Month: September 2023

The Woman Channeling Sacred Rage into Healing and Empowerment

Tahsha Renee Hollister Tahsha Renee Hollister is the leading expert in Women’s Sacred Rage healing. She is also a Psychic and has her AA in Transformational Psychology/Holistic Health and her certifications in Reiki & Hypnotherapy. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative. My […]

A Journey from Trauma to Advocate for Mental Health and Media

Karen Comba Karen Comba is from Castle Rock Colorado.  She tells us that, “I am originally from Nebraska in the US. My husband and I have two children and four grandchildren. I have had many interesting jobs in my career. Now, I am in production of my TV Show called The Karen Comba Show. I […]

The Woman Connecting Communities, One Walk at a Time

Laura J. Wellington Laura J. Wellington is an award-winning multi-industry entrepreneur and author. She is also the mother of five kids. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative.  I grew up in New Jersey, the second child of four. I was both studious […]

The Woman Illuminating Paths to Self-Healing and Empowerment

Angie Harris Angie Harris is on a mission to empower individuals to embrace their fullest potential.  She tells us that, “Love is my guiding light, and I lead by example through authentic self-expression. My journey was marked by battles with stress, anxiety, and the lingering effects of childhood trauma. Then, in 2016, a profound spiritual […]

Illuminating Hearts and Transforming Lives Through Healing and Wisdom

Atousa Raissyan Atousa Raissyan is recognized as a Shaman, Transformational Heart-Centered Healer and Spiritual Guide, Motivational Speaker. She is also a bestselling author, poet and digital artist. Her passion is to help people light up by guiding them to release their traumas and reprogram their fear-based living to a more heart-centered peaceful life. Atousa’s extensive […]

Empowering Self-Advocacy and Leadership for a Fulfilling Life

Cathy Reilly Cathy Reilly is the CEO of Sharing the Shine, a personal leadership coach and trainer, a mindset mastery coach, a wellness specialist, and international speaker. After two decades of advocating for others in the litigation arena, Cathy realized most people, including herself, lack the faculty to self-advocate. Cathy uses her education in psychology, […]

Transforming Lives and Igniting Joy with New Life Directions

Edwige Gilbert Wellness Coach and Founder of New Life Directions, Edwige (pronounced Ed Veege) Gilbert, reinvents lives and creates Fresh Starts driven by a purposeful vision – helping people to create the life of their dreams in just 28 days. As an international speaker and author of “the Fresh Start Promise” and “Victim to Victorious“, […]

The Woman Bridging Mind, Body, and Soul through Holistic Wellness

Soulara Sevier Soulara Sevier, Reiki Master Teacher & Oracle, is the Founder of Soul Reiki + Health + Beauty + Wellness, a holistic wellness brand that bridges the gap between mind, body, and soul. She believes that we are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body, and an integration of the two, is essential in achieving […]

From Global Explorer to Empowerment Coach: An Inspiring Expedition

Karly Christ Karly Christ, from Vibrant Ikigai tells us that, “As a long-term expat (over 15 years in 7 different countries) I have made it my mission to help expat women, personally and professionally, as they navigate this beautiful but challenging global lifestyle. Using my experience working in international development and following my husband’s international […]

Rising from Pain to Power: A Journey of Healing and Empowerment

Naomi L Brown Naomi L Brown Ba (Hons) is a Life Coach, Mental Health Mentor as support consultant as well as new mum. She owns consultancy NLB Coaching Solutions, a practice which opened this year to support men and women in the local area who are facing more and more challenges which face them through […]

Empowering Neurodiversity: A Journey as an ADHD Educator and Advocate

Kate Kamoshita nee Carslon Kate Kamoshita nee Carslon is originally from Oakland, CA and is a permanent resident in Japan.  She tells us that, “I am a “forever student” and have two MA in education and A youth Development specialist certification. I am the founder of Learning Compass which is a place for people to […]

