Helping Businesses Grow By Building and Expanding Their Online Presence

Meet Febriana Farley, Managing Partner at Website It Up, a company that offers the highest quality web design, logo design & graphic design services to fit their client’s unique goals and budget. 

Febriana took the charge of her current company when it was at its all time low. It has been almost three years since then, and with her hard work and dedication, she was able to build it back. The previous owners stepped down, and she saw a great opportunity for the company to thrive in the then market of website development. She realized that the clients were limited by softwares to manage the website. She noticed this gap and started working towards bridging it. Website It Up takes care of the client’s website, changes, updates, and security without the cost of a full-time employee.

This Utah-based company was started in 2008 and has helped 100+ brands to build a result-driven website. Febriana took over in 2018 and gave it a revamp. It offers “highest quality web design, logo design & graphic design services to fit your unique goals and budget. Their professional team has an average of 13 years of experience and is ready to tackle any project you throw at them! All of our programmers have in-depth experience with popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and more.” Febriana knows that a website plays an important role in the growth of a business. It is a part of their identity and an easier way for prospective clients to connect with the business. With the current pandemic, it has become even more crucial for businesses to let others know about them. Her team of website experts not only builds an efficient but an effective website. This helps the clients with the outcome.

Febriana believes in becoming specialized in one service and doing the best in it. They have pivoted and are currently focused on website design rather than social media management. Talking about the challenges she faced while taking over the firm, Febriana notes that it was tough when an important member of the team left. They navigated through this situation and worked on building a new base. Also, the team that they inherited from the previous owners was not working out for them. As it turned out, they had to do a lot of personnel change to thrive in the market. It was difficult for her as being someone who hasn’t managed a company before. However, she says that “you become better with time”. The lessons you have learned are priceless and help get through future problems with more ease. She also believes in the importance to have a network during this time to guide you through the process smoothly. 

Before Website It Up, Febriana worked in several organizations in different roles including as marketing manager, team lead, assistant, and even a tax operations analyst. But she found her passion in the website development field. They are currently assisting businesses all over the country expand their online presence and consequently, increase their revenue.

Apart from being the managing partner at her organization, Febriana serves as a board member at the NYC chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). It is an international non-profit organization for women entrepreneurs in the United States. They have a network of women-owned businesses to connect together, provide mutual support, resources, and work together when required to shape public and economic policies. 

Febriana is a dedicated businesswoman who is not only focused on growing her own company but is also fellow women entrepreneurs. She has an eye for potential and knows what is right in the current marketing scenario. She has a passion for the business world and loves to see entrepreneurs prosper.