Month: February 2021

Giving New Heights To Businesses With Her Problem-Solving Abilities

Meet Kim David- a Strategy & Innovation Consultant from New York who helps integrity-driven businesses and careers in growing. From being a Guyanese-American strategy and innovation consultant to also being an artist and entrepreneur- Kim helps women navigate between traditional power structures and build their own worlds to win. She also happens to a Forbes […]

This Woman Is Promoting Peace in Her Country by Empowering Women and Youth

Meet Odette Habonimana, country director at BFI, a non-profit organization that fights poverty in Burundi by creating education, healthcare, and self-sustaining enterprise opportunities.  From being a scared 9-year-old watching her mother strive during the civil war to becoming the Country Director of Burundi Friends International (BFI) at only 35, Odette Habonimana’s journey has been anything […]

This Musician Continues to Sing At 69 And Uses Her Networking Skills to Help Local Artists Find Work

A resilient ‘mother of reinvention’, my ‘Why not?’ has led me on many creative adventures”, says Paula Chafetz Snyder who describes herself as a performing vocalist-musician, writer-songwriter, motivational speaker, and “functional” artist. She is a founder-CEO at PC Snyder Creative Enterprises LLC, a company that manages her entertainment activities and also connects local artists to […]

The Movie Industry Just Can’t Do Without Her!

Meet Erin Sarofsky – the owner and Executive Creative Director at Sarofsky, a creative production studio based in Chicago. Erin kick-started Sarofsky in 2009 and formed a group of extraordinarily talented makers who have been providing their services to leaders in the advertising and entertainment industries worldwide. Today, Sarofsky’s makers use animation, visual effects, motion […]

Improving Happiness and Transforming Lives Through Movement and Meditation

With her passion and expertise, Savannah Carlson works to curate experiences that transform people inside out, whether it be personal development workshops, teaching practical mindfulness tools, or moving the body in sustainable ways. She is Director of Community Operations, Community and Operations for 109 World, a non-profit dedicated to improving people’s happiness and fulfilment through […]

This Educator-turned-Director is Supporting Social Entrepreneurs By Providing Them Resources for Community Development

Meet Jennifer Clarke, Deputy Director of Social innovation and entrepreneurship at Baltimore Corps. It is a non-profit organization that enlists talent for social innovation and works towards equity and racial justice.  Jennifer grew up loving her community and embracing the cultural heritage in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. Her parents instilled in her the thought […]

Making An Impact Through Storytelling

Meet Kanika Chadda-Gupta, a wife and mother of three (including twins),  entrepreneur (Founder/CEO, Kronologie Agency), journalist, and podcaster (Host, “That’s Total Mom Sense”). The common denominator in her work is storytelling, which she believes fosters human connection and has a direct impact on society.  A former television anchor and executive producer for global networks including […]

Bridging The Gap Between Corporate and Non-Profits to Better Serve the Needy

Meet Kathryn Lynn Bujnovsky Genereux, Director of Partnerships at the Constellation Fund. It is an organization that finds, funds, and partners with the non-profits in the Twin Cities. A fairy godmother, hype woman, opportunity broker, and general facilitator of impactful collaborations, Kathryn Genereux fosters valuable partnerships that benefit the non-profit sector and the individuals involved […]

A Mompreneur who is Spreading Good Vibes through Beautiful Products

Meet Elizabeth Sutton, an Artist, a Designer, and an Entrepreneur, whose colorful artworks and products are helping others stay motivated. A single mother of two, and born and raised in New York City, Elizabeth is a self-taught artist, designer, and entrepreneur. Her business ranges from custom commissions, fine art, and limited edition prints, to the […]

Her Preschool Focuses on Every Child’s Unique and Creative Way of Learning

Meet Kim Turnbull, a Preschool Founder and the Director of Brooklyn Schoolhouse, an independent progressive preschool in Brooklyn, NY. As someone who believes in inquiry-based learning and the power of play and wonderment in the process, Kim is instilling a life-long love of learning amongst the kids at her pre-school. As a child, Kim was […]

It’s Never Too Late to Start Over Again

Meet Sandy Vogelman, Community Engagement Director and Chaplain at San Antonio Youth for Christ, an organization that inspires young people to work for the betterment of the society.  Despite having a troubled childhood and no one to watch over her, Sandy Vogelman rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Her childhood was full of trauma […]

Re-writing the Business Ethics by Taking on One Day At a Time

Meet Pratima Penumarthy, a director, educator, entrepreneur, and a responsible community member who has found a unique sense of purpose by serving those around her.   Pratima Penumarthy is an Indian-American who is making history abroad by single-handedly running multiple businesses at a time. She takes pride in her Indian heritage and does her best to […]

This Woman is Helping Save Environment Through Transformational Learning

Meet Marnie Alice Jackson, co-executive director at Whidbey Institute, a non-profit organization that works to grow human capacity through transformational learning for a future where people and the planet thrive together.  “In daily life, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy”- Brother David Steindl-Rast […]

Creating Waves of Change To Support The Growth of Women

Meet Susan J Schwartz, a CASA State director, Life coach, and Self Defense Instructor who works to empower and support women in their journey of self-discovery and helps transform their lives.  In a time where women are always perceived to be ‘jealous’ of each other, Susan Schwartz is doing everything possible to create a safe […]

