Meet Lonneke Mulder, Co-founder & Marketing Olive Oil Officer at Olivery, a company producing and delivering the best Italian olive oil.

From the world of fashion to that of food, Lonneke Mulder has been proving her worth day in and day out. She is always looking for innovations and new concepts. She loves what food can do to the human body and its power to heal the body and mind. Owing to this, she started Olivery around two years ago. Growing up, Mulder’s youth was carefree with parents who believed in her. This gave her the possibility to try out new things, make mistakes and learn. Having completed her degree in business administration, she started working with fashion companies in the Netherlands. She liked fashion, but not the business. It was pretty conservative and old-fashioned, filled with white males, and she had to prove herself every step of the way, especially after she got pregnant. In the quest for a more positive industry and line of work, she pivoted towards the food sector.  

They started Olivery through a crowdfunding campaign, which allowed them to understand if the public is open to their idea. It’s been an exciting roller coaster, but also a great way to start a business. “After a successful campaign you have the funds, exposure, network, learnings, and confidence to continue,” she says. Meeting new people has opened a lot of doors along with giving them a chance to learn to improve their products.

Elaborating on the concept behind the company, she says, “Olivery is a smart olive oil service. Our olive oil is 100% pure nature and made from cold-pressed Italian olives. Perfect for grilling, dressings, and dipping. When the bottle is empty, you can order a refill that fits through the letterbox. Olive oil is delicious, healthy, and versatile. This way, we make using the best olive oil easy.” They have a subscription service that delivers new bottles to the customers after every one or two months, depending on their requirements. Olivery offers two types of bottles: normal and a smart bottle. The normal bottle works with the regular subscription service, whereas the smart bottle has a chip on the outside. When it is about to finish, it sends a signal, and the user is notified if a new bottle is required, which is then delivered to their door.

All the challenges Lonneke has faced along the way have made her a better person and realize what fits her right. Her previous work environment pushed her to be hard and selfish, which was not the person she was. Now, she likes to stay true to her values and herself, along with taking her company to the next level. Presently, she is trying to make the world better for her business, learn and grow with it. The customer response has been more than positive. They are surprised about the taste of the oil, and their reviews speak about the goodness of the product. 

Lonneke started working on Olivery even before she left her full-time job. She believed in an idea, and the need to work for a positive business industry led her to start her own venture. Olivery is still new, but it is slowly making its mark on the customers. Leaving an inspiring message for her readers, she says, “Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster. It’s a bumpy road, and you’ll have to embrace the challenges. Don’t choose the safe path, for it will bring you nothing. When you choose the adventure, you will reach your goals (with some scrapes). And that’s so satisfying.