Month: September 2022

Supporting Women Who Lack Confidence and Can’t See Their Own Potential

Nekita Okafor Nekita Okafor is an outgoing, diverse multi-tasking career woman, who is fulfilling her life’s divine purpose by encouraging and motivating others to own their life’s purpose and fulfillment through mentoring, coaching and Empowerment speaking. She is also a lawyer and entrepreneur who networks on purpose to support her  vision of empowering women one […]

Creating Simple, Beautiful, Calm Spaces, Functional Businesses and Content People

Helena Zachariassen Helena Zachariassen is a Life Coach and certified KonMari Consultant based in Zurich, who helps you transform your home, business, and life into an organized haven of tranquility and live a healthy, sustainable, beautiful, and simpler life with less. Blending her Nordic background, passion for interior beauty, and her coaching mindset with the […]

The Woman Creating Doors of Employment for Others to Knock On and Gain Freedom

Andi Anderson Andi Anderson is a Southern Belle residing in Atlanta, GA as a Small Business Owner and Serial-preneur. Single with no kids, she is reinventing herself. Her background is not rich with degrees. In fact, she has walked through life’s journey of overcoming God’s Ordained Tests.  She graduated in life and God presented her […]

The Woman Empowering People to Live Life on Their Terms

Marissa Sandler Marissa Sandler is the co-founder and CEO of Careseekers, a platform that connects individuals, families and businesses with aged care and disability support workers. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative.  I was born in South Africa and moved to America […]

Helping Women Shape the Landscape of the Business World

Melita Cepin Melita Cepin is an Oxford trained in organizational and educational transactional analysis (social psychology), and she is committed to working with people who realize their potential but can’t find a way to use their talents to succeed. She has a great passion and responsibility to contribute to the world, which is to help […]

The Woman Guiding People to Heal their Minds, Body, and Soul

Nina Acosta Nina Acosta is the founder of Transcend the Light. As a certified Whole Healer and Energy Practitioner, she guides people to step into their power and create and live an unapologetic life by healing their mind, body, and soul.  Her methodology combines psychology, science, and the woo-woo. She believes the key to creating […]

The Woman With a Purpose to Cultivate Inner Talent and Support Ambitious Professionals in Transition

Adelina Stefan Adelina Stefan, a passionate advocate of coaching and human development, loves creating positive changes in individuals and organizations, helping people unlock their true potential and discover unique areas of growth, both on a personal and professional level. She is a Professional Certified Coach designated by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Intercultural Facilitator, and […]

The Woman Aiming to Develop Transformative Treatment Options

Diane Tang-Liu Diane Tang-Liu grew up in Taiwan as an only child. Both of her parents are college professors.  She says that she is an introvert, so books have always been her best friends that inspired her. Books open her mind to new places, new ideas, and different perspectives. She still loves reading today. She […]

Helping Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Operate their Business Effectively

Elena Sin Elena Sin, Principal Consultant and Founder, started her career in the resources sector, managing soft and hard FM contracts for Fortune 500 companies. She quickly rose up the ranks and as an executive, led a team of 700 employees as she generated hundreds of millions of dollars for the companies she worked for. […]

Provide Customers With Natural Products as well as Apparel and Footwear

Mary Obozua Mary Obozua holds a combined Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and Employment, allowing her careers to always been set to be in dual spaces. Mary has a rich working experience spanning over 10 years, primarily in the HR discipline of Employee Relations and Marketing. She currently holds the post as Insight Specialist […]

The Woman on a Mission to Become the Cleanest Sun Care Brand on Earth

Laurie O’Hara Laurie O’Hara started OLITA with an innovative new product idea and it evolved into a mission-driven brand with product integrity and a devotion to sustainability. She launched OLITA in 2015 to make the hassle of beach sand easily solved with our magical Beach Be Gone body powder product. She would take my little […]

The Woman Helping Women Navigate Their Way Through as a Female Leader

Clara Toombs Clara Toombs is a Marketing Consultant, helping small business owners to generate sales through email marketing and customer journey strategies. She is also an Executive Coach, helping executives to be visible for promotion. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative. I […]

The Woman Helping People Grow their Businesses by Building their Confidence, Knowledge and Skills in Entrepreneurship

Victoria Canham Victoria Canham is an ICF-accredited coach with over 20 years’ experience in a variety of corporate environments as a self-employed contractor, specializing in change management, and learning and development. She helps budding entrepreneurs escape corporate life and build their dream business, as well as helping established business owners to scale, while avoiding the […]

Helping Clients All Over the World Get their Health Back on Track

Jillian Beck-Rogers As a Health & Wellness Coach, Jillian Beck-Rogers is all about helping business owners and leaders get their health back on track with food, movement, and mindset in order to squash self-doubt and feel confident. She is a former fashion industry pro turned Certified Health & Life Coach. She is also a lover […]

The Woman Supporting People to Make Better Decisions on How and Where They Shop

Dr Jackie Mulligan Dr Jackie Mulligan, Founder and CEO of, is a passionate and professional speaker, writer and specialist in creative thinking, future thinking, and events. She has used her international experience, expertise and doctoral research into psychology and behaviors to develop She is a high street advocate, a Senior Fellow for the […]

Preparing the Next Generation of Fashion Business Owners and Executives

Stacia Bedford With an international, industry-broad network and more than 15 years of marketing, fashion design, retail and management experience, Stacia Bedford specializes in launching and assisting others in launching and scaling start-ups in fashion, tech and creative industries by establishing operations, commercializing products/services, implementing audits and benchmarks to stimulate and accelerate growth. What were […]

Helping Startup Companies Through Mentoring, Advising or Joining Them

Jeannie Edmunds Jeannie Edmunds, Chief Operating Officer, and + startup advisor, started out in politics (working on Jimmy Carter’s campaign for President) , radio (as Larry King’s producer), TV (as a producer for CBS and NBC, and an on-camera reporter for CNN), documentaries (for the Library of Congress), publishing (Healthy Living Magazine), and […]

The Woman Bringing Her Vision to Light by Making Her Customers Feel Empowered, Happy, Sexy, and Confident

Sofia Petrakov Sofia Petrakov, CEO of Submissive Perfume, develops captivating fragrances that drive new levels of confidence, empowerment, and self-adornment. As a CEO inspired by her mother and 40+ year perfumer Tatyana Petrakov, she has an extensive background involving the intricacies of perfume compositions and creating remarkable scents that go beyond the just senses and […]

The Woman Bringing an Immersive Technology to the Training World

Hannah Sutcliffe Hannah Sutcliffe is the co-founder and COO of MOONHUB. In a non-work capacity, she is creative and loves to paint, journal, go for walks along the canal, and do home workouts. She speaks three languages, and loves learning about new cultures whilst traveling. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell […]