Month: May 2022

Living Your Passion Means Living Your Best Life!

Meet- Celina Biurrun, established actress and co-founder of Trikon, a film production house in Los-Angeles, USA. Celina is originally from San Nicolas de los Arroyos, Argentina. She is an actor and co-founder of the Los Angeles-based film production house, Trikon. Having lived in México, Brazil, Switzerland and USA, she grew up with the chance to […]

She Didn’t Let Hurdles Stop Her From Achieving Her Dreams

Meet Indira Nair- Global Lead Alliances, Partnership & Marketing– SecurView Inc., where she helps businesses to scale exponentially with the right approach. Indira Nair has 20+ years of industry experience and she is known for her tenacity, resilience, and bold outlook on life. Her out-of-the-box demeanor gives her the confidence to take up difficult challenges […]

The Aspiring Icon Who Specializes in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Meet Jill Scott – Consultant and Trainer specializing in equality, diversity and inclusion With more than 25 years of experience, Jill is an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Expert providing consultancy services on both Athena Swan and the Race Equality Charter to a number of higher education institutions. In addition to this, she also provides training […]

Making Every Purchase Valuable for Customers

Meet Juli Lassow, Founder of JHL Solutions – a consultancy dedicated to helping build phenomenal private-label partnerships. From working with mass retailers to coaching aspiring consultants, Juli is passionate about sharing the lessons she has learned to motivate and guide the retail industry boldly into the future. Apart from being a retail professional, she is […]

She is Transforming People’s Lives, One Day at a Time

Meet Taryn Jacoby- A life & business coach, originally from South Africa and based in the United Kingdom, from where she helps people around the world transform their lives through intensive coaching. Taryn defines herself as a multidimensional entrepreneur with many passions. Some of her passions include working with nature, yoga, drumming and spending time […]