Giving a new perspective to designs with an authentic touch

Meet Gail Hoban- Brand and Campaign Designer at GAS studio, a design venture for brands and campaigns  that brings together diverse communities. Gail Hoban grew up in the 70s with her parents and younger brother. The first ten years of her life were spent in the Midlands in a house with a big vegetable garden […]

Providing A New Ray Of Hope To Mothers

Meet Kelly Bruce- the owner and founder of a sun-grown craft cannabis cultivation company called CannaMommy based in Humboldt County, California.  As the tagline of her non-profit organization reads ‘For Moms By Moms’, Kelley’s empathetic demeanour towards mothers from all walks of life comes from her real-life experiences- she is a mother of four children […]

This Woman Teaches Us That We Get What We Deserve, Not What We Desire.

Meet Aboli Deshkar – A Risk-taker, a believer, a dreamer, and most importantly, a proud mom, who is currently pursuing her Masters after a gap of 10 long years and keeps herself close to gardening, baking, reading, and dancing! As we continuously try to collect more stories of valor in ordinarily simple lives, we forget […]

Shellye Archambeau and the Many Feathers on Her Hat

Shellye Archambeau is one of Silicon Valley’s first female African American CEOs. She is a Former Executive of IBM, CMO at two public companies and Former CEO of a then-struggling Silicon Valley startup which is now MetricStream, a recognized global leader in governance, risk, and compliance software solutions. She is currently a Fortune 500 board […]