‘An Actress with a Mission to Deliver Quality Content and Empower People

Meet Jenny Paul, an actress, a producer, a singer, and the Founder and CEO of Intent Entertainment, an organic content delivery platform.

Jenny Paul is an award-winning actress, producer, and creator based in New York City with a Magna Cum Laude degree in Theater Arts from Brandeis University, and a Credential of Readiness (CORe) from Harvard Business School. She has starred in Hulu’s “The Looming Tower” starring Jeff Daniels, Netflix/Marvel’s “Jessica Jones”, and an internationally acclaimed web series “That Reminds Me…”, in addition to dozens of other award-winning films, theatrical shows, commercials, TV, and new media projects. Jenny is the founder and CEO of Intent Entertainment, and the Creator and Executive Producer of the shoppable series, “Adulting With Jane”.

Growing up in Dallas, Texas, with her parents and two younger siblings, Jenny had her fair share of problems. Though she had a wonderful, supportive family life, she had to deal with bullying in late elementary school which ended up in her switching schools. For her, changing schools came as a much-needed relief and she was soon at peace. She elaborates, “Once I changed my school, I buried myself in academics, theater, and music. By high school, I had found many great friends and a sense of purpose in supporting and empowering others.”

Jenny went to college in Massachusetts at Brandeis University where she always felt at home. She moved to New York City just after her graduation, and started a career in acting with rehearsals for the musical, “Funny Girl”. She has been working as a professional actor in New York City for more than twelve years. Though she had started with musicals and plays, she eventually found her niche in TV and new media projects. She even co-created an indie series called “That Reminds Me…”. Talking about her experiences as a co-creator, she says, “As a result of my experiences as a producer of That Reminds Me…, I started helping other artists develop and create their work as I continued to create my own. It has been a fulfilling experience”.

Jenny realized that what she chose to do as a career path wasn’t as important as her intention with the job. As long as she would have an intention, a sense of purpose and fulfillment would follow. This led to the establishment of her film production company, Intent Entertainment, which was founded with the idea that audiences want to be empowered, but not talked down to. She informs, “We are bringing useful information, ideas and products/services to our audiences in the way they want to receive them – specifically curated with their life experiences and preferences in mind, organic to the content they’re built into, and designed as a fully fun and enjoyable experience.”

The audience response towards Jenny’s venture has been overwhelming. People enjoy her show and are learning and feeling empowered because of it. Elaborating on the show’s success, Jenny comments, “To us, empowerment is the goal. To deliver the message bit by bit, episode by episode, that if you set your mind to something and take the time to learn, you can accomplish anything with practice and feel empowered while doing so. What can be better when you also have a good laugh in the process?

While she has been receiving overwhelmingly positive responses lately, Jenny believes that an actor’s life is hard as one has to rely on others to get work. She elaborates, “Even when you’re successful, it’s always a challenge to fill your time with work that gives you a sense of purpose and is meaningful to your audience.” As a producer, Jenny has got a little more control over the situation, but the challenges never end. Her most difficult challenge is helping develop the best stories and projects possible and herald those stories to their audiences while securing and dealing with money.

Jenny believes that one can do or create, within reason, anything they set their mind to. For her, finding other similarly minded people that value creativity and productivity is the secret sauce to keeping motivated and making larger-scale things happen. She has a suggestion for people who know what they want from their lives – “If you’re afraid of something that you really want, then just make a plan and start doing it. Arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can along the way to change your tactics and make your plan better and smarter. If you do your best, you will have no regrets and will feel great about the process and, if applicable, the outcome.