Month: November 2020

Life is What You Make it; I Made mine a Fairy Tale.

Meet Mrs. Vasundhara Bhatt – a polyglot, jeweler, designer, and creator-  but most importantly, a strong and determined woman who didn’t shy away from following her dreams at an age when most people retire from their jobs! “As I look down the memory lane, I see nothing but happiness… I was about 5 years old […]

This Woman Helps Brands to Magnify their Corners and Re-Imagine them in VR

Meet Monica Poulard Hawkins, the Founder and CEO of a boutique management consulting firm- PPDG, serving the Corporate Industry, Global Leaders, and The Academy. Monica’s establishment helps organizations re-imagine themselves and build capacity for impact for the future. She leverages their strongest assets, which are often hidden in the margins and around corners, and uses […]

She Listens To Humans And Animals With Equal Ease And It’s Beyond Wonderful

Meet Elaine Garley- a gifted Animal Communicator and the founder of Animal & People Bridges, an organisation that takes care of both individuals and their pets.  From a secretary in the corporate world to technical editor/writer and eventually, a certified project manager in the telephony industry- it took a lot of roles for Elaine to […]

Once it’s Within your Conscious Range, it’s Within Your Ability to Consciously Change

Meet Dr Laura Graye- a visionary scientist and medical intuitive researching vibrational healing in Boston, Massachusetts. Utilizing her powerful intuitive capabilities, her knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, neuropsychology and a natural understanding of the quantum human experience, Laura offers deep-seated healing at each level of consciousness. Her gentle heart and boundless energy guide clients from […]

This Is How She Let Her Traumatic Experiences Empower Women

Meet Hilda Kalap- a spiritual teacher, an energy healer and the founder of Hilda Kalap Personal Empowerment for Women. In the early years of her life, Hilda experienced a fair amount of chaos and upheaval- so much so that by the time she was just a year old, she needed a blood transfusion to save […]

Bringing Brand Identity to Non-Profits and Small Businesses, One Design at a Time!

Meet M. Kendall Ludwig- President and principal designer at CurlyRed, an initiative that provides design, branding, print and web solutions for numerous companies and non-profit organisations. After starting CurlyRed in 2007 with the desire to create art, usable art, M. Kendall’s vision included the following statement: “…to lay bare the beauty in ordinary things is […]