Month: January 2021

For Her, Happiness lies in Mixing a Perfect Drink for her Customers

Meet Johanna Corman, the Co-owner and the Chief Product Inspiration Artist at Vena’s Fizz House – a bar and a beverage making house that serves the customized beverage needs of all. An entrepreneur at heart, Johanna’s passion is producing clean, natural, beverage-making products. She loves working with flavors and is the creator of over twenty […]

Helping People Meet their Higher Selves Through Massage and other Holistic Services

Meet Katie Girompini Aller, a Licensed Massage Therapist and the Owner of Revive Bodywork, a holistic self-care center providing massage, yoga, and fitness programs for all. With a zest for life and purity in her intentions, Katie wants to make this world a better place through personal interactions, embodiment experience (whether through bodywork or yoga), […]

This Artist and Photographer Provides Space for People to Grow

Meet Tammy L McKinley, a Photographic Artist, a Real Estate Agent, and a Business Owner who runs an art studio of 12 other artists. A photographer with a creative eye and a goal to provide a space to people in need, Tammy McKinley is a well-known name in Jacksonville, Florida. She is a Principal Founder […]

‘An Actress with a Mission to Deliver Quality Content and Empower People

Meet Jenny Paul, an actress, a producer, a singer, and the Founder and CEO of Intent Entertainment, an organic content delivery platform. Jenny Paul is an award-winning actress, producer, and creator based in New York City with a Magna Cum Laude degree in Theater Arts from Brandeis University, and a Credential of Readiness (CORe) from […]

She Rescues People & Animals With Bed & Breakfast!

Meet Jen Warner- a Bed and Breakfast owner and Centered Riding instructor in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.  After growing up on an Indiana farm and earning a college degree, Jen took a job in Kentucky. Several decades later, tired of office politics in government and corporate PR, she discovered the book called ‘Wishcraft’ by Barbara Sher […]

She Made A Platform For Students That Was Better Than LinkedIn!

Meet Reetu Gupta- CEO and Co-Founder at Cirkled In, a portfolio platform for students based in Washington DC.  Reetu was born and raised in Haryana, India and was highly inspired by her mother who was a teacher by profession and a woman of high ambition. In the 20th century, a woman like her mother happened […]

From Navy To Being A PR Professional- She Has Come Long Way!

Meet Brianna K Bentov- an experienced PR and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) professional based in North Florida.  It is interesting to know that Brianna’s first career began in the US Navy as a musician, through which she was fortunate enough to travel and tour the world for eight years. Growing up, she had a supportive […]

What is ‘Waste’ For Some, Is A Pile Of Gold To Others

Meet Sheila Morovati, Founder and President of Crayon Collection, a non-profit organization that raises awareness about environmentalism, art education, and philanthropy.  Growing up as an immigrant in the United States, Sheila realized the importance of the smallest things in life. She didn’t have the ‘luxury’ to waste, and the seeing of the waste of resources […]

This Woman is Supporting Disadvantaged Youth Through A Modern Education and Employment Program

Meet Katherine Montero, Chief Executive Officer of Global Deeds, a non-profit and social enterprise that assists public schools, teachers, and corporations in empowering disadvantaged youth through innovative education and employment. While working at Harvard Medical School, Katherine decided to start an organization during her lunch breaks. Global Deeds was created out of a sheer accident, […]

Her Fundraising Provides Clean Water in the Central African Republic

Meet Seda Arzumanyan, the Director of Development at Water for Good, an organization that aims to tackle water poverty in the Central African Republic. A philanthropist by nature, Seda moved from Armenia to the United States in 2016 with her husband and two kids to complete her Master’s in Philanthropic Studies from the IU Lilly […]

A Visionary Philanthropist paves a medical path to wellness by facilitating research on Lyme Disease

Meet Sherry Cagan, President/Founder Stand4Lyme Foundation, an organization that is transforming Lyme through collaboration. An Award-winning Advocate and Philanthropist, Sherry Cagan’s motivation for commitment draws from her near-death experience, her daughters’ ongoing challenges from the effects of Lyme disease, and from the millions who have experienced the hardship associated with what has now become the […]

This Woman is Working Towards a Better World Through Cooperative Filmmaking

Meet Blessing Yen Smith, the Chief Design Officer at “Seed&Spark”; a platform that connects people through stories that matter by building sustainability, equity, and community for all creators. A multi-disciplinary designer and artist with a decade of experience working in product design and systems, Blessing thinks at the intersection of technology and the arts. She […]

A Simple Idea That Made Her A Millionaire!

Meet Kim Lavine- an author, entrepreneur and CEO of Heugenis, a digital health startup bringing a patent-pending non-drug treatment for Alzheimer’s on a global level. Life isn’t a cakewalk for most of us and Kim’s stands as a perfect example- her parents got divorced when she was just ten and she went on to be […]

This Is How You Should Age In The Modern World

Meet Risa Morimoto- Founder and CEO of The Modern Aging, a YouTube Channel that finds innovative and holistic ways to approach health to avoid ailments later in life. On a wintery January afternoon in 2001, Risa was sitting next to her mother at the kitchen table.  During their conversation, her mother suffered a debilitating stroke, […]

A Woman Who Has Changed The Way World Looks At Art & Artists

Meet Linda Mason- an internationally recognized makeup artist, cosmetics entrepreneur, visual artist, filmmaker and anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist. Born in Sunderland, Linda was highly inspired by her mother, an artist who imitated the hottest designer trends of that time and whose eccentric home renovations transformed their neighbourhood. This gave birth to Linda’s initial fascination for artistic […]

All Work & No Play Can Eat Up Your Productivity

Meet Mariah Nagengast- CFO & Co-Owner at Point Summit, a company that provides outdoor/indoor recreational facilities to people. Mariah effortlessly manages several outdoor adventure and seasonal parks, apart from being an avid sports enthusiast. She firmly believes that the youth of today can shape the generation of tomorrow, perhaps because of her modest upbringing- “I […]

For Her, Every Child And Their Health Matters

Meet Susan T. Gregg- Doctor of Occupational Therapy-Pediatrics/Founder & Owner of SMART Pediatric Therapy. Susan’s life leading up to her venture was busy with raising 3 children but she enjoyed every bit of it! When her son entered full-day kindergarten, she started working at his school as an occupational therapist. She was always interested in […]

Her Noble Deeds Are Lighting Up Lives In Tanzania

Meet Kerrie Holschbach- the founder of Food For His Children, an NGO that does Community Development in Tanzania, Africa. Before being a licensed social worker and pastor, she is a wife, a mother, and a Christian as she likes to call herself. As Kerrie has always been drawn to people who are struggling or are […]