A Young Motivator Whose Mission is to Help Others Live up to their Full Potential

Meet Gabrielle Bosché, a motivator, a TEDx speaker, a bestselling author, and the co-founder of The Purpose Company that helps leaders and their teams discover their exact purpose.

One of the most booked Millennial motivators in the world, Gabrielle has worked with everyone from presidential campaigns to the U.S. Navy and Air Force. She has been termed as the “next generation of motivators” by Tom Ziglar, and her work has been endorsed by the likes of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Brian Tracy, Lewis Howes, and the co-founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Marc Victor Hansen, among others. Gabrielle is a popular TEDx presenter, bestselling author, and the co-founder of The Purpose Company. In addition to all her achievements, she has also been featured in major media outlets, including NPR, Sirius XM Radio, Bloomberg Radio, Glamour Magazine, Business Insider, and Los Angeles Times. Her approach to life, love, and business is the self-deprecating, deeply-wise, and insanely practical solution that she believes we all need right now.

Raised in an alcoholic household, Gabrielle became addicted to achievement because that was the only thing she could control. From self-publishing her first book at 17 to becoming an elite athlete, to losing twenty pounds in two months to win a beauty pageant, Gabrielle found her identity as an “achiever”. After extreme dieting caused her to lose chunks of her hair and most of her relationships, Gabrielle knew she needed a change, and her journey to discover her purpose resulted in what is known as “the #1 purpose discovery process in the world”. Talking about her journey, Gabrielle says, “I dreamed of changing the world but didn’t know where to start. That was until I saw someone speaking on a stage on the topic I wanted to speak on. It was then that I realized that my purpose was my permission. I didn’t need to wait for someone to come and save me. I had a duty to use my purpose to help others.

When Gabrielle realized that she had a choice in how her life could turn out, everything changed. All her life, she had done what she was “supposed to do” and had made everyone else happy. She says, “One day I realized that I had to stop living life to please others and start living the life I was supposed to live”. 

Gabrielle quit her job at 23 to launch her first company, consulting major brands and the government on how to reach the Millennials. Her breakout moment came when at a networking meeting she introduced herself as a “Millennial expert” to someone who would end up being her first client (i.e., the U.S. Navy). Gabrielle has written 5 books on topics like Millennial motivation, next-generation entrepreneurship, and how to find your purpose. 

Gabrielle’s company, The Purpose Company, helps achievement-addicts get clarity about their exact purpose and how they can use it to get clarity about what they are supposed to do next. According to Gabrielle and her website, “Purpose Mastery gives you the process to get out of your own way, gain traction in every area of your life, and create a life around your exact purpose. We help you determine what to do first, what to do next, and the secret to turning your potential energy into real energy to live your happiest and most fulfilled”. 

Gabrielle is a successful motivator today and has inspired many lives, but she had to overcome many challenges on her way up. Not having a mentor, not knowing which direction to go in, and the fear of not meeting her potential was tough, but Gabrielle made it big despite it all. Even today, it is not a cakewalk for her. Her current challenges include managing others and letting go of control, but she is dealing with these issues impeccably, making a difference in many lives along her way.

Gabrielle believes that one’s purpose is their only permission. She motivates, “You don’t need more education, more connections, or more experience to be qualified to help people. Get clarity about your purpose and you will realize that your purpose is your duty”.