Supporting The Female Entrepreneurs with a CALM Approach

Meet Chloe Leibowitz, Life Coach, Co-Founder, and Chief Happiness Officer at We Are Tabono, an organization that aims to support female small business owners and encourage a more holistic approach to entrepreneurship.

As more and more women enter the business realm, they need better visibility to keep their business up and running. Hailing from an entrepreneurial family, Chloe grew up in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, learning business as a way of life. She met her co-founder, Anna Verghese in a networking event in 2018, where they realised many female entrepreneurs needed more support and connection to help them progress their businesses. These women often second guess themselves and struggle to get their message out there. The founders of We Are Tabono saw this gap and decided to bridge it by boosting their confidence, connecting them, supporting them and helping them grow their businesses

This was after Chloe became Anna’s social media management client. They discovered how well their personalities complement each other while working together. With their skills, talent, and solid backgrounds in public speaking and strategy operations, they launched, We Are Tabono later in the year itself. Talking about her organization, she says, “Tabono is an online community where daily connection and support is offered through both business-related learning and information as well as fun, informal chats and peer support. The focus is not only on how to build your business but also on the individual and their wellbeing, ensuring they are looking after themselves gives them the best shot at success.

Chloe has a natural affinity for speaking, bringing positivity, and building relationships. Therefore, she is the coaching and community lead at Tabono where she hosts events with women entrepreneurs, whilst Anna leads on the business strategy and operations. Chloe believes that the lack of confidence women experience can hold them back from reaching their goals. 

To tackle the problem, We Are Tabono follows the CALM approach, which stands for Community, Accountability, Learning, and Mentoring. Through this, they help women build their confidence muscle, embrace their passion, improve their productivity, and stay connected and in control of their well-being. 

Currently, with the pandemic, they are working to give virtual support to their clients. They were used to in-person events, and but they recognised their members’ need for support and connection and so transitioned to online events. But this also enabled them to nurture an online system and bring in distant clients along with the local ones. Tabono’s members and clients appreciate the assistance it has to offer and feel a sense of connection with them. They are growing with the company whilst supporting clients and the community to make a difference.

Becoming a woman entrepreneur comes with its own set of challenges. This is something that withholds many from entering the business world and turning their ideas into reality. A lot of dreams don’t see the light of the day due to a lack of faith and support. Chloe, Anna and their team are working hard to provide these women with the necessary guidance and support so that they can achieve their business goals. Leaving a motivating message for aspiring female entrepreneurs, Chloe says, “Whatever you are working on, whether it’s a new business, more established, or you’re just thinking about going it alone, just keep going. We know it can be a lonely place to be, and that it can feel like you have a mountain to climb. A big part of making things happen is surrounding yourself with the right tribe. So find one that has your back, will lift you up and fill you with the courage, strength, and confidence you need to be a successful business owner.