You Can Use Self-Hypnosis as a Daily Tool for Empowerment

Learn from the Best Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher; Jana El Osta

Jana El Osta grew up in a charming family in Lebanon. She left at a relatively young age for Dubai in search of career progression. However, to her dismay, she soon began to feel a lot of stress, exhaustion, and an enduring sense of hopelessness. Jana claimed that she began to yearn for and frequently think about the period when she felt fulfilled and happy.

Feeling lost and exhausted during her ten years of corporate employment, she began looking for a deeper purpose in life and to be able to fully commit to a journey of self-discovery and healing. This is what motivated her to look for solutions and found guidance in yoga and meditation. She began to devote more time to her healing process, which helped her re-establish a connection with her inner knowledge and light.

Jana asserts that after becoming enthralled by the power of the mind, she embarked on a profoundly transformational journey that inspired her to switch occupations and narrow her attention on her true life’s purpose. She now gladly mixes energy work with mindset work to improve people’s life and assist them in removing limiting beliefs that are impeding their growth. She firmly thinks that once we learn to master the mind and connect to the pure spirit inside, we can all lead boundless lives.

Her life’s work is to assist others in taking control of their emotions, making their aspirations come true, and living happy, full lives. She would like the opportunity to inspire a paradigm change and show others how to empower themselves on a daily basis through self-hypnosis and that’s what led her to who she is now; a hypnotherapist, life coach and an incredible yoga teacher. 

Jana loves to renew the healing light in everyone else by empathizing with them while they go through the same hardships that once sparked it in her. She thinks that everyone has the capacity to live a life of unadulterated happiness and pleasure. People are given room by her to dream once more and to have faith in their ability to succeed in whatever they set out to do. People who work with Jana have experienced emotions of calmness, relaxation and confidence. They feel more connected and in tune with their inner spirit and light. 

Jana feels more connected to her purpose now that she has begun this recovery process. Her body, mind, and spirit are all in harmony, she adds. “I come from a place of joy, love, and compassion. I make room in my life for greater creativity, fluidity, and enjoyment. I am developing more quickly and have greater freedom to express and share the things I love “, she exclaimed with great joy.

In addition to practicing hypnosis, serving as a life coach, and teaching yoga, she has also given hundreds of inspirational speeches, workshops, and coaching sessions to employees of different corporations in the Middle East and Ireland, assisting them in rekindling their own passions and potential. She also felt incredibly honored to be a TEDx speaker in Ireland, where she will deliver a discussion live on stage in October about the effectiveness of hypnosis.

Jana passionately believes that one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to show up each day, put in the effort, take care of your body, master your mind, and let your spirit shine. Nothing can stand in your way if you have the correct habits in place and surround yourself with positive influences. Keep in mind that you have no limits; begin to believe this and act accordingly.