Month: July 2021

Providing solutions to health research questions with an aim to improving health outcomes and access to medications for patients

Meet Karissa Johnston, co-founder and Scientific Director at Broadstreet Health Economics & Outcomes Research, an independent consultancy specializing in epidemiology and health economics. The best way to enter the entrepreneurial world is to go in armed with knowledge and experience. Along with long-time colleague and friend Shelagh Szabo, Karissa Johnston founded a health research consultancy […]

Chosen Kids: Building an Apparel Brand With God’s Words To The Children

Meet Ebony Phinisee, a human resource professional and Founder at Chosen Kids, a Bible-based online kids’ clothing store.  A well-rounded country girl with old school Southern principles, Ebony Phinisee learned the value of hard work and passion pretty early in life. Although a native of Atlanta, she lived in Mississippi with her aunt and uncle, […]

The Learned Leader of YJI

Jackie Majerus, Co-founder of the educational non-profit institution, Youth Journalism International, is also a teacher and a journalist. With more than two decades in the industry, she continues to love working with young writers, artists and photographers. Jackie loves seeing life through their eyes and providing a quality journalism program that makes it possible for […]

Finding Her Voice In The Male-Dominated Software Space

Meet Abigail Allen, Sales Director at Showbie, a hybrid learning platform that brings the classroom together in one, easy to use app. Abigail Allen started her career in the software space 20 years ago and joined sales management back in 2011-12. Currently, she is the sales director at Showbie, but her journey as a female […]

And It All Boils Down To Consistency

Kathy Fisher, Co-owner of Fisher Green Creative LLC, a website designer and marketer, is a woman of consistency and determination. Her ability to stay consistent towards her vision and pivot when necessary is not only benefiting her but her clients as well. She would do great justice to the concept of ordinary women who achieve […]

Steering the Fitness Industry In The Direction of Longevity and Profitability

Meet Emily Buckley, Chief Operations Executive at The Cliffs Climbing + Fitness, an organization that strives to create a fun and supportive environment that instills a love of climbing, strong community values, and good climbing ethics. “I have the drive, persistence, and dedication to get anything accomplished, if I put the work in,” these words […]

Be The Light You Want To See In The World

Often we tend to point a finger at others and hope that it would make things better. Lori Graber, Director of Rehabilitation, is also an Occupational Therapist who looks at things the other way around.  Contrary to the easy way out, she tried and emerged as the change she wanted to see in the world.  […]

Women in Technology; Achieving the Unachievable

Entrepreneur, business owner and women’s rights advocate Elizabeth Lauer Reed, believes in taking the road less traveled to round out her professional profile and find opportunities for herself.  A photo of Ruth Bader Ginsburg overlooks her office, as a reminder to keep pushing forward, not concerning yourself with obstacles. Elizabeth’s mind-set is to consistently push […]

The Suburban Girl’s Secret To Success

Jill Osterhout, Owner & CEO of KCO Resource Management, knew from a very young age that she wanted several things for herself. She’s a mother, a wife, an eternal learner, a traveler and obviously, a successful businesswoman. She is all that she has always wanted to become and has taken action to turn her dreams […]

Supporting Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancies In the Next Step Through Educational Resources and Counselling

Meet Gina Bonino, Assistant Executive Director at Heartbeat Of Toledo, a non-profit pregnancy and parenting support organization.  “If we change our thinking, we can change our path”, says Gina Bonino, who made her way from being a waitress to assistant executive director at non-profit helping women facing unplanned pregnancies. A licensed therapist by trade, initially […]

Conserving The Endangered Prairies To Maintain Ecosystem Balance

Meet Della Barbato, Director of Education at The Native Prairies Association of Texas, a nonprofit dedicated to the conservation of plants and wildlife.  Della Barbato is an environmental educator who is passionate about the natural world and believes that as humans, it’s our moral responsibility to protect the ecosystem and wildlife around us. She studied […]

And That’s How She Turned Her Passion Into Her Profession

If you were to seek inspiration to travel the road not taken, meet Hannah White. The brilliant Head of Product & Design at Leverege, Hannah White, is one of those courageous women who chose to break free of the stereotypes.  White didn’t settle for the predefined pathways that lead to business, law or medicine. Instead, […]

Helping Students become Global Citizens through her Leadership Skills

Meet Andrea Chesley, the Director of Enrollment Management of Ross School, the only N-12 private, non-profit, private school on the East end. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Ms. Chesley is a trained actress, dancer, and singer, with a BFA in Choreography and BE in Secondary Education from Arizona State University. Moving to Los Angeles in 2009, […]