Transforming Dreams into Reality: A Journey from Adversity to Agency Success

Sheena-Leigh Kennerley Sheena-Leigh Kennerley is the Co-Founder at Atlas Online Solutions/Creator Atlas Agency Launch Lab.  She tells us that, “After I moved to the USA, and met and married my husband, Zack, I stayed in the workforce trying the best I can. Zack had been learning marketing in the evenings for years by the time […]

The Journey of a CEO and Visionary Entrepreneur at Raâng Beauty

Navjot Kaur Shoyoye Navjot Kaur Shoyoye is a solo entrepreneur & CEO of Raâng Beauty, a personal care, wellness & beauty company, which is her vision for equitable beauty. By removing the unnecessary barriers that limit access to high quality beauty products she is committed to globally delivering an artisanal luxury beauty experience. What were […]

Unveiling Magic: A Journey from Corporate Manager to Life Coach

Coach Joelle Prochera Coach Joelle Prochera is a 20+ year Executive Coach & Life Coach, International Speaker, Entrepreneur, future author, and Messenger of Magic. But before all that she was a branch manager in Corporate America with a dream and no clear way to fulfill it. Tell us about your life before the venture/ leading […]

Empowering Dreams: A Journey with The Forward Female

Priscilla Presley Priscilla Presley is the CEO & Executive Business Development Coach at The Forward Female. A coaching and creative agency helping ambitious women around the world build businesses and communities – easier and quicker.  She tells us that, “I have the best job in the entire world working in the strategy phase for both […]

Rising from Challenges: A Journey of Resilience and Empowerment

Christelle Biiga Born and raised in Africa, Christelle Biiga embarked on a daring journey for the American Dream. Battling language barriers and unjust accusations, she endured nine months in detention before emerging victorious. Her triumphant story captivated publications and countless podcasts globally. Today, as the owner of “Exposure Maven,” she supports successful and ambitious entrepreneurs […]

Transforming Workplaces: A Journey to Wellness and Balance

Laura Sierra Laura Sierra, Founder of Healthy Choices, is a Well-being agency which develops comprehensive and holistic wellness programs for companies. Initially established in Colombia, and now thriving in Dubai after embarking on this entrepreneurial journey. She worked with over 40 companies and had impacted more than 10.000 people, by their personalized well-being plans. She’s […]

Empowering Brands and Women Entrepreneurs Through Strategic Blogging

Kenty Lichtenberg Kenty Lichtenberg is an internationally awarded blogger and brand manager, having worked with some of the biggest brands in the world (Bacardi, Neutrogena, Barefoot Wines, Mobil, just to name a few). Her ability to profile brands, connect them to local markets, and create opportunities for growth are some of her strongest qualities. Kenty […]

Elevating Coaches on LinkedIn: Empowering Personal Brands and Business Growth

Mary Adanegbe Mary Adanegbe is a LinkedIn Business Coach. She helps coaches amplify their personal brand on LinkedIn, and create and organically launch their $2k-$5k private coaching programs.  She tells us that, “Over the past four years, I’ve worked with industry experts and sales teams. I’ve helped them leverage LinkedIn to build authority, impact more […]

Empowering Introverted Women to Find Their Entrepreneurial Voice

Petra Petra is helping introverted women unleash their entrepreneurial voice. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative.  It is a life journey. Tell us something about your initiative/business. What is it about and how is it helpful for people? Help them to be […]

Empowering Women to Embrace Change and Flourish

Janine Bowen Janine Bowen has dedicated her entire career to training, coaching, and leading individuals. She is passionate about her personal growth and that of her clients who choose to work with her. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative.  Growing up with […]

Transforming Lives Through Holistic Coaching: A Journey of Insight and Growth

Dianne Ojar Dianne Ojar is a solutionist, embodying the change she seeks.  She tells us that, “Drawing from my past, I aim to empower, employing diverse tools for swift “Ultimate Experiential Breakthroughs.” With expertise in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, and more, I accelerate transformation. As a CEO, author, and media influencer, I manifest this […]

