Encouraging The Youth To Find Freedom In Creativity!

Meet Katie Synder- a life and business coach who helps millennials find freedom by fostering creativity. 

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Katie owned a wedding and portrait photography business for 17 years before becoming a life coach. As a child, she grew up in an encouraging and happy household which taught her the importance of working hard to find your own calling. In college, she pursued a major in Psychology and minor in Photography. The latter ultimately became a full-time career as she launched her business at 19. There was no fear in her heart because there was nothing to truly lose, and she flew to great heights from being a photography minor to a full-time photographer.

People would often come to her and say “I wish I had it in me, I wish I were creative enough for your job”. It hurt her because she believes that everybody is creative. Katie believes in the power of creativity and that everyone is creative if they know it or not. She says, “If you aren’t using the creative side of your brain, you’re using only half of it.” Therefore, she not only encourages creativity but also reflects on it. According to definitions, creativity is problem-solving. Facing obstacles and getting out of them is through our unique sources of creativity. These realisations made her passionate about encouraging people to chase their dreams and pursue their passion even if they aren’t naturally good at it initially. 

At 30, she wanted to do something bigger and better, which led to her becoming a life coach. At this time, however, there would be loss in failure. Ages 30-35 were full of self-exploration and self-reflection to explore her own ideologies and beliefs. Questioning yourself is one of the first steps of starting a business and the second is the difficulty in finding clients. Creating and sharing content has helped her tackle the latter, and helping people has dissolved her worries. It was a struggle initially, but the doubts have enabled her to know her worth and work hard every day. For Katie, both the businesses are fulfilling in their own ways. Being a life coach for 3 years, she has met incredibly passionate people whom she encourages and pushes to realise their plans and true potential. Believing and working creatively opens one up to a world free from apprehensions and full of possibilities. Her services have helped people find their path, goals and bigger dreams towards success. She forms action plans and guides people through the lows of life.

There’s no secret that the world is going through a lot of tragedies, personal and universal. According to Katie, allowing yourself to dream and thinking openly to possibilities of change makes an inner difference. This is what she helps with, to guide changes, be accountable and grow through problems. It helps people think beyond oneself and makes the world a sustainable and happy place in the long run. One happy person can change the world.

For the aspiring women of today, she says, “Women are important and they matter, the world really needs them.” Katie’s business has been successful even during the pandemic since the work is mostly on Zoom calls with clients. The pandemic made her clients ready to work as the world slowed down. A tragedy like this puts into perspective what’s important and gives people a chance to change what they are unhappy with. Now her clients are ready to fly with the world slowly healing.