Inspiring People to Switch to a Simple, Vegan Lifestyle

Meet Kathleen Gage- Owner & founder of Vegan Visibility, a plant-based and vegan brand that helps people procure nourishment through nutritious dairy-free products. 

Prior to having her own business, Kathleen has been a business consultant, keynote speaker, author of over a dozen books, marketing strategist and visibility mentor having worked in a variety of industries. Her plant-based venture, Vegan Visibility, has been in function since 1994. In 2021, she rebranded her company name and direction to work primarily in the vegan and plant-based markets. With this, she has successfully incorporated her passion for business, healthy living, and her love of animals into her product & service offering. Outside of business, she spends her time enjoying outdoor activities, and time with many rescue animals including horses, dogs, cats and chickens.

In her professional journey, she has even worked for a Fortune 100 company in marketing communications. Here, her job involved trade show management, logistics for product demonstrations and media outreach.

Vegan Visibility specializes in developing and implementing proven strategies and systems for its clients to become highly visible to their ideal clients and customers in the most effective way possible. With decades of experience in the online space, she and Vegan Visibility’s highly skilled team assures that the clients get the best results possible. 

Today, customers and clients care about the companies they partner with more than ever. For them, efficient investment of their time and money is essential to their success. Kathleen’s commitment to her clients is to fully optimize their time, efforts, and investments in this regard.

Whether they are marketing a book, starting a podcast show, looking for targeted podcasts to be featured on, developing a virtual summit, or creating a digital training program, I focus on an integrated and streamlined effort to help them achieve optimal results,” she says about her work.

It was due to her background, track record, commitment to her previous clients’ success, that when she rebranded into the vegan and plant-based space, she experienced immediate growth. To date, she has been featured on countless podcast shows, in various publications and has participated as a featured expert in several virtual summits. 

She is also an award-winning speaker, author, and entrepreneur. She also dons the hat of being a certified NLP practitioner and has received her certificate of completion in plant-based nutrition. To top these achievements, she also has successfully created dozens of digital home-study courses, published hundreds of articles and authored over a dozen books. 

For Kathleen, her life has always been changing. Who she is as an entrepreneur today is different from who she was when she started her business- “I’ve grown, matured, become confident in my abilities and skills. I have mentored countless budding entrepreneurs over the years and definitely know my worth,” she says. 

With risk comes reward- This is something Kathleen had heard many years ago but it was only recently that she realized this statement defines so much of what she ACTUALLY does. She believes that if she wouldn’t have taken any risk in her life (like leaving her safe, corporate job), she wouldn’t have known what she was capable of. This is something that stays true for everyone, especially women.

According to her, ‘What you do in private is something you will be rewarded for in public’ is her real mantra- which means success doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen by chance. It is actually the ‘culmination’ of years of effort and habits we adhere to. As women, we should therefore focus on putting the time and effort into whatever is that we are doing.