This Educator Is Helping Young Minds Achieve Academic Success

Meet Joanna Draugsvold, an educator, artist, and Director of Creative Programs at The Winchendon School with a focus on humanistic education.  Joanna Draugsvold is shaping the young minds of today to let them be the future leaders of tomorrow. She has been an educator for over 45 years and is helping her students to find […]

Using The Power of Data To Reduce Waste and Move Towards A Sustainable Future

Meet Emily Rogers, Co-Founder at Reath, a Tech Nation Net Zero company that is building the digital infrastructure for circular systems. Emily Rogers started off her career working in operation, logistics, and inventory management at series A and B start-up companies. This is where she realized how data could be used to apply machine learning […]

Fortune Sides With She Who Dares

Editorial Director & Journalist, Kristina Etter is one of those passionate human beings who do not bow down to pressing endeavours. From corporate America to homelessness, she has emerged victorious from the wrath of all trials and tribulations. Her journey is certainly an inspiration to all those women who fight countless battles in the silence […]

Leveraging The Power Of Creative Thinking To Create Social and Environmental Change

Meet Chrissy Levett, Founder + Creative Director at Creative Conscience, a global platform set up to empower, train and reward creative thinking only for social and environmental impact.  Chrissy Levett is a creative director, designer, speaker, educator, mother, and activist who is using creative thinking to promote sustainability and have a positive impact on the […]

It’s Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been

Meet Jennifer Brown, Regional Director of Operations at Emler Swim School, an institution that teaches children swimming with safety as their highest priority.  “It’s never too late for what you want to do. If you are motivated and are ready to put the work in, you can achieve anything”. Jennifer Brown, Regional Director of Operations […]

Making Her Country Proud By Serving A Noble Cause

Meet Kayla Lopez- Director of Military Partnerships at Viqtory, a program that creates civilian opportunities for veterans. Kayla is a single mother of one with an avid passion to serve those who ‘served’- she is dedicated to leaving the world a better way than she has experienced till now through advocacy and volunteerism. Her current […]

Where Success and Sustainability Goes Hand In Hand

Ditching the long sustaining reality behind the enchanting fashion closets and taking a step towards sustainable fashion is no average Joe’s work. Chere Di Boscio, the founder and editor-in-chief of Eluxe Magazine, not only took a step away from what appalled her but also took a step towards and revolutionized what would be appealing sustainably […]

Helping Private Doctors Deliver Better Care Through Alternative Medications

Meet Elizabeth Philp, Co-founder, and CEO at Roseway Labs, a pharmacy that works with private doctors to deliver personalised medicine that addresses ageing and improves health.  Elizabeth Philp went from a career in human resources and management consulting to establishing a healthcare venture in the span of ten years. She put to use the experience […]

She Provides Courage To Women To Rise From The Ashes

Meet Toshonna Ross- Founder & Executive Director of Courageous Women Association, a Nonprofit Organization based in Oakland, California. Being an entrepreneur who leads by her heart in all that she does, Toshonna is passionate about serving others and living her life in service of knowing this is what God’s will and plan is for her. […]

Creating Authentic Brand Experiences Through Custom Engagement Strategies

Meet Latria Graham, President, and Founder at Graham Leak Branding (GLB), a strategic communications consulting firm that helps clients create authentic brand experiences that foster brand loyalty and drive revenue. As the founder of GLB, Latria Graham takes on many roles at a time. She is a Consultant in Cause Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Public […]

This Entrepreneur is Using Her Expertise in Human Behavior to Assist Leaders To Become Better Managers

Meet JoAnn Corley-Schwarzkopf, Executive Advisor at Manage Global, an organization that helps executive leaders substantially improve their executive leadership & management through their expertise in human behaviour. As a business speaker, author, and executive advisor, JoAnn Corley Schwarzkopf is helping executive leaders grow and their organizations with them. She went from working in the insurance […]

Helping Brands Evolve Through Innovative Digital Marketing and Technology Solutions

Meet Jacqueline Hudson, Founder, and CEO at LUXE Digital Now LLC, a global digital marketing and public relations firm specializing in digital strategy and planning, brand management, and product campaigns for top-name global companies. Jacqueline is an award-winning digital marketeer with over a decade of experience in the field. She has played an integral role […]

Transitioning From Politics to The World of Art: This Communicator’s Willingness To Adapt Helped Her Build A Successful Career

Meet Courtney Law, Director of Communications, Partnerships, and Digital Initiatives at Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, an innovative forum for contemporary art that inspires and challenges all audiences, creating understanding and dialog about art. Even as a young girl living in suburban Dallas, Courtney knew she wanted to enter the realm of politics one day. […]

