From Best Friends To Best Bloggers In Town: A Roller-Coaster Ride That Inspires Many!

Known as the WanderLust Girls, Emily Bache and Abigail Breslin run a fashion, lifestyle and travel blog and have been doing wardrobe styling since 2011.

It is indeed true that some friendships last for a lifetime. Meet Emily and Abigail, 2 students from Wayland Middle School in Massachusetts who met in the year 2000 and have enjoyed a rock-solid friendship ever since. Their shared love for fashion and adventure has now translated into a full-time business of which these creative souls are absolutely proud of. “Being able to share our friendship and joint interests with the world was something we were instantly drawn to. We hope to inspire others to have fun with fashion, have a great sense of humor with life and take wonderful adventures!”, says the dynamic duo when asked about their vision.

Reminiscing about the initial days of business, they recall having a great time- “It was so much fun getting to know the industry! When we were reunited after graduating college we moved in together in NYC. We had only had a blog for a short amount of time, but it was gaining traction quickly.” After seeing other bloggers going to New York Fashion Week, they decided to try their luck even after not knowing anyone in the industry. After writing hundreds of cold emails to various organisations and designers, they ended up covering almost 60 shows their first very season- a whirlwind in itself! For them, it was definitely less of testing out the waters and more of just going with their gut that brought them instant success.

But the road to success is never easy. From paying their dues with lots of free work in order to really get to know how everything worked to put out creative content without any motive, the women just believed in remaining true to themselves. Today, they offer their services to make people feel comfortable and confident in their own skin based on fashion and lifestyle. Apart from teaching people how to dress for their bodies, they have spent years helping people feel confident in life through their expertise- “There are so many things we are proud of within our work. We think first and foremost would be starting a business based on something that was just for fun so that we never have to feel like work is work. But as fate would have it, we actually get to do something we love.”

Their milestones haven’t been less either. From their first wardrobe-styling job for a Fortune 500 company to styling Macklemore for SNL (one of their favorite shows) to styling the US Men’s World Cup team, there have been many proud moments that they have actively talked about on their blog and social media platforms. Small things like getting DMs on Instagram, where people reach out to them from all over the world and ask for advice makes them happy to be in a position to help people they may never meet physically. With such little anecdotes from their experiences, they also wish to teach and inspire their students to do what they love and never stop dreaming.

When asked about the hurdles they have faced in their journey, they say, “The biggest challenge is proving your value in the industry. We remained our authentic selves, which was definitely different than being a typical blogger. We were a lot edgier, which ended up giving us an actual ‘edge’!” For them, the key to success has been their urge to never stop working. Their business runs 24/7, just like anyone who works for themselves and understands the importance of it. In order to keep up with their work, they had to be flexing out their creative juices all the time and it helped them grow in the fashion industry and even opened up the doors to other industries like travel and lifestyle.

As they continue to flourish, they constantly remind themselves that they are not lucky that they got to do what they love, but instead they have worked really hard ‘to do’ what they love in life. And with this, they hope to help as many people as they possibly can with their belief system.