Providing a Platform For Adults to Learn Ballet and Achieve their Dancing Goals

“It was never any one idea, but the idea that I could combine everything that I found interesting into something new, unique, and interesting”, says Julie Gill, a ballet instructor and studio owner at Broche Ballet. Julie combined her skills, passion, and life experiences to date to build a successful career for herself. Her love for math and tutoring instilled in her a passion for teaching. Through her professional career, she learned technology and business skills. She added her passion for ballet to her existing skills and experience and Voila, she created a business of her own. 

Growing up. Julie spent most of her time in outdoor activities as they didn’t have a Tv in their house. She and her brother often played in the yard, read books, and invented new things. In school, she was good at maths and science and describes herself as a perfectionist. Owing to her interest in science, Julie attended Pace University, where she pursued BSc in Computer Science. Once she graduated, deep inside, Julie knew she hadn’t found the right path for her. After college, she started working as a Web Developer and Product Manager. While she enjoyed her career, she still pursued ballet on the side. Even while working, she continued to explore where her passion lies. 

She had a dream of starting her own business someday, but never thought it would be a ballet studio. Dance was a hobby for her until she started teaching it professionally. Her journey as a ballet coach started when her private teacher fell ill and asked Julie to take her place. In 2017, she started Broche Ballet, a ballet coaching class for adults. 

Talking more about her organization, she says, “Broche Ballet is a ballet studio (currently online-only) that provides adults of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels with serious classical ballet training. Unlike fitness or barre classes, we provide classical ballet instruction to help adults become the dancer of their dreams”.  

Julie notes that it is difficult for adults to find a serious coaching class, as most studios are reserved for kids. Broche Ballet gives them space to learn high-level ballet and achieve their goals. The ballet studio welcomes adults of all ages, shapes, and sizes. 

Presently, she is trying to develop patience as the excitement of her vision pushes her to want to grow faster and work harder every day towards her goals and the ones she has set for Broche Ballet. She is proud to announce that her students love the classes. They are grateful to Julie for giving them a space to learn classical ballet with the easiest steps. The steps and instructions are broken down in a way to make sense to an adult mind. Even during COVID, they can access the lessons through online classes from the comfort of their own home. Julie believes in her students and constantly motivates them to let go of the mental hurdles and achieve their goals. 

She has finally found a meaningful career and is happy to share her gift and love for ballet with adults like her. Addressing all the women with potential but are hesitant to follow their dreams, Julie says- “Just keep showing up. Every day. Even if you don’t feel like you’re going to be perfect at whatever you’re doing, the more frequently you try, the better you’ll get at it. Perfection, or the size of our dreams, often stops us from even getting started. But, if we keep showing up day after day, eventually that will add up into something big and meaningful. It’s only when we stop trying and give up that we fail. As long as we are continuing to try, there is always a path forward”.