Helping People Meet their Higher Selves Through Massage and other Holistic Services

Meet Katie Girompini Aller, a Licensed Massage Therapist and the Owner of Revive Bodywork, a holistic self-care center providing massage, yoga, and fitness programs for all.

With a zest for life and purity in her intentions, Katie wants to make this world a better place through personal interactions, embodiment experience (whether through bodywork or yoga), a signature smile, or a warm hug. Katie is deeply connected to and inspired by Nature and the Universal Life Force Energy which resides in all things and the absence of space. Katie proudly says, “I believe in Miracles, Healers, Lightworkers, Scientists, Educators, and all Creative Individuals. Anything is possible and we all have the opportunity to make it happen”.

Katie’s adventurous soul thrived in rural Central Vermont, exploring the forest behind her home, and the river and falls of the Winooski River just across the street. She reminisces, “I spent summers riding bikes, building forts, horseback riding, logging trails with picnic lunches with my Mother, and swimming for hours in the River across the street. Among kind, community-based support figures and an endless desire to immerse myself in sports and extracurricular activities like Jazz Band, Horseback Riding, Gymnastics, and Yoga, I grew up diverse, capable and strong.

Though an impeccable student with study skills and aptitude, Katie fell distant in meaningful connection with the surface level relationships of the early college experience and hit a fork in the road. She suddenly yearned for a passion besides writing a good paper, basketball, or a date. It was while learning to make pizza that she discovered the love and familiar genetic gift of working with her hands. She elaborates, “Kneading, tossing, and panning the pizza was something that fueled my Italian need to express through my hands – the direct connection and output of my heart space. I began massaging everything – pizza, coworkers, friends, neighbor’s dog – until I found my way into the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy in Winter Park, Florida, in 2005 as a student of the body. I had found my passion.

Revive Bodywork is Denver’s Holistic self-care center providing massage, yoga, and wellness programs for the community. With the sky above and the earth below, this is a place to revive one’s soul. The holistic center uses Yogic practices, asana classes, philosophy workshops, and various healing bodywork services to tell the clients how to take care of their ‘self’ on Earth, and introduces them back into their bodies.

The success of Revive Bodywork came with challenges of its own. Within 2 years of running the practice, Katie was booked solid 6.5 hours of massage per day, 5-7 days a week, for the next 8 years. Figuring out what to do with her hours outside the treatment room was a task for her, and on an emotional level, she was caught in the never-ending loop of self-doubt and perfectionism. Today, time management skills, habit-hacking, taking a breath before reacting as a parent to two young souls, and allowing herself more and more grace in the resting knowing that she is doing the best she can are her constant challenges, but with a belief that she is enough, her relinquishing control, and leading with conviction, Katie always gives all of her energy and heart to her job because she cares about the people experiencing healing and inspiration.

The Human Form, with Nature’s Innate Wisdom coursing its veins, is Katie’s passion. She believes that through massage, one can experience their higher selves. She says, “My gift of strength and support through touch and bodywork transcends me daily, and for that, I have never ‘worked’ a day in my life. Massage has paved a path of service, generosity, gratitude, and fulfillment, and as the love spread, the demand grew, and Revive Bodywork Denver LLC grew into multiple treatment rooms and 6 Therapists after just 5 short years of a solo practice. Today, we have an ever-growing intensely loyal client base who appreciate the customized experience.

Katie believes that people have everything they need to accomplish their dreams. She elaborates, “Lead with your heart, trust your gut, feel for the felt sense of right and wrong, and you will know your truth to live and lead by.” She advises people to expect the good and honest in people until proven wrong and always standing up for the right. She says, “Learn the power of unconditional forgiveness to set yourself free. When you think that you have no control, ride the wave and use your breath, allow it to carry you home within the sacred space of your being where nothing has ever happened, and you are always safe and loved. If you do this, you can do no wrong!