This Marketeer ‘Accidently’ Found Her True Passion in Art

Meet Christina Twomey, a self-taught artist and CEO of Christina Twomey Art + Design, a Los Angeles-based art firm that offers abstract and resin artwork, and furniture.  It all began when one day Christina walked into a Joann fabrics store in her neighbourhood, casually picked some art supplies, and started painting. A few days later, […]

Fighting Discrimination With Her Positive Outlook Towards Life

Meet Adria Buchanan- the Executive Director of Fair Housing Center of Washington, a non-profit organization based in the United States. Adria identifies herself as a black cis-gender female, a mother of 1 and Executive Director of the Fair Housing Center of Washington, a non-profit dedicated to eliminating unlawful housing discrimination in western and central Washington […]

Supporting The Female Entrepreneurs with a CALM Approach

Meet Chloe Leibowitz, Life Coach, Co-Founder, and Chief Happiness Officer at We Are Tabono, an organization that aims to support female small business owners and encourage a more holistic approach to entrepreneurship. As more and more women enter the business realm, they need better visibility to keep their business up and running. Hailing from an […]

Taking The E-commerce Experience To A Whole New Level

Meet Stefanie Erica Hammett- Co-owner and SVP of Operations for OmniiX, an organization of passionate online retail specialists leveraging merchandising, eCommerce, and shopper marketing experience.  Prior to coming to the agency side of the business, Stefanie spent a decade thriving in roles at Kellogg’s or Smithfield Foods across e-Commerce, Sales Operations, Business Management, and Account […]

Here’s To Being A Woman & Winning The Battles As One

“When you feel like doing what you want to do is impossible and you just can’t do it, stop and reconnect with how amazing you are and remember that things only appear this hard just before a breakthrough.” – Cathy Bennett  Cathy Bennett, Founder & Principal of Vertical, is an ambitious, creative and successful entrepreneur. […]

And That’s What Confidence & Awareness Bestowed Her With

Lack of confidence is one of the most common concerns that keep us from achieving our highest potential. But the ones who identify it and take actions to get past such challenges truly make it big. Lucy Timms is one such inspiring human who fought all the odds and made it to the top.  The […]

Bringing An End To The Cycle of Period Poverty And Shame

Meet Emily Wilson, CEO and Founder of Irise International, a non-profit organization that delivers programs and research in the UK and East Africa to support young people and their communities to address menstruation-related barriers.  “The first period is the moment in your life when society tells you very clearly what it means to have a […]

A Tech-Based Solution To Your Mental Health Problems

Meet Anna Tarasenko- Chief Neuroscience Officer at BrainPatch, a neurotechnology start-up that develops non-invasive solutions for mental health problems. Anna describes herself as a neuroscientist with a deep interest in clinical psychology and a person who loves playing tanguera in the evenings. She spent the first 16 years of her life in her home country […]

Giving A New Face To Journalism With A Creative Outlook

Meet Amanda Eleftheriades-Sherry: The Director & Editor at Clydesider Creative, a creative community magazine based in Scotland. Amanda (she/her) identifies herself as a woman who is passionate about people, human connections and how individuals make a positive difference during their time on this planet. At present, she is the founder of Clydesider Creative- a community […]

Shaping Brands For The Future With A Hint Of Creativity

Meet Liz Lathan- Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Haute Dokimazo, a creative agency for brands across the world.  Liz identifies herself as a B2B Event Marketer who is passionate about creating profitable relationships through conversations that have the potential to convert. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family surrounded by business associates, she was brought […]

Creating Diverse Opportunities For Diverse Professionals With Compassion

Meet Kerry Brennan Bertram- the CEO & daughter of Barbara Brennan, Founder of Stride, Inc. Kerry’s mother Barbara started Stride in the early 1980s with a corporate mission to provide employment to adults with developmental delays. 40 years later, as Kerry leads the bandwagon, she believes that they are still the most diverse and inclusive […]

Adding Sustainability To The Ecosystem With Her Conscious Efforts

Meet Angela de Manzanos Guinot- CEO & Co-Founder of FungiAlert, a company that provides sustainable farming solutions. Angela co-founded FungiAlert in 2015 while completing her PhD studies at Imperial College, London. Before becoming CEO in April 2021, since 2016 she was FungiAlert’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Furthermore, before becoming FungiAlert’s CTO, she completed a PhD […]

She Can Give A New Life To Any Brand!

Meet Krista O’Malley- the Principal & CEO of Command M, a design firm that focuses on building relationships between brands and consumers. Krista grew up in a family of eight, being the youngest among six kids. Call it coincidence or anything, almost all of her siblings including herself chose to be an entrepreneur, following their […]