double M Training & Consulting, a boutique Human Resources consultancy focused on taking organizations’ Human Resource outcomes to the next level With 30 years of experience in human resources, Dr. Melanie Peacock is working to improve the HR outcomes of organizations through solutions, workshops, and presentations offered by […]

From Uganda To Norway: Taking Unconventional Paths and Winning Against All Odds

Winifred Johansen is an engineer, business strategist, executive and leadership researcher, and Senior Vice President at Quantafuel. Born in Uganda, she migrated to Norway at 16 and has lived in and worked in several countries ever since. Even as a female immigrant, Johansen was never afraid to go against the traditional structure and work in the heavily […]

Creating An Equal World By Ensuring Workplace Safety and Decent Wages

Meet Ilona Mooney, CEO at Work Ahead, an organization that helps companies advance social sustainability and impact with intuitive and friendly video surveys. In the quest of solving the problems that the world faces, Ilona Mooney became an engineer, only to find out that her lessons were focused on the developed parts of the world. […]

Make the Choices That Feel Right For You

Meet Sirkku Huisko, Chief Operating Officer at Lunden Architecture Company, a Helsinki-based architecture office focused on contemporary challenges of housing, cities, and their development + innovations of building technology.  From working in low-standing positions to making her way to become a leader, Sirkku Huisko’s career trajectory is as inspiring as it can get. She started […]

Making a difference in the business world with smart solutions

Meet Hana Colakovic- CEO & Entrepreneur at Svippin, a tech venture that delivers software solutions (app, web and system) for clients across the world. Hana describes herself as a curious and hardworking woman who is making her own path in life. She loves challenges- you will always find her looking for new ways to evolve […]

Creating a professional and productive space for aspiring board members

Meet Elise Perraud- Chief Operations Officer at NEDonBoard, a professional membership and development body for non-executive directors and board members. Elise grew up in a caring and loving environment in the West of France. After studying in Paris and moving to London when she was 24, she secured a place in the graduate training programme […]

This Trainer Is Using Animal Behavior Science To Help Aggressive Dogs

Meet Elaine McKean Berg, Owner at Golden Rule Dog Training, an organization that provides in-house pet dog training based on animal behavior science. Like humans, animals too understand the language of love and at times more than us. Elaine McKean Berg, the founder of Golden Rule Dog Training herself had an aggressive dog, whom she […]

Opportunities Are Created By Those Who Taste The Win

Opportunities Are Created By Those Who Taste The Win    Emily-Jane Price, the Chief Operating Officer of the British Franchise Association, is an ambitious business woman who made her way through life. Emily did not have it all served to her on a platter. In fact, it was quite the contrary. She fought her share […]

When It Doesn’t Go Your Way, Make It Go Your Way

Joanne Burke-Sherman is a visionary entrepreneur. She is the Owner of JBS Holistic Nutrition and the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Dharma Dreams Vocational Center. It was at a moment of distress that Joanne found the courage and inspiration to take charge and make things happen instead of waiting for someone else to do […]

Using The Power of Social Media to Educate People About The Sickle Cell Disease

Meet Cassandra Trimnell, Founder and Executive Director at Sickle Cell 101, a California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that specializes in sickle cell education. Cassandra’s own struggle with Sickle Cell disease inspired her to try to make it easier for others by educating them about the disease. It is a genetic red blood cell disorder wherein there […]

Opportunities Are Created By Those Who Taste The Win

Emily-Jane Price, the Chief Operating Officer of the British Franchise Association, is an ambitious business woman who made her way through life. Emily did not have it all served to her on a platter. In fact, it was quite the contrary. She fought her share of battles, overcame her fears, created sustainable opportunities for herself […]

Her Knack for Writing Has Given Jobs to Thousands of People!

Meet Krista Morris- A professional resume writer & consultant who helps people in getting employment from all over the world. Krista started her career in social services where she was helping people, primarily women, in making them independent from being dependent upon welfare funds in the United States to being self-sufficient and taking care of […]

Making An Impact On Human Wellbeing Through A Innovative Restroom Experience

Meet Mariëlle Romeijn, Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer at ONE HUNDRED restrooms, a service allowing people to take a toilet break as a 5-minute well-being boost, a moment to relax and recover. Mariëlle Romeijn is a brand evangelist on a mission to connect brands with people and change the world by making people’s lives easier and […]

Helping Individuals And Companies Neutralise Their Waste Impact

Meet Sabrina Viitasaari, Co-Founder at Nu Cycle, an organization that enables waste negative technology solutions around the world through a simple, transparent waste offset service. A technology business professional, an international law graduate, and a marine biologist walk into a room and devise a viable solution to the world’s waste problem that has been plaguing […]

Empowering Working Professionals To Take Control of Their Workday Health

Meet Lucy Griffith, Founder at Thrive At Work, wellbeing at work specialist who helps boost employees’ workday energy, stress-resilience, and productivity.  We are living in a world that has been promoting hustle culture now more than ever. As a result, many of us are struggling to prioritize our physical and mental health over work. This […]

Providing a ray of hope to those who can’t afford it

Meet Jaclyn Pederson – Founder and CEO at Feeding Matters, an NGO uniting the concerns of needful families with leading advocates, experts and healthcare professionals. Jaclyn’s mission statement is: ‘To lead with empathy, integrity, and service to influence systems and impact underserved and vulnerable populations.’ This mission statement guides her in her personal life with […]

Blending Creativity With Mindfulness To Relax and Find Inner Peace

Meet Suzanne Thee, an entrepreneur and founder at Unwindle, an App to teach people the joy of relaxing through creative activities such as painting and drawing. Working as a banker in the Netherlands for five years, Suzanne Thee had a pretty mundane life. Like most millennials, she wanted to climb up the corporate ladder and […]

What You Do Today Matters!

We are all privy to the problems of the systems. Seldom do we take charge to uproot those problems and establish a cleaner system for a sustainable tomorrow. Well, Gunilla is clearly not someone who’d sit back and let things fall in place with impurities. No wonder why this confident and courageous woman did and […]

If She Can Do It, So Can You

We have all read of people who have attained success. The definition of success, however, stands different for most who have apparently attained it. Emma Bara, the Co-founder of WeCanAccess, is one such woman who’ll surprise you through her journey to success.  Emma is a professional with over 25 years’ experience in the field of […]

Success Is A Byproduct of Consistency

Christine James is the CEO & Founder of Blick Shared Studios, a network of social enterprise creative workspaces in Belfast Northern Ireland. She is a woman who dawns from the fashion world and yet has created a legacy of serial entrepreneurship simply through her brilliance. But what transformed her career for the best was her […]