Month: May 2021

This Designer Made It Big In The Fashion World Against All Odds

Meet Anita Da Silva, Owner & Creative Director of ECOLE PRIMAIRE, a New York City-made line that embraces the dualities that exist within the strong, modern woman. Anita grew up watching her mother, finding solace and happiness in making clothes. She was a talented seamstress, and this also rubbed off on Anita. She used to […]

Bringing Together Female Executives From Retail, Travel, and Hospitality To Connect and Grow as Better Leaders

Meet Jennifer DiPasquale, President & Co-Founder of Women in Retail and Women Leading Travel & Hospitality, two organizations that offers women leaders the opportunity to network and foster leadership development. Women in Retail and Women Leading Travel & Hospitality are leadership communities in which executive level female leaders connect with one another to advance to the […]

She Runs A College To Empower The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Meet Roslyn Clark Artis- President & CEO at Benedict College, based in the United States Roslyn identifies herself as a daughter, mother, wife, sister, friend, mentor, lawyer, leader, thinker, dreamer, writer, and, above all else, an HBCU President and equity advocate. She spent her childhood in Southern West Virginia – a 3% minority state.  As […]

Jill of All Trades: Managing The Restaurant Businesses The Right Way

Meet Andrea Bavaro, a California-based Operations Director, Project Manager, and Leadership & Development Director.  Andrea got her first job when she was 11 years old. She assisted her next-door neighbors with their home business, filing and arranging gift baskets. At 16, her parents helped her get a real job. She worked as a gymnastics coach, […]

Brands Across The World Are Reaching New Heights With Her Designs

Meet Sarah Casterline- Owner & Lead Creative at Sarah Casterline Design, a design and branding agency based in the United States. Sarah is an award-winning graphic designer with a marketing focus, with almost 8 years of making things ‘pretty with a purpose’. She is passionate about helping businesses grow through engaging brand style and identity. […]

She Is Making Our Planet A Worthy Place To Live & Survive

Meet Stephanie Smith – the Director of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at the Grand Canyon Trust, based in The United States. Stephanie is a scientist, storyteller, musician and a lover of cartographic design. She strives to help others understand our environment better and aspires to transform data in ways that engage both the public and […]

Empowering Women Today To Become The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Meet Wanda Walborn- Associate Professor & Director of ‘Empower’- a Women’s Development Program Wanda Walborn serves as the Director of Empower– a developmental program for women to train, equip and release them- to become strong leaders within their sphere of influence. She also serves as an Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation at Nyack College and […]

This Pharmacist-Turned Beauty Blogger is Promoting Brands She Truly Believes In

Meet Dr. Sundas Sajid, a Pakistan-based pharmacist, freelance content writer, blogger, and a proud mom, who is doing an excellent job balancing her profession and passion. “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”- Confucius These words perfectly describe Dr. Sundas Sajid’s career move. A pharmacist by […]

She Does Intergenerational Photographic Storytelling For LGBTQ+

Meet Victoria Munro- Executive Director at Alice Austen House Museum in New York, which is dedicated to the photographic expressions of Alice Austen.  Victoria Munro grew up in New Zealand and moved to New York at the age of 21 to pursue art-making. After completing her BFA, she finished her graduate studies in Arts and […]

Connecting Art Educators With Schools As A Way For Children To Find Themselves

Meet Lauren Tannous, Program Manager at Leap- Arts in Education, a California-based non-profit organization that provides quality arts education programs that empower students to reach their fullest potential. Lauren Tannous is an art fanatic and believes it is a way for us to express and find ourselves. She works as the program manager at Leap- […]

Empowering Women By Giving A Suitable Platform To Their Stories

Meet Ishika Poddar and Smirti Agarwal, Co-Founders at Femiliarize, a Kolkata-based positive community for the personal development of women.  It’s never too late to start, and it’s never too early either. Making this adage their motto in life, Ishika and Smriti, two 19-year-old B. Com students at St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata founded Femiliarize in July […]

Helping Businesses Grow By Building and Expanding Their Online Presence

Meet Febriana Farley, Managing Partner at Website It Up, a company that offers the highest quality web design, logo design & graphic design services to fit their client’s unique goals and budget.  Febriana took the charge of her current company when it was at its all time low. It has been almost three years since […]