Empowering Through Intuition and Unleashing Purpose

Shaz Cini Shaz Cini is an Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Psychic Medium.  She told us that, “I work with Female Empaths to help them unlock their purpose and passion so they can follow the calling that exists deep inside of them. Uplifting people to go out and make positive changes in the world. […]

Navigating Challenges: From Small Town Dreams to Entrepreneurial Success

Jessica Sweet Jessica Sweet is a career coach and therapist, specializing in working with midlife, high EQ leaders to help them find work that resonates with them. What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative.  I grew up in a small town in Maine. […]

Empowering Tomorrow: A Journey of Leadership, Inclusion, and Impact

Dr. Georgette Zinaty Dr. Georgette Zinaty is the Executive Vice-President and Practice Lead for Corporate Class’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion where under her leadership the practice has witnessed significant growth financially and in profile. Dr. Zinaty holds a Bachelor degree in English and Political Science, a Master of Business Administration degree from the University […]

Trailblazing Tomorrow: A Journey of Innovation, Blockchain, and Empowerment

Silvia Mogas Silvia Mogas is a visionary leader in the Web3 and Blockchain space, passionate about innovation and building memorable brands. With almost 20 years of experience in diverse industries, she is the CEO and Founder of Verify Trust and Blockchain Marketing Boutique. As a Web3 and marketing professor, international speaker, mentor, and judge in […]

Empowering Communication: A Journey from Retail to Building Confidence

Sally Hindmarch Sally Hindmarch is a mother, wife and business owner.  She tells us that, “Having learnt my customer service and operational skills in the retail and database marketing sectors I moved into training; helping business people who feel they aren’t heard at work, to communicate more effectively. I’ve run the communication specialist company, Partners […]

From Brazil to a World of Wellness: An Inspiring Journey

Zarifa Teixeira Zarifa Teixeira is a Psychologist, Integrative Nutrition Therapist, and Author. She tells us that, “I am a 47 year old woman with the curiosity of a child. I have an unwavering passion for health and nutrition and people. My journey is a testament to my insatiable curiosity and determination to understand myself and […]

Embracing Play: A Journey from Professional Squash to Fostering Connections

Nicole Beumer Nicole Beumer tells us that, “From a childhood spent outdoors, playing ball games, my journey to becoming a professional squash player was anything but conventional. Defying norms, I turned pro at 20, embarking on a 10-year journey representing the national team, achieving a remarkable world ranking of 18. The transition to coaching and […]

A Transformative Journey as a Trauma-Informed Coach Practitioner

Bernadett Halaj Bernadett Halaj is an accredited trauma-informed coach practitioner.  She told us that, “I can help you resolve trauma-induced behavioural patterns that can show up in physiological signs, ruminating subconscious thoughts, and emotional reactions.  I am a patient and compassionate practitioner who will provide a non-judgmental and safe environment for you. I like people, […]

Empowering Balance: A Journey from Business Expertise to Corporate Wellness

Atala Romero Atala Romero is a wellness consultant and mindset coach.  She told us that, “I have great expertise in business wellness and personal development. I have a Master’s degree in International Business Development (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italia and Alliance University, India), a postgraduate degree in International Business Management (Centennial College Canada), and […]

A Journey of Empowering Women’s Potential

Claire Pestana Claire Pestana tells us that, “I am a wife, and a Mum of two teenage children and an Authenticity Coach for women juggling motherhood and livelihood who are in need of renewed spirit, energy and purpose after devoting their life to their children, families and employers. My coaching supports and empowers them to […]

Empowering Journeys: An Odyssey of Guiding Women Leaders to Success

Sonata Kucin Louvigny Sonata Kucin Louvigny is a seasoned Mentor and Coach specializing in empowering women to navigate career transitions, shatter self-imposed limitations, and ascend to desired leadership roles. With accreditation from the EMCC, she also serves as a proficient program manager, aiding organizations in assessing the efficacy of their mentoring initiatives or crafting new, […]