This Is How She Let Her Traumatic Experiences Empower Women

Meet Hilda Kalap- a spiritual teacher, an energy healer and the founder of Hilda Kalap Personal Empowerment for Women.

In the early years of her life, Hilda experienced a fair amount of chaos and upheaval- so much so that by the time she was just a year old, she needed a blood transfusion to save her life as she did not have enough haemoglobin in her blood. Apart from being a sickly child, she witnessed domestic abuse between her parents from a very young age. Moreover, her father had serious issues with alcohol and was very controlling in her life- but was determined that she received a good education as his own parents had been illiterate. 

It was only because of her personal experiences that made her want to support women who experience guilt and shame as a result of being abused, so that they could overcome those negative emotions and could live their lives powerfully, with passion and purpose.

Before going with her inner-calling and starting her own initiative for it, she had a lucrative career in a completely different field- the public relations industry. She had worked for many global organizations including the Red Cross and some of the world’s largest public relations agencies, having travelled the world and worked in the UK, India and New Zealand. However, even though on the outside it seemed like she had it all, she felt empty on the inside, as if she was wasting her life. She says, “I wanted to run my own business and be a successful author as well, but felt afraid of leaving the 9 to 5 job. I used to think I wasn’t good enough, I felt guilt and shame from my past where I had experienced physical violence from my father. So I trusted very few people, spent my time overthinking and analyzing things but never felt truly relaxed. I guess I felt afraid of success and being fully visible and authentic to the world, for the longest time. In fact, in 2006, I was at the rock bottom of my life having gone through a miscarriage. I felt helpless, alone, lost, in despair- but I knew I couldn’t give up just yet.

Empowerment for women stands as a concrete mission for Hilda. She feels incredibly passionate to support women in transforming their lives. From offering bespoke 1:1 and group coaching sessions to using the skills and expertise that she has honed over the past decade- she feels like she was born to do this. The Limitless Alchemist supports women to live the golden life they deserve- “At, Limitless Alchemist, we are targeted at creative female leaders wanting to regain confidence after being bullied or after a separation or divorce. We then identify each woman’s unique Soul Purpose and release patterns of limitation that stop her living it to the full. I am also now running the two new group coaching programmes. Our sessions focus very much on the mindset and energy of my clients, to shift those aspects of themselves that are holding them back. We do the inner work together in a safe space. I have had women who’ve been able to overcome lifelong phobias after just a few sessions. One client bought her dream home,  another achieved a six-figure business deal and yet another wrote a best-selling book. This is known as shifting your state,” she says.

Like any other entrepreneur, Hilda wasn’t clear on what her mission and purpose were about- this led her to offer everything to everyone at a very less price. However, those days and times are long gone now her main focus lies in expanding the business and her staff for regular work. She looks at her clients as a reflection of who she used to be. When they see how their lives transform for the better (often in a short space of time) and what is possible for them, they move from fear to trust, from any feelings of guilt, shame and under confidence to gratitude and self-respect/love- and this has been the proven catalyst for more miraculous changes in their lives. 

Today, she has been recognized for her tremendous work by organizations such as the Women Economic Forum at their annual conference in Delhi, India, where she was honored with the Exceptional Women of Excellence Award in March 2019. Apart from her other achievements, she also happens to be a prolific writer, a published author of 3 picture-books and a public speaker. At present, she has completed her first book for adults and so she continues to strike a balance in her roller-coaster life- finding a publisher whilst continuing with the client empowerment sessions and speaking engagements. Talking with us about her current programmes, she told us that Body Love, which is the body positivity group coaching programme for ethnic women is starting in April and the Self-Empowerment/Soul Purpose coaching course will begin in April as well. 

I feel I was born to provide a voice for the voiceless and to assist them to find their voices- as I believe it will result in a more equal world which is full of gratitude,” she says about her overall journey.