This Entrepreneur Became the Co-owner of the Company She Used to Work For Within a Year

Meet Margy Feldhuhn, co-owner of Interview Connections, a leading podcast booking agency in Rhode Island. The organization connects the entrepreneurs with podcast hosts to help them get more clients and increase business. 

Even if you think it’s not working, you ARE on the path to what you want.” This is one idea that has Margy Feldhuhn work towards her goal without losing hope. She joined Interview Connections in 2016 as a contractor, became an employee in 2017, and co-owner in 2018. With a lot of hard work and resolved determination, Margy is accomplishing her goals one day at a time. 

Margy describes her childhood as lonely. She grew up as an only child in a hoarded house with parents who struggled with mental illness. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Latin from the University of Rhode Island. She loves to travel and learn about different cultures. Owing to which she took a job abroad. While she was working in Taiwan as an English teacher in 2015, her father died by suicide. For her, everything fell apart at this point. Then she moved back home, which led to a huge cleanup of the apartment. She feels this was the start of her entrepreneurial journey as here she decided to rise and work to get her life back on track. She worked for 5 months in cleaning and organizing the house, and it was her first project. 

She reconnected with the founder of Interview Connections, Jessica Rhodes when she needed help with taking care of her cat. She knew Jessica from her previous job as a door-to-door salesperson. In 2016, she started working as a Guest Booker with Jessica at IC and went on to become a CEO. After working for the company for a year, Margy asked to be a co-owner in her first annual performance review. Now she has 50% stakes in the company. It took a lot of courage from her side to but the amount of hard work she put in finally paid off. Presently, they lead an in-house staff of 20 full-time employees and have scaled the agency to multiple 7 figures. 

They connect the brands to podcasts hosts to form meaningful relationships and grow the business. It gives the business owners consistent visibility and adds to their brand value. Talking more about her organization, she says, “We have an incredible community of almost 200 clients and are a multi 7 figure agency. The results our clients see from their interviews, both personally and professionally, are truly inspiring”. With an excellent team of in-house booking agents, Interview Connections has done podcasts for many renowned entrepreneurs, and businesses like Ali Brown, Aweber, USA Financial, and more.   

The biggest challenge she faced in the venture was in 2017 when they switched over from a contractor run business to all w2 (salaried) employees. They had to hire the right employees who could contribute to the company with full dedication. “The learning curve on hiring employees can be very steep”, she says. Now the company works to develop leaders to create a self-led company. Margy often stresses the importance of personal development as she believes that the best part of life emerged from the worst tragedies. 

When asked about her success mantra, she says. Once you get ground under your feet, RUN and build your momentum. She inspires all the women who wish to own a business someday and encourages them to keep working and have faith until they reach their goal.