Changing The Face of Businesses in North America Through Strategic Planning and Innovation

Meet Wanda Helpert, Founder and President at Concord Business Plans, a Canada-based company that offers quality strategic planning services that enhance and support the business and financial objectives of its clients. 

Wanda Helpert is someone who we call a serial entrepreneur. From launching a restaurant business at 18 to owning a jewelry, clothing design, and manufacturing line, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to explore all aspects of the business world from a very young age. After a series of businesses, Wanda landed on the idea of Concord Business Plans when a friend asked her to write a business plan for his latest venture. She had to engage in deep research, and it took her about 3 months to fully prepare the plan. Nervously, she handed it over, and as fate would have it; he loved it. He showed it around the investment community and several brokers who later became Wanda’s clients. This was back in 1997. 24 years later, she runs the business successfully with 1000+ business plans completed and executed to date. 

She was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, and even went to university here. Her work led her to travel to New York, Italy, and India, and she reminisces about those days. Traveling the whole world made her appreciate Vancouver even more. She started off as a single mother who was always burdened with work. With time, the workload decreased, and she was able to find time for herself. Today, she is well-known in the investment community, and her company is considered one of the best in the country. She has created new strategic planning templates for the federal government and has contributed to changing the way business and strategic planning are done. Talking more about her business, she says, “We have a team that is very skilled at analyzing a business model and bringing its competitive advantage to the forefront of a document. We help to give structure to a startup or even a mature business that leverages its strengths in a way that appeals to investors. That helps to get these companies funded, and that is what drives new business success.

Apart from business plan writing services, they offer a full branding, website, design, and marketing solutions. They have come forward as a one-stop business solution for their clients. Helpert points out that it is always a challenge to keep ahead of the changes in the marketplace and predict future revenues in cutting-edge business models. Fortunately, she and her team never shy away from a challenge and love what they do. Although they have never advertised, the phone doesn’t stop ringing with new clients wishing to come on board. Concord Business Plans’ reputation speaks for itself. 

They like to build and maintain relationships with the businesses and it has prompted them to return year after year. They have prepared a strategic planning template for Canadian Federal Bank, BDC. Four governments and three stock exchanges recommend her firm. Furthermore, they collaborate with security attorneys in both Canada and the United States. Wanda is overjoyed with the recognition and appreciation they have received from the clients over the years. 

Owing to the years of experience to her name and perseverance to make it work, Wanda successfully set her business venture, which is thriving today. It took her time to get it right, but she never gave up in the face of adversity. When asked about a motivational message she would love to give her readers and fellow entrepreneurs, she says, “Focus on the work and enjoy it. We are very focused on the task at hand, and that professionalism shows. Our clients enjoy working with us, and we make their process easier and enjoyable.