Aref Alaabed

Aref Alaabed, CEO IMTA British Academy, and a Dentist, who holds a Master degree in Business Administration is from England. He is passionate to increase patient satisfaction in hospitals and is also passionate to empower women so that they can lead at esteemed positions in the community.

Tell us about your life before the venture/ leading up to your venture?

My dream has always been to help people live better lives by improving their leadership skills.

Tell us something about your organization. What is it about and how is it helpful for people?

International Medical Training Academy Limited is on a mission to increase patient satisfaction and team communication by developing the soft skills, leadership skills, and entrepreneurship of Doctors and their teams. Whether based in a public sector hospital or a private practice, raising operational standards and levels of care matters.

We know that excellent care creates loyal customers as well as referrals and in turn, this leads to operating a successful service. Therefore, it is important for all members of a team to be supported, encouraged, and developed to be the best they can be; applying their strengths whilst building the weaknesses that are an essential part of their role.

If you truly want you & your team to be head and shoulders above the rest, speak to IMTA and begin your professional and personal development today!

With this, we are also on a journey to enhance women’s economic independence through various initiatives & volunteering in women’s leadership programs.

What change would you like to bring in the world if given an opportunity?

Empower Women Leadership.

Do you think empowering women and gender inclusiveness is an important concept? Please mention why.

Of course, women shouldn’t rely on their parents, husband or their everyday work. They should have their own identity and presence in the world to succeed always, not temporarily.

How are you supporting women? If any, Please mention your initiative here.

This project is to help women who work from their homes, using their home utilities- either to sell home-made chocolates or food, or just browse the internet for some of their work. 

As many such women face difficulties to be able to work at offices, I help them to understand how to make sustainable business, how to market their products online, and how to make a clear system for their products.

Would you like to give a motivational message to the budding women leaders or professionals?

No one can help you, except you. Get started and you will see that everyone will be convinced about your vision. Just create a clear vision and dream, and then be determined to reach your goal. While doing so, you will find us behind you.