Month: August 2021

And They Say Women Don’t Know About Technology

As women, we are all privy to the limiting allegation that women don’t know about technology or business or law and what not! Caroline was no exception until she left a dent to prove that not only does she have a seat at the table but she owns the table.  Caroline Hayward is the CEO/Founder […]

Kickstarting a brighter future for the needy with football

Meet Cecilie Hauerberg- Co-founder and Head of Secretariat at FANT, a football-based NGO in West Africa for marginalised communities. Cecilie was born and brought up in Denmark, Scandinavia. For the past 10 years, she has been dedicating her life to her organization FANT- Football for A New Tomorrow, which aims to create better life circumstances […]

Using a Human Rights Approach To Find Effective Solutions For International Development

Meet Beatrice Maneshi, Founder of Catalystas Consulting an EU-based internationally focused private consulting firm dedicated to providing tailor-made solutions to problems.  Beatrice Maneshi is an Iranian-American feminist founder of Catalystas Consulting where she and her team uses a human rights approach to support programs and projects that help improve the state of the world. They […]

Making Every Purchase Rewarding for Customers

Meet Sonni Christine Jakobse- Founder and CEO at Bill Kill AS, a payment gateway that gives rewards for every purchase made. Sonni is a founder with a special interest in innovation and digitalisation. Her 15 years of experience in banking/finance and debt collection include a degree in organizational psychology and a Master’s degree in strategic […]

Acting as a Bridge Between Doctors and Marginalized Communities With No Access to Healthcare.

Meet Lindsay Brereton, a Commercial Real Estate Advisor, Certified Commercial Investment Manager (CCIM), and Vice President Healthcare Real Estate Services at Bull Realty who assists private doctors lease/buy a property to serve patients from marginalized communities.  A real estate advisor by trade, Lindsay Brereton is trying to bring healthcare to impoverished communities in Atlanta and […]

She Who Reminds of The Ones Forgotten

Erika Gaffney, the founder of Art Herstory, has undertaken a very noble and essential responsibility on her shoulders. With her company, the Art Herstory, she recognizes and celebrates the contributions of women artists throughout history. It helps her to make the art historical record more complete and provides women artists a lineage. 

Being an Individualistic and Independent person, the First Years of Bind; She Felt it was Challenging Sometimes to Collaborate Closely with a Business Partner.

Meet Kirsten Wagenaar, Founder and Owner of Bind, a Netherlands-based community-building agency that works to professionalize community building within and around organizations and make them future proof.  A psychologist by study, Kirsten Wagenaar is now running a community-building agency to help organizations grow and build connections. She started working as a community manager in 2008 […]

Creating an all-inclusive safe place for people with corporate experience

Esther Hofstede- Founder, Consultant & Trainer Employee Volunteer at Together For, an NGO network that brings together the capacity, time and talents of corporate volunteers. Young Esther was just 17 when she went on an exchange program for a year to California, USA and stayed with a family there. Her brilliant talent in playing tennis […]

The Danish Woman with A Vision of Success

Lene Stiil, Founder of AllergyCertified, is a Danish woman of 51, with a vision to make an impact on 7 billion people. Lene shares that she believes, “Most things are possible, we are not born with the same opportunities, and we are all responsible to help even the scores.” “Laughter is the best energy for […]

She Who Fears Not To Embrace The Change

Marianne Nilsen Sturmair, the Managing Director of Engineers Without Borders Norway, is a woman who leads by example. The most intriguing thing about Marianne is that she is an admirer of change and her career trajectory reflects that best. It takes courage to take a leap of faith and embrace change. Marianne is a living […]

Creating Workspaces to Empower People To Think and Work Smarter And Creatively

Meet Emily Gupton, Chief of Staff at SKG, Inc. a furniture dealership company providing customers unique, creative, and cost-effective office solutions that are skillfully supported by its exceptional service teams.  After working in the healthcare sector for over a decade, Emily Gupton made a drastic career switch to the construction and interiors space. She holds […]

Offering a Platform To Local Artists To Showcase Their Talent

Meet Jill Moody, Director of Programming Analog & Writers Studios & Entertainment Sales at Hutton Hotel Nashville, wherein local creatives are allowed to be heard in a diverse environment. Jill Moody is a small-town girl with big dreams who didn’t stop until one day they finally came true. Growing up in Michigan, Jill always dreamt […]

Assisting Government and Multilateral Organizations in Making Effective Use of Data

Meet Andrea Ulrich, Deputy Director Of Operations at Development Gateway, a nonprofit that provides data and digital solutions for international development.  A bioengineering graduate, Andrea Ulrich followed her parents’ footsteps, but in a slightly different way. She went to Rice University in Texas to attend a program called Rice 360, an engineering field for limited-resource […]

A Tale Inspired By The Power of Conversation

Challenging the stereotypical definitions of success, Barbara Elizabeth Conner chose to define success in her own terms and rightly so. It is never comfortable to introspect, accept and act upon an instinct that might change the course of your life. It demands courage and a strong will to dedicate yourself to that instinct and Barbara […]

A Tale Of Her Commitment To Creativity

Jennifer Mirkovic, Chief Operating Officer, Media / Content Management and Promotion, Airvuz, is a woman of creativity and commitment. Her ability to stay consistent with her pursuit fetched her a wonderful career that covers all facets of her expertise and interest. Besides holding a Master’s Degree in Communication, Jenny has a wide variety of experience […]

A Woman Who Created Her Own Path

Abrey Wallace, Co-founder of Dandelion Branding, a Digital Marketing Agency, is a certified herbalist, reader, and a plant, dog, and kitty momma. She holds Bachelor degrees from The Michigan State University in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science as well as in Criminal Justice. Besides, she’s also a herbalist certified by the Berkeley Herbal Center.  Aubrey […]

And With Resilience She Paved Her Own Path

Darshita Gillies, Founder and CEO, Maanch, was listed among the 100 Most Meaningful Business Leaders 2020 and the 100 Most Influential in UK-India Relations. She founded Maanch in 2018 which is a UK-based B Corp developing technology to measure, monitor and report on the impact of investments, organisations and philanthropy, through the lens of the […]

Empowering People To Break The Structure of Abuse and Violence

Meet Carrie McManus, Director of Innovation & Programs at Sagesse, an organization that empowers people of all backgrounds to disrupt structures of violence through curating environments to heal and lead safe, healthy lives.  As a registered social worker and Director of Innovation and Programs at Sagesse, Carrie McManus works to challenge long-standing beliefs and eradicate […]

A Woman Who Created Her Own Path

Aubrey Wallace, Co-founder of Dandelion Branding, a Digital Marketing Agency, is a certified herbalist, reader, and a plant, dog, and kitty momma. She holds Bachelor degrees from The Michigan State University in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science as well as in Criminal Justice. Besides, she’s also a herbalist certified by the Ohlone Herbal Center.  Aubrey […]

Becoming A Ray of Hope For The Needy And Vulnerable

Meet Stephanie Bowman, Founder & Visionary of One Heart for Women and Children, non-profit that offers HOPE by helping with food, clothing, school supplies, parenting classes, and many other resources that are so needed in the community.  Stephanie Bowman is a compassionate woman who is constantly working to make a positive impact on the lives […]