This Educator Helping the Latino Immigrants by Giving them ESL Training

Meet Melissa Potts, ESL Senior Manager and Adult ESL Instructor at Canal Alliance. She is teaching English as a second language to Latino individuals to find work and live a respectful life.  In the times when racism is rampant in the country, Melissa Potts wishes to bring “cultural and linguistic awareness to teacher education”. Being […]

How She Worked Her Way Into The Movie Industry Without Any Support

Meet Coxy – an independent film writer and director based in Los Angeles, California.  Chiara Rodoni, whose stage name is Coxy, was born in Italy and raised between Milan and Paris. She’s been in love with cinema since she was a child, and started dreaming about becoming a filmmaker after watching Federico Fellini’s 8 ½ […]

Building a Green Economy by Converting Cooking Oil into Biodiesel

Meet Magalie Yacinthe, an entrepreneur and CEO at SO-IN Forsyth, a “socially innovative oil company that is building community equity through sustainability”.  As a conscious entrepreneur and responsible community leader, Magalie Yacinthe is doing every bit to save the environment. She is constantly working towards her goal of keeping the community happy, healthy, and alive. […]

This Digital Marketeer is Changing the Face of Business with Her Brilliant Ideas

Meet Melissa O’Brien, a social media enthusiast who is helping local businesses grow through marketing strategies.  “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.”- Anonymous After years of struggling to find her passion, Melissa finally realized her love for digital marketing. Now, she is a Marketing and Communications Manager at […]

Harnessing the Power of Visuals To Communicate Ideas

Meet Nora Herting, Founder, and CEO of ImageThink, a New York-based graphic recording firm that uses visual theory and design thinking principles to capture and communicate complex ideas.  From being a contractual university teacher to becoming a successful visual artist with a high-profile clientele, Nora Herting has come a long way. As a leader and […]

This Entrepreneur Gave Up Her Career In Finance To Start Her Own CBD Wellness Line

Meet Victoria Flores, co-founder at “Lux Beauty Club”, a company that manufactures high-quality CBD beauty and wellness products.  In a world where Cannabis is slowly transitioning from being a “banned” substance to a saving grace for millions, Victoria Flores and her partner started “Lux Beauty Club” to produce clean and organic CBD products. They launched […]

Changing Lives with Dignity and Perseverance

Meet Lisa Sheltra, a social worker, mother, teacher, and a two-time cancer survivor. Now she is a hope to the needy and works to build community relationships.  “You can make an enormous difference in the lives of others by simply helping them understand how much they matter.” These are the words of Lisa Sheltra, a […]

Providing a Platform to Bridge the Gap Between Foster Kids and Families

Meet Lindsey Hesketh, a devoted social worker who started an initiative to become the voice of the disadvantaged foster children and families.  Lindsey Hesketh is a social worker and the Chief Operating Officer at Fostering Great ideas. She started the “Care2Foster” initiative to “restore hope to children in foster care through innovative ideas built on […]

She Helps Artists Flourish As Entrepreneurs

Meet Erin J Minckley- a visual artist, an entrepreneur and the founder of a luxury wallpaper company called Relativity Textiles, based in Chicago. Erin is a lover of all things foreign- she loves to travel and explore new places that led her to initially develop a habit of collecting wallpapers and then eventually creating her […]

Making the World A Better Place by Learning the Art of Empathy

Meet Lindsay Pagano, a gifted social worker who despite her learning disability continues to help those in need of medical care.  Lindsay is an essential worker who takes care of underprivileged and medically needy seniors. She holds a Masters degree in Medical and Clinic Social Work from Boston University. She works at West Side Federation […]

This Radiologist is Helping People Understand Their Treatment Procedure to Make Their Own Decisions

Meet Isabel Gala Netwon, an Interventional Radiologist, and the co-founder of the Interventional Initiative,, an organization dedicated to educating the public about minimally invasive, image-guided procedures. An interventional radiologist and researcher with a mission to improve healthcare for patients through research, support of physician wellness, promotion of health equity, and public outreach and education, […]

This Activist’s Voice Is A Blissful Gift To The Animals

Meet Melya Tsakirides- An Animal Rights Activist and the Founder of Voice for the Animals. Before finding Voice For The Animals over 20 years ago, Melya has devoted her life to their welfare and her organisation indulges in a whole variety of animal-related causes. However, her formative years were not the easiest. Her father was […]

Encouraging The Youth To Find Freedom In Creativity!

Meet Katie Synder- a life and business coach who helps millennials find freedom by fostering creativity.  Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Katie owned a wedding and portrait photography business for 17 years before becoming a life coach. As a child, she grew up in an encouraging and happy household which taught her the importance of working […]

Using Technology To Unite Families & Undo Trauma

Meet Jessica Stern- Co-founder and COO of Connect Our Kids, a non-profit that uses smart technology to find families for foster children and orphans in America. Having a difficult childhood can teach you a lot in life. Jessica lost her mother at a young age to cancer and her father did not have the economic […]

Invoking the Feminine to Restore the Balance of the World is Her Aim

Meet Lori Wallace, the CEO and Founder of Career Ecology, a movement that empowers authentic relating and success for job seekers!  Embracing career change as a gateway to wholeness, Lori’s focus as a recruiter has always been on transforming job search from headhunting to human connection. She is a depth mentor and the Founder and […]