Creating Authentic Brand Experiences Through Custom Engagement Strategies

Meet Latria Graham, President, and Founder at Graham Leak Branding (GLB), a strategic communications consulting firm that helps clients create authentic brand experiences that foster brand loyalty and drive revenue.

As the founder of GLB, Latria Graham takes on many roles at a time. She is a Consultant in Cause Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Relations, Multicultural Engagement, and Brand Development. At GLB, she helps purpose-driven brands through authentic communications strategies and innovative products. She is a strong advocate of mental health and inclusion. She has also founded the Brand Together Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes mental health awareness, diversity, and inclusion for all.

Graham had a humble upbringing with one twin sister and four siblings. Their mother raised them while serving in a church and taught them many foundation principles. Their father worked hard to provide for the family in every possible way. He wanted them to have a better upbringing than he had as a child. Latria took up several leadership roles in school and started working at the age of 15. This helped her gain important skills from a very early age. Owing to her talents and skills wrapped inside of her, Latria’s mother called her a “butterfly” who was born to fly. She was dedicated and hardworking like her parents from the start and wanted to make them proud. She attended the University of Florida and got a job right out of college within the NBA. Prior to founding GLB, she worked in the NBA for eleven (11) seasons and also gained experience at ESPN Radio (WCCG), BET.COM, BET Nightly News, WJXT Jacksonville, and the University of Florida’s University Athletic Association.

Starting her own company helped Graham expand her creative abilities and challenge herself more to work in the corporate world. Talking about her organization, she says, “GLB is a strategic communication consulting firm that helps clients create authentic brand experiences that foster brand loyalty and drive revenue. We provide consulting services and advertising products primarily to sports and entertainment properties, universities, professional athletes, large corporations, and government entities. At GLB, we exist to help our clients authentically align their brand values in an effort to be a socially responsible business internally and externally”. They develop custom brand engagement strategies that would suit their client’s purpose better. These strategies have a meaningful impact on the target audience and the community.

Latria has always faced challenges while helping people understand cultural diversity. She was labeled a “troublemaker” whenever she brought the topic of race into a conversation. However, she notes that many people have transitioned after the George Floyd incident. Presently, COVID has posed a major threat for the business. According to her, the businesses must make new changes that require new technology, skill sets, and engagement methods. GLB is constantly working to find out new ways to prosper in the industry. They always go an extra mile to establish brand identity and increase awareness about it.

As a result, the customer response has been excellent towards the company. In 2019, they won Florida’s top Minority and Women-Owned Business Supplier of the Year Award. She is happy to note that their clients have won several national awards over the years.

When asked what keeps her motivated at all times, Graham says, “You heard what Beyonce said, right? Women run the world. Strap on your converse or heels and let’s keep it running! While you are on this journey, know that it’s ok to take a water break every now and then. It’s essential to your mental health. If you don’t make yourself a priority, no one else will. Fill up, strap up, and go claim your throne”.