Month: August 2022

The Woman Raising Awareness and Funds for Vulnerable Women and Lifting them Up

Christine Amour-Levar Meet Christine Amour-Levar, a social entrepreneur and climate investor based in Singapore. Her focus over the last ten years has been on raising awareness and funds for vulnerable women via her two NGOs Women on a Mission (WOAM) and HER Planet Earth. HER Planet Earth’s primary objective is to raise awareness and funds […]

The Coach Who Will Show You a New Way to Reach Your Dreams

Cristina Imre Cristina Imre is the founder coach that takes your success to heart. She is on a mission to be the Secret Weapon behind those founders and businesses that lead our world into the future. A better future.  This means, she stays by your side at each step on the journey and helps you […]

The Woman Leading the First Company for Quantum Training and Resourcing

Araceli Venegas Gomez Araceli Venegas Gomez, Founder and CEO of QURECA, is originally from Extremadura, Spain, and moved to Madrid for her studies in Aerospace Engineering. After that, she got different opportunities around the world (internships, languages courses, placements) and ended up in Germany working for Airbus. While working full time, she studied Physics and […]

Empowering Women to Build their Own Business Without Validation

Meet Diann Wingert- Business Strategist & Mindset Mentor Diann Wingert Coaching, an organization that helps women realize their potential outside the corporate world.  Diann had been a psychotherapist for over 20 years before she turned into a business strategist and mindset mentor. She keenly focuses on the reasons why brilliant women hold themselves back from […]

Inspiring People to Switch to a Simple, Vegan Lifestyle

Meet Kathleen Gage- Owner & founder of Vegan Visibility, a plant-based and vegan brand that helps people procure nourishment through nutritious dairy-free products.  Prior to having her own business, Kathleen has been a business consultant, keynote speaker, author of over a dozen books, marketing strategist and visibility mentor having worked in a variety of industries. […]

The Woman Helping Other Women Empower Themselves and Live Their Dream Lives

Katharina Mueller Katharina Mueller is on a mission to combine women’s self-empowerment, entrepreneurship, and tech, who is helping women to empower themselves and live their dream lives. She is the author of “Meant To Be”, the founder of Power of World Women, a mentor in the Clinton Foundation, and a Board Member for two NGOs […]

The Woman Helping Other Women Break the Cycle of Overwhelm, Starvation and Frustration

Dr. Monika Gostic Dr. Monika Gostic is an internationally recognised scientist and multi-award winning coach who has successfully led countless people on their transformation towards more energy, brain focus, reduced chronic illnesses and autoimmune conditions. She coaches female entrepreneurs how to eat to manage chronic illnesses, how to minimize depression and anxiety, and how to […]

The Woman Making Quality Healthcare More Accessible to Australians

Ellie Bakker Ellie is the entrepreneur behind three businesses – Splice Marketing (Marketing Agency), Telehealth Mastery (Medical Education) and Splice Consulting (Business Consultancy). Whilst all businesses serve a different purpose, they all align to the one vision – helping improve patient outcomes by supporting health businesses in Australia. Her contribution to growing businesses in the healthcare sector has […]

The Woman Focused on Offering Empowering Strategies to Emerging Women Leaders

Tasha Ina Church Tasha Ina Church is an Empowerment Coach on the island of Maui. She offers empowering strategies to emerging women leaders, so they can be their own heroes. For 20 years, this work has been her passion. She has published a multicultural children’s book, ran a non-profit, created three businesses, launched four online […]

Fighting Racism One Article at a Time, and Bringing Her Global Perspective to Issues of Equity

Sharon Hurley Sharon Hurley Hall is an anti-racism activist, writer, and educator. Firmly committed to doing her part to eliminate racism, she is the Founder and Curator-in-Chief of Sharon’s Anti-Racism Newsletter. In this twice-weekly online publication, Sharon writes about existing while Black in majority-white spaces, and amplifies the voices of other anti-racism activists. She has […]

You Can Use Self-Hypnosis as a Daily Tool for Empowerment

Learn from the Best Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher; Jana El Osta Jana El Osta grew up in a charming family in Lebanon. She left at a relatively young age for Dubai in search of career progression. However, to her dismay, she soon began to feel a lot of stress, exhaustion, and an enduring […]

The Woman Supporting People to Find a Job That They Will Enjoy

Alyson Garrido Alyson Garrido, a Career Coach, works with clients to identify their strengths and create a path to a more fulfilling career. She is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation which means that she completed over 125 hours of training and more than 500 hours of coaching.  Alyson enjoys the work […]

The Woman Providing a Customized Elevated Experience Including Cosmetic Procedures, Styling, Fitness/Weight Loss, and RTT Therapy

Iraida Charova Iraida Charova is an expert on beauty inside and out. She is now practicing RTT in English and brings years of experience as a professional communicator, therapist, educator, author, and expert in interpersonal relationships as well as a deep understanding of driving forces in the beauty industry.  She dedicated her studies and techniques […]

The Woman Helping Leaders Develop at All Levels in Organizations

Morag Barrett Morag Barrett is an Author, CEO, and Executive Coach. She is also mother of three 6ft boys, a classical musician, ballroom dancer, author of 3 books, and passionate about helping leaders at all levels achieve outstanding results through the power of their professional relationships. Tell us about your life before the venture/ leading […]

Helping Others Build Their Dreams and Become More Strategic And Intentional

Lindsay Davis Lindsay Davis is an award winning, internationally certified entrepreneur, leadership and productivity coach and facilitator. As a business owner, wife and mom, she believes that there is a way to build your business to suit your life, not the other way around. Originally from South Africa, she now lives in the USA with […]

Creating an Impact on the Futures of Women and Their Families

Dr. Rita Kakati-Shah Dr. Rita Kakati-Shah is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, advisor to Fortune 500 companies, mentor, author, gender equality and DEI changemaker, wife, daughter, sister, and above all a mother to her two children and puppy. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative. […]

The Woman Who Transforms Young People, Adults & Entrepreneurs Into Influential Leaders

Barke Faraj Kamuss Barke Faraj Kamuss consults with communities, organizations, Charities, NGOs, and education sectors in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, the USA, and Africa. She empowers young people, adults & entrepreneurs in achieving leadership skills. Barke, a motivational speaker, coach, mentor, and author, has an impressive technique (Mindset, Relationship with Self, & Goal Setting) […]

Empowering Women to be Their Best Selves Through Transform Counseling & Coaching

Roula Selinas Roula Selinas, 50 years young, is a mum of two daughters, and is a qualified accredited counselor, inspirational author and speaker. She comes from a background in administration, small business management, customer service working for companies in legal, building, our family businesses, as well as semi -government and government jobs. Recently moving into […]

Helping Professionals Improve Productivity and Well-Being

Clare S Kumar Clare S Kumar, a Certified Executive Coach, ICF Accredited Coach (ACC), is a Productivity catalyst and highly sensitive executive coach who helps professionals improve productivity and well-being while avoiding exhaustion and burnout. She delivers keynotes, workshops, coaching, and connection through her online community, the Happy Space Pod. If you want more, please […]