Where Success and Sustainability Goes Hand In Hand

Ditching the long sustaining reality behind the enchanting fashion closets and taking a step towards sustainable fashion is no average Joe’s work. Chere Di Boscio, the founder and editor-in-chief of Eluxe Magazine, not only took a step away from what appalled her but also took a step towards and revolutionized what would be appealing sustainably for all. 

Chere was editing luxury fashion magazines in Dubai, Paris and London. She says, “I was living in the fashion capitals of the world, rubbing elbows with the fashion elites”. She further continues, “I realised how unethical most luxury fashion is, and didn’t want to continue promoting products that were harming people, animals, and the planet”. 

It was then that Chere decided to take a strict step back and launch EluxeMagazine.com in Paris in 2013. Eluxe stands as a global leader today in ethical, vegan, and sustainable fashion, beauty, and living. Their audience, which was previously restricted to Europe, has now spread to most of the US and Europe. 

In her words, “Eluxe Magazine is the world’s first sustainable luxury fashion magazine. We act as the bridge between the brands and the consumers”. The publication is fully dedicated to sustainable luxury. It is a quarterly published paper magazine and a digital publication based in London and Paris, dedicated to showcasing luxury brands that demonstrate a strong commitment to good ethics and environmental sustainability. 

Eluxe Magazine is now known for being the leading voice in sustainable luxury. Rather than receiving prizes, they give them out! That’s through the Eluxe Awards that they started. These were the world’s first ever sustainable luxury awards. They even point out innovations that may be interesting to consumers, such as plant-based leathers or the rise of second-hand fashion sales online. 

Growing up with a typical suburban upbringing in Canada, Chere has always loved writing, fashion and languages. She holds degrees in Psychology and Art, and a postgraduate degree in Applied Linguistics and Education. With more than 15 years of experience in Journalism, she has edited and written for prestigious fashion magazines in Toronto, Dubai, Paris, London and Buenos Aires. Chere has also taught at the prestigious School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London for over a decade. 

Even though learning how to create and run a digital magazine from scratch was a challenge for her initially, making the magazine grow in the face of ever increasing competition is Chere’s current challenge. 

Today, when Eluxe soars high in the skies, Chere claims, “I live much, much more sustainably than I used to!” She no longer promotes brands that she actively dislikes. Chere has always been confident and certain of what she wants and that has further allowed her the freedom of making things happen. No wonder why she wants to say it out loud, “ You are capable of far more than you think!!

To lead a healthier life, Chere meditates and runs to control stress and anxiety. She also does the Wim Hof breathing technique daily.