Month: October 2022

The Woman Who Teaches People How to Solve Their Problems

Sally Wurr Sally Wurr is a lifelong entrepreneur.  She is the President and Founder of SW Insurance Corp, and an International Speaker and multi book Author. By utilizing her expertise in stories, she shares how to embrace change and how to face life’s struggles head on.  Sally is known as the “Storm Whisperer” because her […]

The Woman helping Other Women Simplify their Health

Rita Trotter Rita Trotter, in her own words, has been 5 stone overweight after her first child, and turned her body around through understanding the emotional manifestation that was causing this weight gain. She says that 95% of people who lose weight put it back on again within 2 years. She has the experience, education, […]

The Woman Creating Galactic Experiences for People Around the World

Avital Miller Avital Miller creates galactic experiences to help people feel boundless energy, absolute happiness, and true success. For over twenty years she has been serving thousands of people worldwide as the best-selling author of Healing Happens, award-winning international keynote speaker, healing breakthrough facilitator, and global dancer.  Her leadership roles include Microsoft program manager, Success […]

Empowering People to Unwrap Their Gifts and Step Into Their Power

Careeta Robert-Green In 2010, Careeta Robert-Green became one of the youngest certified Life Coaches in the UK!  She went on to launch an award-winning coaching business called Born with a GIFT. Born with a GIFT works with professionals/entrepreneurs to unwrap their goals, their gifts and their power through her unwrap your gift coaching framework. In […]

The Woman Extending Support to Businesses Run by Mothers

Ekta Tejwani Ekta Tejwani, a Mother/Founder, is an enthusiast of bringing community together. Over the years, she has built her forte and support systems through meetmumz. A sports enthusiast and a trained classical dancer, meaningful conversations and people fuel her to do better. do more, do better. What were your initial years of growing up […]

Helping people Reignite their Passion and Find their Purpose

Cristiana Blasutta Cristiana Blasutta is a Life Coach (Master Weaver of Transformation), and is originally from Italy. She loves traveling and experiencing different cultures so she lived in the US and in Spain. She is passionate about deep connections and loves the ocean and the sun. She has two kids. Tell us about your life […]

The Woman Restoring Trust in Home Ownership and Providing Strategic Advice

Paula Higgins Paula Higgins, Founder and CEO, set up HomeOwners Alliance 10 years ago. It is an independent consumer group to help homeowners and those who aspire to own their home achieve their goals.  She provides leadership and strategic vision driving the organization forward. She is a  commentator and advocate for homeowners and is regularly […]

Delivering the Most Advanced Leadership and Coaching Concepts to Help People Grow Professionally and Personally

Fiona Campbell Fiona Campbell has been teaching business professionals how to use NLP tools and techniques to improve their leading, coaching and influencing skills since 2001. She has been working internationally for over 30 years, and has been delivering Corporate Facilitation and Executive Coaching. She delivers the NLP Business Practitioner, NLP Business Master Practitioner and […]

The Woman With a Mission to Increase Peace and Respect Between People

Joanne Law Joanne Law is a dispute resolution professional and trainer with a mission to increase peace and respect between people. Her focus is on preventing violence and abuse by training and supporting mediators and other dispute resolution professionals. She is  based in a regional area on the coast of Victoria, Australia and lives with […]

Brad Walsh in conversation with Fuzia’s co-founder Shraddha Varma

In this interview with Brad Walsh, a professional photographer, and Founder of the podcast platform, Empowerography, discuss his aim to showcase a community where women can support each other through trajectories of strength and struggles. Key Highlights: Started his business in the pandemic of turning the negative energy and optimizing his time during the lockdown. […]

The Woman Working to Improve the Lives of Children and Their Parents

Andrea Liu Andrea Liu is the Founder & Coach at Frolic for Life, a specialist coaching practice working to improve the lives of children and their parents. She was born in Hong Kong, raised and educated in the United Kingdom. She spent the majority of her career in Marketing and Advertising – working for prestigious […]

Teaching Women Biblical Principles and Empowering them in Many Ways

Kelley Tyan Kelley Tyan is a faith fueled life coach mentoring women to be strong and courageous in order to overcome life’s battles. She equips women with biblical principles to live a successful life, God’s way. As an author of her book, Addicted To The Climb, and host of her podcast show also called Addicted […]

The Woman Teaching Yoga and Coaching for Life and Wellness coaching

Samantha Cervino Samantha Cervino, Life & Wellness Coach, Author, Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master had her life take a wonderful turn these past few years leading her on a path of self-discovery, wellness, mindfulness and spirituality. She learned how to be present, enjoy the now and trust in life and all the wonderful things it […]